Yucatan-Teteoh-Apu Alliance is the International Deadly Alliance, Mesoamerican Deadly Alliance and the Ancient Deadly Alliance as well the team member of the CIA T.A.S.K Force and the Temple of the Ancients. The umbrella team of Aztecan, Mayan and Incan gods united in one banner against common threats from their common enemies, the dark gods and corrupt followers led by Idolus Xoanon, the criminal conqueror Pizarro Cortes, and the evil Brotherhood of Chaos.


The Early DaysEdit

During the time of their Creation, Quetzalcoatl was a chieftain of his Aztec brethren and one of the Five Suns. Since the God Duality, Ometeotl, created the new world for their children. However, one more creation is required. Cipactli, a monstrous creature, is a perfect subject for the Aztec Creation when Quetzalcoatl and his brother, Tezcatlipoca, device the plan to lure the creature out. And just as the plan was accorded, the new world is created by the Five Suns in order, Tezcatlipoca, Quetzalcoatl, Tlaloc, Chalchiuhtlicue, and Huitzilopochtli. After Quetzalcoatl returned from Mictlan, the Aztec Underworld, he was casted out, tricked by his rival Tezcatlipoca, and never heard from him again but he vowed himself to return to Aztlan once he redeemed himself and reclaim his throne.

In the Mayan Creation, Itzamna, the God of Creation, and vision serpent, Gukumatz, created the world for mankind despite two attempts reached in failure. And the story of the Mayan Hero Twins begins in the epic Mayan story known as the Popol Vuh.

The Incan creations remains a mystery but very well known although the Spanish Conquistadors burned all the records of their culture but their legends and stories lived on.

Then in one night, three meteors have crash landed on each ancient land. One is the Aztecanium, the other one is the Mayanium, and the last one is the Incanium. Each of rare material has become a powerful tool for construction of building greatest cities, temples to the gods, and other magnificent things like arts and inventions, and further more, they've created the most greatest cities in the world: Aztecapolis, Mayapolis, and Incapolis. They do, however, build and improved weapons to battle their enemies as they conquer and defend the empire.

The Aztec RevolutionEdit

Quetzalcoatl has returned from his exile after many years but only to find himself is the village was destroyed by the unknown invaders and the welcoming committee was cut short. Outraged, Quetzalcoatl doubted that this might be the work of his brother, Tezcatlipoca, up to his evil tricks again (though he's not really responsible for this massacre) and began to find him wherever he is until he was encountered by his old friend, Xolotl, and told that the invaders known as the Conquistadors led by the ruthless Pizarro Cortes who has taken over Aztecapolis and seized their golds and Aztecanium and enslaved the people. Even worse, they destroyed Aztlan and were forced to worship their god but their god was the Chaos god and it was worshipped by rouge and corrupt tribes and factions who defied the Aztecan gods. Convinced, Quetzalcoatl began his venture to gather the remaining warriors loyal to him and reunite his fellow gods.

Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl travelled to the Plumed Serpent Jungles where his brave warriors were hidden there and wait for Quetzalcoatl's return. As they searched for the resistance, they were surrounded by a unknown hostile group of rouge tribal warriors. Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl are able to defend themselves until a young warrior named Ehecatl and his resistance warriors defeated the hostile group. Impressed by his appearance of force, Quetzalcoatl follows Ehecatl to their camp where they were planning to liberate Aztecapolis and unite all the gods. There at the camp in the deep jungles, Quetzalcoatl was welcomed by many who viewed him as a true chieftain of the Aztecs and lead them to victory. While resting, he was told that many gods have tried and failed to overthrow the Conquistadors and their evil god and the only way to free the land is unite them all. Left no other choice but to unite all of his fellow gods, Quetzalcoatl goes to Tezcatlipoca alone into the Black Temple of Jaguars.

At nightfall, Quetzalcoatl travelled to the dark jungles, encountering and fighting dangerous creatures along the way and then he finally reached the Black Temple of Jaguars. As he entered his brother's domain, he was surrounded by Tezcatlipoca's warriors, led by Tepeyollotl the Prince of Jaguars. After defeating his warriors, Quetzalcoatl was about to face the Aspect of Tezcatlipoca but Ehecatl intervened and battled his rival so Quetzalccoatl can reach his brother's temple. There at the temple inside, Quetzalcoatl entered his domain where he was unwelcome by his brother who did not expected to see him but he has been waited for this moment after he tricked him. After this very small unwelcoming, Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca clashed each in a long bitter fight until Tezcatlipoca nearly won but Quetzalcoatl learned his dirty tricks and used his opportunity to defeat him and won the fight. After the fight is over, Quetzalcoatl convinced him to join the resistance to liberate Aztecapolis from Pizarro Cortes and his evil god. After the small apology, Tezcatlipoca accepted the offer and they began to search Tlaloc and Chalchiuhtlicue at Tlalocan.

On the way to Tlalocan, Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca talked to each other for the first time as he explained to him about what happened during his exile. After Pizarro Cortes conquered Aztecapolis, he and his fellow gods were scattered across the land and formed the resistance groups. After he was leased from his leadership with ambition and power, Huitzilopochtli is missing after he was captured by Pizarro Cortes' men and there has been no words from him. He admitted himself of his selfless guidance and by now Quetzalcoatl is the only one who can lead to victory. As they've arrived at Tlalocan, Quetzalcoatl was welcomed by Tlaloc's people as they saw him as a real savior and not to Tezcatlipoca due his ruthless tricks after he kidnapped Tlaloc's first wife, Xochiquetzal, and blackmailed Chalchiuhtlicue in the past. Quetzalcoatl greet Tlaloc and Chalchiuhtlicue at their palace and asked them to join the resistance. But there is one problem that it is urgent for them. Some imposter warriors who look like Tlaloc and his people have contaminated the waters with unknown poison at the Tlalocan Rivers. Quetzalcoatl will help them to cleanse the poisoning of the water and in return, joining the resistance. At the Tlalocan Rivers, they've infiltrated the enemy camp where some of Tlaloc's warriors been held captive and the source of poisonous chemical weapon contaminating the waters. Not only they found the source of chemical weapon, they discovered that these unknown warriors were aliens as they got stumbled into the alien ship. Even more, they found Xochiquetzal who have been held captive! After the shocking discovery, they've found the cure for the waters and escaped the alien ship, but not before they slew these alien warriors first. After the slaughter, Quetzalcoatl and Tlaloc decontaminated the waters as they've cleansed it and cured the rivers so the resistance can now finally have a tall clean water. Now their problem has been solved, they returned to Tlalocan for celebration. But it's not yet over, the liberation is going on.

After they've returned to Tlalocan, they were told by Xochiquetzal that the unknown alien warriors were known as the Neo-Cipactli, led by the so-called god who turned out to be Idolus Xoanon who is responsible for conquering Aztecapolis with the help of Pizarro Cortes in exchange of gold and raw materials for his own evil criminal empire. After they've learned about their evil plan, Quetzalcoatl and his fellow gods began their search for Huitzilopochtli but they don't need to look further as they heard the great news that Huitzilopochtli led the people to liberation of Aztecapolis and started the revolution few days ago. Quetzalcoatl knows where he is now and went to the Golden Temple of the Eagles.

Quetzalcoatl travelled to the Golden Temple of the Eagles where he saw a massive force of brave rebel fighters from each god, all of them that is are Xipe Totec, Cihuacoatl, Coatlcue, Centeotl, Chicomecoatl, Tonatiuh, Xiutecuhtli, Tlazolteotl, Xochipilli, Itzpapalotl, Meztli, and Quetzalcoatl's father, Mixcoatl. Quetzalcoatl was astonished by this great formation and there at the main camp, he finally found Huitzilopochtli and his father for the first time ever since his apparent demise at the hands of his three uncles. After the surprising reunion and explanation, Quetzalcoatl summoned the remaining fellow gods and complete the massive force. As all the gods have gathered for the first time, there is one god that they need him the most but they're not going to like: Mictlantecuhtli, the God of Dead and the King of Mictlan, is needed to join forces against the Neo-Cipactli and the Conquistadors and Quetzalcoatl is the only one who can convince him and this time, he must go alone to the realm of Mictlan with his life and soul.

Quetzalcoatl ventures to the underworld of Mictlan where he has been there before since the creation of the Aztec. There he met Mictlantecuhtli who is unexpected to see him again after the last time. As Quetzalcoatl asked him with a request to free Aztecapolis, Mictlantecuhtli laughed him in mockery until Quetzalcoatl issued the ultimatum: either join the revolution or Mictlan will soon fall to the hands of Neo-Cipactli if he refused to join them. Mictlantecuhtli forcefully accepted the request by send some of his warriors and servants to join the revolution but under one condition: he will not be involved in a battle against the Neo-Cipactli or the Conquistadors and Quetzalcoatl accepted his condition and leaves Mictlan.

Now all the gods are ready to liberate Aztecapolis, they began to free the people and slaves at the mines, capture their supply lines and holdups, and destroy enemy outposts, scattered throughout the jungles, as a small but good start to begin. During the progress in a week, the people are freed from worshipping the false god and joined the revolution to bring down the Conquistadors and eradicated their evil ally, the Neo-Cipactli, until their scouts returned with some stunning but shocking news as they've found the location of the Neo-Cipactli's alien ship and it's at the forbidden and forgotten temple of Cipactli. The Aztec gods are now heading to the Neo-Cipactli's main base.

As they've arrived near the site of the Neo-Cipactli's main base at night, the Aztec gods and the rebel warriors infiltrated the temple walls, eliminating the guards quietly and shutting their defenses down so that the others and their warriors attack the base while Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca, Tlaloc, Chalchiuhtlicue, and Huitzilopochtli fight their way into the alien ship and recover the Aztecanium before they took off in space. Inside the alien ship, the Five Suns have fought their way to find and recover the Aztecanium but only they can find is that they've managed to destroy the control bridge, the barracks, and of course the cloning room. Until they've breached into the cargo bay, they've found the sacred Divinity Totem of the Ometeotl which it was stolen by the Neo-Cipactli during the Conquistadors' conquest and now they must recover it back before they could get away with their crime against the civilization. As they were about get the totem out of the ship, they were forced to fight the elite alien warriors and soldiers with plasma weapons in a difficult battle until their Aura was suddenly unlocked, caused by the Ometeotl's awakening, and shutting the Neo-Cipactli's capabilities down, destroying the alien ship in the process. The Neo-Cipactli is defeated for good but the revolution is nearly over. But suddenly, there was a good news from the capital of Aztecapolis. The Conquistadors were in panic and fled to escape from their wrath of the free people of the Aztec. Now the revolution is finally over and the gods can now return to their rightful place.

The Aztec gods have returned to the capital of Aztecapolis (in a form of the Aztec Calendar) and they were greeted as liberators and heroes. The Five Suns returned to their own throne while the other gods can return to their place in the greatest city the world have ever known. Peace has turned to the land, but the war is not yet over as long their enemies still plotting and their revenge on them.

Until now, the Mayans appeared...

The Mystical MayansEdit

Six years of peace has come in Aztecapolis and no invaders has come back to conquer it. Until one day, the expedition team have returned with some interesting news. Mayapolis, the greatest city of the Mayan civilization, have defended their home against the Conquistadors with their impressive weapons made of their rare raw materials, the Mayanium. Quetzalcoatl was very intrigued and with their ally on their side, they can battle together against their common enemies. Quetzalcoatl have decided to travelled to Mayapolis with Tezcatlipoca, Tlaloc, Huitzilopochtli, Tonatiuh, Ehecatl and Tepeyollotl for their diplomatic mission to meet Itzamna and his fellow Mayan gods, including the Sole God, Hunab Ku.

They travelled to the east by foot within seven days. As they've entered the Mayan jungles, they were followed by the Four Owls of Xibalba, led by Knife-Owl and his companions, One-Legged Owl, Parrot Owl and Skull Owl. At night, they were ambushed but Ehecatl and Tepeyollotl fought back to protect them but they were quickly outsmarted and knocked down by the Xibalban demons until they were rescued by Quetzalcoatl as he defeated the demons and then Ah Puch, the Mayan God of Death, appeared before them and called his demons and owls to retreat to Xibalba. After the fighting has ended, the Mayan gods, Chaac, the Mayan God of Water; Kinich Ahua, the Mayan God of Fire; and Kulkukan, the Vision Serpent and the counterpart of Quetzalcoatl. After they introduced to each other and explained their intention, they were escorted to Mayapolis' capital, Tamoanchan to meet Itzamna and his wife, Ixchel.

As they've arrived at Mayapolis, this magnificent city has become a fortress when Xibalba has become more dangerous than ever before. They have some brave experience warriors to fight but they must remain to defend the city. Quetzalcoatl meets Itzamna, the Mayan God of Creation, at the Mayan temple palace and explained that Xibalba had attacked several times than annually with alien weapons and the Aztec gods must help them to stop Xibalba's attacks but there's something not right. The Xibalbans would never have such possession of this alien technology. Meanwhile, the Four Owls of Xibalba were sent back to the surface world to spy on the Aztec gods and the Mayans at Mayapolis and hear what they're planning. After they've learned about their plan, the Four Owls of Xibalba are returning to Xibalba but they were encountered by unknown alien warriors who just like their kind. But the owls beaten in a bloody pulp and then they saw a symbol on their neck that they're not really from Xibalba after all so they taken their corpses to Xibalba. One body will bring to Buluc Chabtan, the Mayan God of War, and the rest to Ah Puch and interrogate them if one of them is alive.

On the next day, Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca, Huitzilopochtli and Itzamna went to pay a visit to Xibalba while the others must remain on guard at Mayapolis just in case if the Xibalbans attacks the city. But they've entered the realm of Xibalba, they were stunned to see that the Xibalbans interrogated the aliens for hours as Quetzalcoatl recognized them as the Neo-Cipactli. As they were about to speak with Ah Puch, they were stopped by Wayep, the Mayan God of Mischief, who wants play a game at the ball court in order to see the Lord of Xibalba. Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca won the ball game fair and square and they're allowed to see Ah Puch. But not before they beat Buluc Chabtan first in a one-on-one combat as Huitzilopochtli challenged him and won in fair but a brutal fight. Now the obstacles is out of the way, they can finally meet Ah Puch. At the chamber of Ah Puch, they were greeted by him as he hoped for a ceasefire while the Four Owls of Xibalba ready for their match against but they were ordered to stay put. At the intense negotiation, it was revealed that the aliens were revealed as the Neo-Sipakna and Cehuallicualo (Shadow-Gods) who are the responsible for attacking Mayapolis simultaneously and framing Xibalba for recent attacks as Ah Puch convinced them enough as he shows the symbol, a tattoo on one of the dead Neo-Sipakna warriors' neck, and then Quetzalcoatl fully recognized the marking as he remembered one of the Neo-Cipactli. Convinced, Itzamna pardoned Ah Puch for his mistake and asked to join his side to defeat their common enemy, but Ah Puch rejected the offer but accepted his apology. Quetzalcoatl, Itzamna and the others travel back to Mayapolis.

As they've returned to Mayapolis, they were just in a nick of time as the Neo-Sipakna attacks the city in full force and attempt to take the symbol of Hunab Ku. The battle continues with intensive force as the heroic gods repelled their attack until Hunab Ku has been awoken as Itzamna and his fellow gods received their powerful Aura and use their incredible power to defeat the Neo-Sipakna once and for all and saved Mayapolis. After the destruction of the Neo-Sipakna warriors, Quetzalcoatl and his allies are about to head off to destroy the Shadow-Gods if they can find them somewhere in surface but then they saw the explosion just far away from the north which it was the Xibalbans whom they've destroyed the main base for their own personal and important intention: protect Xibalba from the alien invaders.

After they've defeated the false Mayan alien cults, they celebrated with festival at night and invited to all the gods of Aztecapolis to get to know each other, learn each other, and showing their own magic and abilities with their counterpart. During this great meeting, Itzamna agreed to work together to battle against their common enemy from the forces of evil.

After the festival, Quetzalcoatl and his allies returned to Aztecapolis while Itzamna and his fellow gods returned to their home as peace has been restored once more.

The Golden Sun of IncaEdit

Five years after the defeat of two alien invaders from Aztecapolis and Mayapolis, Quetzalcoatl received the news from the expedition team who have returned from the southern coast. The Inca Empire was in the constant civil war after the Sapa Inca the emperor died by a smallpox and Incapolis, one of the greatest cities, is on a lockdown to prevent the smallpox from entering the city. That smallpox was came from the Conquistadors which means Pizarro Cortes has landed on shore there. Quetzalcoatl has summoned his selected fellow gods and sent the request to Itzamna to join their mission to stop Pizarro Cortes and his Conquistadors from conquering the city.

Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca, Xolotl, Tonatiuh, Tlaloc, Xochiquetzal, Itzpapalotl, Ehecatl, Tepeyollotl, and Mixcoatl of the Aztecs accompanied by Itzamna, Ixchel, Chaac, and Kinich Ahau were travelled by boats and made a landing on the shores and made a camp there as they're resting for one night. And then at night, they sensed a presence coming from the bushes until they were encountered by Inti the Inca Sun God who is pursued by Pizarro Cortes' men and they must protect him from the Conquistadors until the 100 Incan warriors have arrived and defeated the Conquistadors and then the chieftain of the Inca gods and the ruler of Incapolis, Viracocha, shown up with his wife, Mama Cocha, the Inca Goddess of Ocean. After Inti is returned to his family, Quetzalcoatl and his allies were welcomed by their arrival and offered to stay in their city.

After they've arrived at Incapolis, Quetzalcoatl, Itzamna, and Viracocha talked to each as diplomates while the other gods greeted to the other Inca gods. Viracocha explained to his counterparts of why the Inca Empire was at the constant civil war after the Sapa Inti died from smallpox disease, leaving two sons fighting each other for the throne and then suddenly the Itni killed them in cold blood and seized every assets and warriors as they were turned into slaves. Quetzalcoatl doesn't like this and so he asked his counterpart to help them but Viracocha hold the offer down as he has some family issue there. Inti has become less responsible one when he ran away to go have some adventures but he must a lot to learn with combat and leadership. In a little overtime, he and his son had an argument and Inti storms out as he's heading to his quarters to cool off for a bit before sending him to bed without dinner. After this awkward moment, they were told that the vision is about to happened and that's when the Itni warriors, numbered in hundreds, have breached the perimeter of the city through that alien portal and all gods were on the high alert as Viracocha readied his army and hold the line. As the battle begins, they fought in a bitter defense against the Itni warriors. During the battle, something is not right as Mixcoatl sensed something terrible is going on and leaves the battlefield as he rushed to Inti's qaurters while the others keep push them off until they gained momentum of defeating the Itni warriors as Viracocha uses his power to wipe their enemies out. After the battle, Quetzalcoatl recognized their appearance, black skinned warriors with yellow blood with a tattoo on their neck, it's like they're everywhere. Even Itzamna recognized them too as he remembered. As they've rested up enough, Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl, and Itzamna rushed to Inti's quarters. But as they've arrived at Inti's quarters, they've learned that the Itni warriors have abducted Inti along with Mama Quilla, the Goddess of Moon, and Manco Capac, the God of Fire and the Royal Founder of the Inca Empire. Now knowing their plan, Viracocha must rescue his sons with the help of the Aztecs and the Mayans. But he's going need a help from Supey, the God of Evil and Death and the King of Demons if he's trustworthy in a difficult situation.

Quetzalcoatl, Itzamna, and Viracocha travelled to Uku Pacha to ask his ancient rival to save his sons and Mama Quilla. But Supey rejects his request but offered him with condolences of the loss of his sons. However, he revealed the location of the Itni Warriors and the Conquistadors at the coastal fortress along with the huge mothership belong to the Itni warriors. Amazed but shocked, Quetzalcoatl recognized the ship's model, the same model since the Aztec Revolution. With the location is revealed, Supey remained in Uku Pacha to protect his realm from them and they immediately leave the realm as they're going to rescue Inti, Mama Quilla, and Manco Capac.

But as for Supey, he had a plan of his own as his two expected allies are at his side...

At dawn, the coalition army is formed and planned their rescue mission to save Inti, Mama Quilla and Manco Capac as they're going to shut down their defenses and neutralize their patrols just outside of the huge fortress complex mixed with Spanish architects and alien structures. Using with weapons made with the Incanium, it can be useful but for now, it can be used for later once they've shut their defenses down and open the gate so that the coalition army can attack the Conquistadors' base without any problem ahead while Quetzalcoatl, Itzamna, and Viracocha entered the Itni's alien mothership. Meanwhile, Inti, Mama Quilla, and Manco Capac were been held captive in a cell but until Inti's snake pet, Inzi brought their weapons for him and Manco Capac thanks to his special ability. With their weapon now in their hands, they planned their escape as they tricked the prison guards, knocked them out and fight their way to escape the ship but don't know where the exit is. While fighting their way, they discovered the genetic cloning of the Itni warriors; not only the Itni warriors, but the Neo-Cipactli, the Neo-Sipakna, and the Cehuallicualo. All of them were created there! Inti, Mama Quilla, and Manco Capac destroyed these monstrous alien creation for this evil army and fought the remaining forces within the ship. Moments later, Quetzalcoatl, Itzamna, and Viracocha followed their tracks from the prison corridor to the cloning processing room, learning that Inti and his step-brother and sister/girlfriend are trying to escape until they've found them at the control bridge and they're alive and well. Viracocha is very proud and showed him much responsible. Even better, the Sun Disk of Incapolis, their valuable treasure has been fully recovered. With three young gods rescued, leave the ship and continue to push the Conquistadors and their evil allies out of their homeland. At the Conquistadors' fortress, the coalition army has surrounded them completely but their leader, Pizarro Cortes is nowhere to be found until Quetzalcoatl and his allies is encountered by Cortes and his elite guards who demanded to hand over the treasure but they refused as Quetzalcoatl confronted him in a sword fight as he challenged him. While they're fighting each other, Quetzalcoatl discovered Cortes' terrible secret as he destroyed his armor chest. He had the mark of the slave, meaning that he was one of the Aztecs or so he thought as he was once one of their enemies since the war. As Pizarro Cortes attempts to flee in terror, Quetzalcoatl captured him alive and ordered him to call his Conquistadors to stand down and surrendered their golds back to them. As the Conquistadors surrendered, the alien mothership was suddenly activated as the alien weapon is now armed and ready to wipe them all out. The alien weapon was about to fire but suddenly, the alien mothership has been destroyed in a huge explosion and one and only alien being survived the massive blast as the leader is finally revealed. It was Idolus Xoanon, an evil alien demigod who is also known as Atenkhamen and Aten himself back from Aegyptus, and he confessed everything as he begged for mercy. And then, the unexpected happened. It was Supey, Ah Puch and Mictlantecuhtli who have been waited for this moment and they've been planned for this. They vowed to protect their own underworld from Idolus Xoanon on their own terms and maintaining the balance between Order and Chaos. Now knowing what they've been planned for, Quetzalcoatl, Itzamna, and Viracocha offered them to join their cause to defend their world but they've already accepted it as they agreed with their own term and condition and accepted their condition.

After Pizarro Cortes and the Conquistadors were sent back to their empire while Idolus Xoanon sent him and his alien army to the Realm of No Return, the Festival of the Sun has begun as their celebration of their victory and peace has returned to Incapolis. During the celebration, Quetzalcoatl realized what he was doing. He brought the Aztecs, the Mayans and the Incas and united in one banner to battle their common enemies. They too also realized this great unity, they formed the alliance as they called Yucatan-Teteoh-Apu Alliance as their commemoration to defend their homelands against the evil forces of Chaos.

After the festival is over and peace has been restored throughout the Incan lands, they returned to their own homeland and rested there for many years until friendly foreign diplomates came to visit their land and started a new relationship between the Mesoamerican empires and the old European kingdoms of Antichthon.

A new age of peace of tranquility has begun as the gods have decided to see the world and learn their cultures.


On December 21st, 2012, Quetzalcoatl and his fellow Aztecan pantheons have returned to Mexico and then began to show their might and powerful magic upon the humans but what they did is unexpected when they stopped the cartels from disrupting the ceremony. After they saved the believers, Quetzalcoatl now vows to rid the drug crimes across the country, from southern borders to Belize and Guatemala to the U.S. border in Tijuana and one is close to Texas where they were met by the CIA T.A.S.K Force director, Wayne Sears. Though they rejected the offer to join the CIA Paranormal Division, they'll considerate with one condition: never meddles with the gods; which it's until they intervened as they battled the Monarch Invaders with the aid of the Mayan Gods and the Incan Gods.

After the Monarchs are defeated, they returned to their own perspective native country. One year later, they were monitored by the CIA themselves to get their hands on their mystic power, believing that they were originated from the alien world, but they are all wrong. But as for the gods, they do played along with their games, toying around their operation and they made them look like fools while they really did was fighting crime like the Aztecan gods fought the Brotherhood of Chaos, the Mayan gods battled one of Warlord Commandos units, the Black Dragon Liberation Force, and the Incan gods raided the arms deal between the local terrorist group and North Korean arms dealers until their last effort to foil the CIA operation when they were locked into battle against their Ultra program and it's top operatives in Los Angeles which they've won and destroyed their operation once and for all. After their heroic actions, they've decided to accept the offer from the CIA T.A.S.K Force to fight the Brotherhood of Chaos, Pizarro Cortes and Idolus Xoanon.

Team MembersEdit

The Aztecan GodsEdit

  • Quetzalcoatl - The God of Sky and Creator. He was the Second Sun and was been exiled and deceived by his rival, Tezcatlipoca. Upon his returns, he took his rightful place as the Chieftain of Aztec Deities. This time, he must defend against the remnants of Chaos and Pizarro Cortés' ambitions.
  • Tezcatlipoca - The God of Night and Sorcery and the King of Jaguars. He's the First Sun and the rival of Quetzalcoatl who deceived him and casted him out and seized the chieftain's throne, making him the most powerful and ambitious god to all of his brethren. But then, when the Conquistadors came and conquer Aztecapolis, leadership proves to be weakened by his arrogance over to push the invaders out and forced himself to impeached the throne, leaving others to scattered into exile. After the return of Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca puts his rivalry aside and joined forces against their common enemy and surrendered the throne to him but his rivalry with him still lingers over his soul.
  • Tlaloc - The God of Rain and the Master of Thunder, Lighting and Diseases. He's the Third Sun and the ruler of "Tlalocan" (place of Tlaloc) on the Upper World and has great knowledges. Following the fall of Aztecapolis, Tlaloc had established his realm in a defensive mode with his second wife, Chalchiuhtlicue, until his river was poisoned by the Neo-Cipactli, contaminated with chemical weapon. After he and Quetzalcoatl restored the river and liberated Aztecapolis, Tlaloc and his wife joined his cause to defend Aztecapolis and Tlalocan from their common enemies.
  • Chalchiuhtlicue - The Goddess of Water. She's the Fourth Sun and the wife of Tlaloc after Tezcatlipoca kidnapped Xochiquetzal. After Aztecapolis has fallen, Chalchiuhtlicue joined the side of her husband and protect their free land from the invaders until the river was contaminated by an alien chemical weapon and her magic to restore it had no effect at the time until Quetzalcoatl has returned and cleared the rivers from their chemical weapon and Chalchiuhtlicue cleansed the waters from the contagious poison with her magic. Her name is also called as "She of the Jade Skirt."
  • Huitzilopochtli - The God of War and the Left-Handed Hummingbird. He's the Defender of the Fifth Sun as he slain his sister, Coyolxauhqui, and her 400 brothers and sisters as her army. After that legend and Pizarro Cortes seized Aztecapolis, Huitzilopochtli was captured and was about be taken prison there at the city but he was rescued by Mixcoatl and escaped from his captors. After the escape, Huitzilopochtli gathered the remaining warriors from the fallen empire and led the revolution to bring down the Conquistadors and the Neo-Cipactli (Idolus Xoanon) until Quetzalcoatl returned and joined their greatest cause.
  • Xipe Totec - The God of Life-Death-Rebirth and the Red Tezcatlipoca. He was honored by sacrifices and uses their skins because of the Flayed One.
  • Xolotl - The God of Lighting and Death. He's the closed twin brother of Quetzalcoatl who helped him to guide through the Underworld.
  • Cihuacoatl - The Lady of the Serpent. Cihuacoatl who helped Quetzalcoatl to create the Second Sun now she's helping and fighting the Conquistador and the False God's army.
  • Coatlicue - The Mother of Gods. She's the Serpent-Woman mother of Huitzilopochtli when she was attacked by Coyolxauhqui and her 400 brothers and sisters. With that her former daughter is dead, she became furious with rage as she and her son slaughtered her former sons and daughters and created pedestal to create the Moon Stone. Now she destroys her enemies such as the Conquistadors and the corrupt tribes that they went into prostitution.
  • Xochiquetzal - The Goddess of Love and Magic. Xochiquetzal was Tlaloc's first wife until she was abducted by Tezcatlipoca and she was forced to marry him. Now, she was lost and now she's found, Xochiquetzal returns the favor after Tezcatlipoca's unconditional apology and fought her enemies with magic and summoning quetzal birds and butterfly.
  • Centeotl - The God of Maize. He carries his magic pole bring up the fresh food with the help of his sister, Chicomecoatl.
  • Chicomecoatl - The Goddess of Agriculture. Despite the controversial account from Centéotl, she's the sister of Centéotl and the adoptive daughter of Tlazolteotl.
  • Tonatiuh - The God of Sun and the Prince of Fire. He's a hotheaded fire warrior and the cunning fighter. He's the rival of Tlaloc.
  • Xiutecuhtli - The God of Fire and the wise Old God. He's the master of his protégé, Tonatiuh, as he gave the advise to him and his fellow gods.
  • Tlazolteotl - The Goddess of Steam and Fertility as well the mother of Centeotl and Chicomecoatl.
  • Xochipilli - The God of Arts, Games, Dancing, Flowers and Music. The Prince of Flowers also loves poetry because it's part of the art.
  • Itzpapalotl - The Obsidian Butterfly. Itzpapalotl was the fearsome skeleton warrior who ruled the paradise world of Tamoanchan, where all the victims of infant mortality and place identified the humans were created.
  • Meztli - The Goddess of Moon. Since her predecessor, Coyolxauhqui, was killed by Huitzilopochtli, Meztli took her place as the living Goddess of Moon. She might be less friendly but friendly rival to Huitzilopochtli though she has no intention do the same as their enemy but she has great knowledge of astrologies and studies the signs from the stars. Oh and, she loves bunnies because they're so cute which she can cast her favorite spell to turn her enemies into rabbits.
  • Ehecatl - The God of Wind and the Plummeted Serpent Warrior. The aspect of Quetzalcoatl, Ehecatl was once a weakling who gets beaten by his rival, Tepeyollotl, several times. Proving that he's not a weakling like Quetzalcoatl, Ehecatl has been trained and trained well from the jungles to the mountains to improve his skills of strength, agility, and concentration. After his training, he finally defeated his rival and shown to them that he's not a weakling. Until one day, Aztecapolis has fallen and Ehecatl can only save many civilians as much as possible including the retreating warriors. With no-one else to lead them, Ehecatl formed the resistance and fought hostile factions loyal to the Neo-Cipactli until Quetzalcoatl returned. After the revolution has ended, Ehecatl is now a friend and friendly rival to Tepeyollotl.
  • Tepeyollotl - The God of Earthquake and the Prince of Jaguar. The aspect of Tezcatlipoca, Tepeyollotl is stronger than his rival, Ehecatl, and won several time in one-on-one battle but until he lost opportunity to defeat him. Humiliated, Tepeyollotl trained himself furiously but suddenly when the Conquistadors conquered Aztecapolis, he was summoned by Tezcatlipoca and served him as a commander of his Jaguar Warriors. Now Aztecapolis is free at last, Tepeyollotl puts his rivalry with Ehecatl aside and started a little friendship with a friendly rival attitude.
  • Mictlantecuhtli - The God of Dead. He's the King of Mictlan and the rival of Quetzalcoatl since he stole the bones from realms into order to bring his people back from the Second Sun.
  • Mixcoatl - The God of Hunting. The strong and fragile hooded archer who is the father of Quetzalcoatl. He's the notorious one who battled Chimalman and then they made love for each other after a fierce battle and gave birth of Quetzalcoatl. After his "apparent demise", murdered by his brothers, Mixcoatl was revived by Sabrina, the Goddess of Hope, and told that the Conquistadors and the Neo-Cipactli has conquered Aztecapolis and he must help Huitzilopochtli because he's the one who must lead the liberation before the civilization will be lost forever. After freeing Huitzilopochtli, Mixcoatl took out so many warriors of the Neo-Cipactli and his three brothers with his magical bow and arrow, so many obstacles he surpassed that no one can track him, and no one can see him in the shadows or in the middle of the night. His name is known as the Cloud-Serpent.
  • Ometeotl - The God of Duality. They are the twin gods and the creator of the Aztecan Worlds. Ometecuhtli is the mighty, strong and powerful one and his twin sister, Omecihuatl, is wise and beautiful one but they both have the Symbol of Hunab Ku.

The Mayan GodsEdit

  • Itzamna - Leader of the Mayan Gods and the founder of the Mayan cultures. Itzamna is a wise magician and teacher who taught the humans with medicines, writing and arts and ruler of Mayapolis who protect the people with his magic against the invaders from Pizarro Cortes and his soldiers and Idolus Xoanon and his alien cult. He depicted as anthropomorphic crocodile and identical to Aztecan God of Sun, Tonacatecuhtli.
  • Hunab Ku - The God-king of the Mayans. He's the Sole God and the creator of the Mayan Civilization. He's the grandmaster to Itzamna for his powerful magic teachings.
  • Ixchel - The Goddess of Moon. Ixchel is the wife of Itzamna who invented the weaving and partly waterfall all by herself. Whenever if the humans upset her, she gets grumpy until Idolus Xoanon's men disrupted her magic work and she retaliates with her wrath as the Goddess of War, temporally.
  • Buluc Chabtán - The God of War. He's the most ambitious and powerful warlord and greatest general of the Mayan Army who is a powerful strategist and always put his best and worthy warriors first since Idolus Xoanon and his alien army attempt to conquer Mayapolis and Xibalba. No one knows what his mythical story is but the Mayan people said that he's the ally of Ah Puch and the utmost ruthless god for human sacrifices and brought violence and destruction upon all those who oppose him without mercy.
  • Chaac - The God of Water. The counterpart of Tlaloc has the powerful lighting stone axe to strike hard down to his enemies.
  • Kinich Ahau - The God of Fire. This counterpart of Tonatiuh who brings light with fire.
  • Kukulkan - The Vision Serpent of the Mayans. He's also known as Gukumatz and the most likely counterpart of Quetzalcoatl.
  • Wayep - The God of Mischief. A hulking Draconian from Xibalba who plays with jokes and tricks on his opposers who don't like them. He summoned his "friends from the other side."
  • Camazotz - The crazed God of Darkness and the King of Bats from Xibalba. Camazotz rules over the House of Bats and sent his Death Bats to wreck havoc at night like looting their livestocks and sucking their blood away their victims. He's very known god who ripped the head of one of the Mayan Hero Twins.
  • Votan - The Old-Black-God. This mysterious god who has three attributes: Wealth, Black-Magic and War. According to another legend, he's also the one who brought the drum to the Mayan people. In Xibalba, however, he's one of the Lords of Xibalba who gave the first trial to the Hero Twins and lost his bet to them by their heroic trickery. After the Xibalba's defeat by the Hero Twins, Votan returned from the darkness and battled his rivals, Chaac and Kinich Ahau, but nearly lost to them. When Idolus Xoanon and the Shadow-Gods attempt to take over Mayapolis and Xibalba, Votan put his differences aside and battled their common enemy for once and until now.
  • Ah Puch - The God of Dead. He is the ruthless and merciless ruler of the underworld known as Xibalba who brings death, sickness, and darkness in the time of Popol Vuh until he was defeated by the Hero Twins. Now returned from his defeat, Ah Puch continues to rule Xibalba and annually battled Itzamna and his fellow gods until Idolus Xoanon and his evil alien cultists attempt to invade Mayapolis, forcing him and his demon warriors to put their differences aside in order to defend their homeland; most of the time, he and his minions were meant to defend on their own territory. Some they say he's depicted that he has the head of owl, others he has a skeleton head with bells. He has four loyal owl warriors from their former home of Xibalba, Knife Owl; One-Legged Owl; Parrot Owl and Skull Owl, the Four Owls of Xibalba.

The Four Owls of Xibalba (F.O.X)

  • Maaskab Tunkuruchu - The Xibalban Demon-like Owl who is the leader of the Four Owls of Xibalba. He carries with his sacrificial knife as his personal weapon but he collects knifes, sharp and deadly and even the modern ones. His name is known as "Knife Owl."
  • Hun-ook Tunkuruchu - The Xibalban Demon-like Owl who is the one-legged warrior of the Four Owls of Xibalba. Having lost his wooden leg for his punishment for failing to guard the gardens of the Lords of Xibalba from the Hero Twins, Hun-ook was forced to replace his own leg by himself until the Shadow-Gods' alien technology saved his legging as he used these equipments to replace his wooden leg and it has become much more useful when he walks and fights with his kicks. His name is known as "One-Legged Owl."
  • T'uut' Tunkuruchu - The Xibalban Demon-like Owl is the short member of the Four Owls of Xibalba. Mischief but dangerous but not always but he gets into trouble when he wants to get a try with these cool stuffs like fancy cars, fancy bikes, and fancy toys like MP3 players and video games and get caught by Ah Puch's anger. His name is known as "Parrot Owl."
  • Ho'ol Tunkuruchu - The Xibalban Demon-like Owl who has a thick skull as his helmet. A pretty-much numbskull who is always get over his head without any clue or idea. Like T'uut', he's also mischief and dangerous who also wants to try those fancy stuffs from the surface world which sometimes he gets it first and then after that, he got caught by Ah Puch's angry attention but he convinced him enough to let them go and walk freely anyway. His name is known as "Skull Owl."

The Incan GodsEdit

  • Viracocha - The Incan God of Sun and Storm. Viracocha is the legendary Creator God and a powerful ruler of Incapolis who kept maintaining the balance between Hanan Pacha and Uka Pacha and restore order in Kay Pacha until a civil war was broken out between the two sons of the Incan Emperor and it ended without a dynasty but he quickly restored the land by expanding two broken kingdoms into Incapolis's land so there won't there be another civil war and smallpox outbreak as long there's peace and stability and then began to focus to defend the empire from evil invaders like the Itni and make diplomate with foreign nations. He’s depicted as the golden man with his eyes are tears by the rain, his hands with thunderbolts and his crown sun.
  • Mama Cocha - The Incan Goddess of Sea. She protects sailors and fishermen from the hordes of the Imposter Warriors of Itni. She's the mother of Mama Quilla and the wife/sister of Viracocha.
  • Inti - The Incan God of Sun and the son of Viracocha. Young, confident, naive and courageous with responsibility and promising, Inti sits on his sun throne and watch over the land as he brings with shining light. Accompanied with his snake company, Inzi, he protects himself from his imposters, the Itnies, who were attempt to capture him alive but they are no match for his mighty sun power. He's also the Sun Dragon and the good friend of Aztec Sun God, Tonatiuh.
  • Mama Quilla - The Incan Goddess of Moon and the girlfriend and wife of Inti. She is also the Moon Dragon.
  • Manco Capac - The Incan God of Fire and the Royal Founder of the Inca Empire. Manco Capac is the son of Viracocha as he convinced the people of earth that he's the descendent of his father and shown them as he stood on the mountain and raised his hand onto the sun, thus the beginning of the first Inca dynasty by teaching his people with language, arts, building, and fire. After many years of his wise rule, Manco Capac died peaceful and his spirit is now descending to the Hanan Pacha as the God of Fire. He's also a stepbrother of Inti.
  • Mama Pacha - The Incan Goddess of Earth and Fertility. She is known as the Mother World and she causes earthquakes. She is also the wife of Pacha Camac.
  • Pacha Camac - The Incan God of Creation. He was believed to be the first god to create man and woman but he forget to give the food to them. But soon after that with devastated results, he was drove into the ocean. He's the husband of Mama Pacha.
  • Chasca - The Incan Goddess of Twilight. She protects the virgin girls and very fond of fleecy white clouds.
  • Kon - The Incan God of Rain and Wind. He came from the south as he brings fresh rains and breezing winds to the people. His master and favorite idol is Illapa who is the popular god of rain, wind, thunder and the weather.
  • Catequil - The Incan God of Thunder and Lighting. He brings thunderous force to his enemies whenever he goes to defend the people of Incan Empire.
  • Illapa - The God of Weather. Illapa is the popular god among the Incan gods who brought rain upon the farms' crops and thunder to strike down on his enemies. No one knows what Illapa looks like in today's world but he's depicted as a man in a shining dress carries with his war club and slingshot, but he can also transform into a great war eagle. He's a close friend of Catequil and a mentor of Kon.
  • Urcuchillay - The God of Animals and the Lord of Llamas. He watched over the animals from mountains which he's very good for climbing on the top of the mountain for his good use of sports.
  • Supey - The God of Evil and Death and the King of the Demon Race of Uku Pacha. Supey is a powerful demon god who brought death and destruction during the dark times of the civil war, creating Chaos upon the Kay Pacha with misery and despair. Now the time of the civil war has ended without the successor, Supey remains in the demon realm until he stepped out from his throne with his army to battle against their common enemy at the time only. He's much like interested with Mictlantecuhtli and Ah Puch.


  • Based on the Aztecan, Mayan, and Incan gods.
  • Inspired from El Aguila y la Serpiente.
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