United Gargoyles Alliance
United Gargoyles Alliance
The International Front for Freedom Gargoyles
PK Team 19 - United Gargoyle Alliance
Peacekeeper Team's Profile
Leader David Grimorum, Amaza, Crawley MacCallen, Lionheart, Ryushi, and Melbourne Halegoyle
Alignment The Order of the Heavenly Dragon
Allies Gargoyle Night Clan
Enemies Archduke Lorenburg, Hakon, Baron Luach Kryloch and his Dark Gargoyles (The Order of the Black Dragon)
Location USA flag New York City, New York, United States of America

United Gargoyles Alliance is the International Deadly Alliance, the Medieval Deadly Alliance and one of the 20 Peacekeeper Teams of the Peacekeepers Initiatives. From united gargoyle clan to the big league of international gargoyles, the United Gargoyles Alliance battles the force of evil and Chaos from Archduke Lorenburg and his evil allies from the Order of the Black Dragon and the Neo-Axis.


The Early DaysEdit

The land of Wyverndale where all the gargoyle clans from around the world are living in peace and harmony. Unfortunately, their living conditions are worsen when the ruthless and charismatic gargoyle tyrant named Archduke Lorenburg forced them out from their castle and homes and live in poverty at the caves on the hills, cliffs, and mountains in the gargoyle kingdom. Even worse, each clan formed the resistance cell were quickly brutally slaughtered by Hakon and his men and Baron Luach Kryloch's mercenaries.

With a huge number of deaths is over its peak, the clans had enough of Archduke Lorenburg's brutal regime and the time of suffering is over.

Call of the Unsung HeroEdit

With all the gargoyle clans, tribes, and cells are gathered, they're looking for a hero who will rise up against the regime and his cronies. However, there was only one gargoyle excluded from the clans who can lead the uprising and that's David Grimorum. David Grimorum was a lone gargoyle adventurer and he's crazy wisecracking warrior who was caught in the middle of the so-called purging of the clans, branded them as 'illegals', while he was on his way home from the fight against the barbarians. During the purge, David was spotted by Archduke Lorenburg's men as he was about be purged but then he was rescued by Crawley MacCallen of the Scottish gargoyle clan and Amaza of the Brazilian gargoyle clan and brought to safety while explaining why he was chosen for the cause as David doesn't know about it.

Having offered to join the resistance, David accepted the offer and joined the resistance group to led the freedom gargoyle fighters to victory (if he's the right gargoyle for the big job.)

Gargoyles' RowEdit

As they brought David to their hideout at the abandoned castle on the cliff where all the clans are gathered and resided there, he has to pass the single trial: fighting well-strong gargoyle warriors and fighters from each clan with a fist fight. David fought and beat them so easily but he likes more fighting on them as he challenged any volunteer from each clan. He proved himself a fair fighter with his wise-cracking undertone. After he fought almost 50 gargoyle warriors, David has finally proofed himself a worthy leader of the resistance but David welcomed them as one of the main leaders and they agreed.

Soon after that, David was in a favor by Melbourne McHalegoyle, one of the main leaders of the resistance, as they went to clear outside of the castle from Lorenburg's mercenaries and soldiers. After they've cleared out the castle so that the refugees can stay there, David helped Amaza to free her Amazonian sisters from Hakon's prison and slave camp and then helped Ryushi to hijack weapons and equipments from Lorenburg's supply camp. After he helped out his allies, David and the gargoyle resistance fighters now marched to the mercenary clan's fortress as they're going to capture their base of operation. The battle took a half hour and they've finally gain controlled their fortress and then returned to the castle while several brave resistance fighters take command of the base.

With their small step of their liberation is complete, they begin with their major steps to take down Archduke Lorenburg for good.

War against Archduke LorenburgEdit

The united gargoyle resistance staged the plan to overthrow the brutal regime by taking out all three major factions loyal to Archduke Lorenburg: the barbarians from the north, Hakon and his mercenary army, and the rouge gargoyles led by Baron Kryloch. But before they go after three factions, David has the idea to improve the resistance's outfit; meaning, starting something fresh, something much more cultural. But he needs a team so he chose four gargoyles from America, one Canadian gargoyle, and two Central American gargoyles. David has a gargoyle beast named Rover and he was followed ever since he was a rookery. With his team assembled, they started their own task of getting the new outfits and costumes for the resistance.

David and his team went to the hills where the convoy was on its way to the outpost, carrying with equipments and supplies for the troops or maybe something valuables to Archduke Lorenburg. As they're almost near the convoy's routine, they discovered the secret but abandoned passage to the outpost and went there to investigate there and then they've learned that it was the path leading to the outpost so they decided to raid the outpost as they've made the element of surprise.

After the raid, David and his team brought all the supplies and new costumes for the resistance as well new weapons. As most of the gargoyles changed their clothes and outfits, the resistance have never been better than that before. Their morality has never been so high that much and their hopes began steadily increased into a great bright. Along with changing their outfits, they also trained new ones from each clan with skills and new tricks. After a month of preparation, the resistance is now ready to take down three factions to Archduke Lorenburg.

The first one is the barbarians from the north where they've plundered, pillaged and looted villages and towns in the favor for Archduke Lorenburg. In reality, the resistance discovered that the villagers and townsfolk were allegedly enslaved for their aiding with the resistance so they have to be freed from the barbarians. As they've freed the villagers and townsfolk from the slave camps, they've battled the barbarians and they've pushed them back until the barbarian king showed up fought David in a one big final battle which David defeated him as he beat him down and forced the barbarian king to surrender and never come back. The barbarians have retreated to the north empty hands but only beaten barbarians and the one of the three factions has been removed from Wyverndale, the resistance then focus on the rouge gargoyles.

The rouge gargoyles are difficult to find one of them and they have to do it in a hard way. David's team, Crawley's team and Amaza's team went spread out to find one of the rouge cells and stop the counter-revolution within the resistance. Fortunately, David and his team found the battlefield where thousands of dead gargoyles lay before them. As they search the corpses, they found lucky survivors from the resistance and learned from them as well capturing very few rouge gargoyles and interrogated them. After the interrogation, they've also learned that their families were threatened and blackmailed by Baron Kryloch if they want to live and forced to serve him and Archduke Lorenburg for eternal life. But that doesn't happened when David and Crawley are going to expose his evil promise by convincing the rouge gargoyles to put their differences aside and join the real resistance, the easy way or the hard way, and free their families and friends. After they've freed their friends and families and fought the real rouge gargoyles, the resistance can now focus on Baron Kryloch at his temporally residence near the shores at the Western Wyverndale and pushed his evil forces out but Baron Kryloch escaped but they will meet him again in the future. With the rouge gargoyles are no longer a problem now they've joined their side, the resistance is now focusing on Hakon, the worst and most dangerous gargoyle of Wyverndale.

The resistance faced the worst as their hideout was under attack when Hakon's men infiltrated the castle but they've managed to repel their attack. But after they've repelled their brutal attack, David and his team along with Melbourne's team were rushed to the outpost they've captured and regained control from Hakon's barbaric attack. After the attack, they've received a serious message from Hakon; they were demanded to surrender immediately or face the destruction of the resistance with their devastated super weapon that it will destroy their homes and their base. The deadline was sunrise and they have a very time so the resistance have to find a way and stop his super weapon. Fortunately and luckily for them, they discovered a heaviest weapon at the armory, the grand cannon, and it can stop them but they gonna need more help to rebuild that and they found some help from the Order of the Heavenly Dragons. While they're rebuilding it, David and Ryushi find some materials for the grand cannon and they found the quarry where it was held by Hakon's men and they have captured the quarry and freed the slave miners; not only they found the quarry, they found the Gargoylium, a rare raw material that it can build castles and weapons. With the Gargoylium is acquired, they can finish the grand cannon in time and they're ready to counterattack Hakon's super weapon but they need the exact target coordination which they did as Amaza and her team returned after they found Hakon and his superweapon at the northeast. As the deadline is drawing near, they've prepared for the counterattack but they have also to hold Hakon's men off from destroying the grand cannon. As the sun rises, they've successfully hold them off and fired their grand cannon and then they've destroyed Hakon's super weapon, forcing his evil forces to retreat and leave Wyverndale.

With the third and final faction is gone, the resistance can now focus on Archduke Lorenburg with the help of Gargoyle Knights and the Order of the Heavenly Dragons.

The final battle was very long and hard but they've liberated the villages and towns, retaken their homes from his evil occupiers, and overthrew corrupt officials and clan leaders. After three important tasks are completed, the resistance is going to breach his powerful fortress-like castle with the enormous and unbreakable defenses and tens of thousands of his soldiers at nightfall. To do that, the resistance must find a way to get into the castle and they found one and only weakness: a crack outside of the wall. They've infiltrated the castle wall and sabotaged their defenses and delayed his soldiers so the resistance fighters can enter through the main gate with a massive force. As the resistance fighters entered the city castle, all hell broke loose as they fight their way to reach Archduke's castle keep through district to district until they've finally reached the castle keep and broke through the barricaded doors. At the castle keep, David and other five clan leaders reached the inner sanctum where their nemesis was expected them to come and face their doom but they won't go down without a fight. Their final battle against Archduke Lorenburg was intense and hard as all other five clan leaders did their best effort to defeat him as David is the only one who can defeat him until his Aura was unlocked when he was beaten but never gave up as well the others and used their Aura Power and defeated Archduke Lorenburg once and for all by the power of unity! With Archduke Lorenburg is defeated and taken into custody, the resistance has finally liberated Wyverndale at last and peace has been restored to the land.

The resistance is disbanded after a prolong war but, however, David considered that his team will not be disbanded and so as Crawley, Amaza, Ryushi, Lionheart, and Melbourne as well. The Order of the Heavenly Dragons agreed and they formed the United Gargoyles Alliance and continue their activity to help the innocents wherever they can.

Meaning, their adventures have begun.


After six months of peace in Wyverndale, the United Gargoyles Alliance was brought attention to the Peacekeepers Initiatives for their bravery act of liberation from the dictatorship and they've became as of the Peacekeeper Teams.

In the 21st century after the Peacekeepers Initiative became as UN-GDI's Special Team, they've resided in New York City as they've established their main headquarters in Manhattan.

Team MembersEdit

North AmericaEdit

This team was the first created during the war against the Archduke after David helped five leaders of the group. David chose seven members of his own team, four for the U.S., two for Central America and one for Canada. They can do some crazy stuffs, mostly David can so much crazy stuff to do the damage but he has to be careful what he was doing.

  • David Grimorum - The wise-cracking badass leader of the North American Gargoyle Team and one of the main leaders of the United Gargoyles Alliance. David Grimorum is the American Gargoyle and the freelancer who got in the wrong time in the wrong place when Archduke Lorenburg declared war on the so-called 'Illegals' and clans. Now, David leads the resistance gargoyles against Lorenburg and his mercenary clans and ended his reign of terror for good. He knows sure how to fight bad gargoyles and evil clans with his brawl fighting skills and sent them to the hospital.
  • Maza Starwing - The red gargoyle clanswoman is the second-in-command for North American Gargoyle Clan. Maza Starwing was a member of Blue Stone Clan and she has a impressive records of bringing those criminals down with her detective and fighting skills.
  • Luka Stonewing - The pale gargoyle clansman was a member of the old clan and had been casted out for his small petty crime of thieving. But when he tried to return to his clan, Luke was devastated when his old clan was wiped out from their existence and vowed to avenge his death. During his life of a petty thief, Luke steals foods from Archduke's supply base until he was helped by the resistance and found his new clan when David recruited him as a member of the team.
  • Meryllia Warmstone - The female light orange gargoyle was a member of the female only clan. She lost her clan when she returned from the contest and found them brutally executed by Archduke Lorenburg. Later she joins the resistance to avenge their deaths and then she was recruited by David as a member of the team. Not only as a member but a skillful trickster, manipulating corrupt officials and ruthless faction members. She's Luke's girlfriend.
  • Jake Coolstone - The pale green gargoyle who was a member of the old clan and left them to make it on his own. But when he returned from traveling Wyverndale after he was unable to find his own home, he was completely devastated when his old girlfriend was decapitated until he was picked up by the resistance as he joined up with them. Then, he was recruited by David as a member of the team.
  • Rover - David's trusty gargoyle beast who can track down and senses deadly traps. He's been fellow David since they were young rookeries and made a best team. He loves biscuits and cookies but loathes with raw meats and bones.
  • Grizzly Stone - The Canadian gargoyle who is hailed from Totem Stone Clan. He is the bearer of the Spirit Bear when he passed the trial to become as a totem warrior and became one of them. Soon after that, he was sent to Wyverndale to help the resistance and vanquish Archduke Lorenburg who disrespects the minorities. After he joined the resistance, Grizzly Stone was recruited by David as a member of the team.
  • Monte Garozuma - The Mexican gargoyle is the mighty warrior of the team. Hailed from the Aztecan gargoyle clan, Monte Garozuma defended his clan and the ancient empire from the forces of evil with his guide from the god of warriors. After he defended his clan so many times, he was sent to Wyverndale by the emperor to the resistance and fight against Archduke Lorenburg. Then, he was recruited by David as a member of the team.
  • Gali Mala - The Guatemalan gargoyle is the brave and strong spirit warrior of the team. Hailed from the Mayan gargoyle clan, Gali Mala was trained by her master to become a spirit warrior to follow her late-father's footsteps. After her training is complete, she was sent to Wyverndale to help the resistance to defeat Archduke Lorenburg. After that, she was recruited by David as a member of the team. She's Monte Garozuma's girlfriend when she was fallen in love with him.

South AmericaEdit

This team was formed by Amaza herself after Archduke attempts to conquer her homeland. Five brave native gargoyles have managed to push his evil force out of their homeland with their cunning traps and brave actions to free their people without hesitation. After they've liberated their homeland, Amaza and her team decided to travel to Wyverndale after they've received a dead seriously strong message from the Archduke when one of the tribal clans were being massacred.

  • Amaza - One of the main leaders of the group and the leader of South American gargoyle team. She is strong, cunning, noble, and very brave gargoyle amazonian warrior and huntress who fought for freedom to her people and her sisters against Archduke Lorenburg and his evil allies from the dark amazonian clan. She was hailed from the Ptero Clan.
  • Tricera - Amaza's second-in-command and the member from the Trio Horn Clan. She is the strong skillful huntress of the team and like her commander, she also fights for her people and her sisters against Archduke Lorenburg.
  • Tyrex - Amaza's strong gargoyle-like Tyrannosaurus Rex who was hailed from Tyranno Clan. This powerful muscled warrior can crush his enemies with his bare claw.
  • Razor-Raptor - The cunning deadly gargoyle with a skull of velociraptor is the Prowler Class of the team. Hailed from the Claw Raptor Clan and a skilled trapper and tracker, Razor-Raptor has proven his worthiness as he defended his clan's homeland from hostile clans loyal to Archduke Lorenburg with his sharp claws.
  • Apacho - The gargoyle-like Brontosaurus who was hailed from Apache Clan. He wields his club, made by himself, with the unbreakable rock attached to smash his enemies' head. He has a good sense of humor but he has a great heart of gold.


Following his old clan was brutally murdered by Hakon and his mercenaries, Crawley MacCallen formed the resistance group against the Archduke as well his own team of European gargoyle clans. He also added the Atlantean gargoyle to the team due the gargoyles' ancestral history.

  • Crawley MacCallen - The Scottish Gargoyle is one of the main leaders of the group and the leader of the European gargoyle team. He was a high-ranking member of the old Scottish gargoyle clan and he was a proud lieutenant with discipline and honor but it was until his clan was destroyed by Hakon and his barbaric mercenaries. Tired of massacres he witnessed, he formed the resistance against Archduke Lorenburg.
  • Sir Kale Dragonstone - The English gargoyle knight who is the second-in-command of the team. The gentle gargoyle Paladin Class was a member of the Knights of the Elite Gargoyles and battled against the barbarians from the north. When the evil Archduke Lorenburg slaughtering the minorities, Sir Kale was sent to Wyverndale to help the resistance and joined Crawley's team.
  • Avery Greenstone - The Irish gargoyle who is the top lieutenant of the team. He was the leader of the Irish gargoyle clan and he is the most notorious rogue gargoyle when he committed crimes against Archduke's controversial law against the 'illegals' and killed hundreds of his henchmen and beat other gargoyles from a pro-Archduke clan. But he was captured by Lorenburg's men, his clansmen and women were executed in the public but he was rescued by Crawley and the resistance. After he was freed from his captivity, Avery joined Crawley's team and became his lucky right-hand man.
  • Bernard Tricolorstone - The French gargoyle who was a member of the old clan and self-styled revolutionist. The charming gargoyle who loves poets and riddles to solve it with knowledge as well leading the resistance to victory against the Archduke's evil army. The reason he joined Crawley's team was his old clan and family were executed by the Archduke.
  • Ricardo Blancotail - The Spanish gargoyle who was a former member of the old clan and the self-styled pirate. Once hailed from the unknown clan, Ricardo travelled across the seas with his ship despite ordering not to go to a dangerous place where Archduke Lorenburg controls the seas. But when he saw the boat full of resistance fighters on waters, Ricardo helped them as he led them victory until they've captured the port. After the liberation, Ricardo was asked to join the resistance which he accepted and joined Crawley's team.
  • Augusto DiCenturio - The Roman gargoyle who was a the centurion of the Imperial Gargoyle Legion. He led his legion against the barbarians and the Babylonians many years ago and now he was military discharged due to his reckless charge against the rebels. Now a member of the resistance and Crawley's team, Augusto leads them to victory with his brilliant but steady careful strategies.
  • Deus - The Greek gargoyle who was a soldier from the Athenian Army. He was on route to Wyverndale to help the resistance against the barbarians from the east with a company of brave soldiers but they were attacked by Archduke's men and lost his men in defensive combat. Fortunately, he was rescued by the resistance and avenged his fellow soldiers as he joined up with them as the member of Crawley's team.
  • Thorgan - The Norse gargoyle is the noble warrior of Crawley's team. Before he joined the resistance, Thorgan was the defender of his clan's home village in the icy Norse island, raffling with bandits and pirates, even Dark Gargoyles. After that, he received the message from the resistance and sent by his chieftain to help them to battle Hakon and his evil army.
  • Vera - The female German gargoyle is the fiercest warrior of Crawley's team. She battled the hordes of rogue gargoyles all by herself with her mighty sword and shield and her bare claws, bravely without hesitation. After battling her many enemies alone, she was sent to Wyverndale to help the resistance and found her new battle as the member of Crawley's team.
  • Cossack Gorgorov - The Russian gargoyle who was a member of the old clan and self-styled Cossack soldier. Cossack was a disgraced clansman after he failed to save fellow clansmen and banished from the clan for life in a bitter cold winter. During a bitter cold, he was picked up by the resistance and saved his life. After he heard the terrible news about his clan's demise, Cossack joined Crawley's team as his new clan.
  • Ness Aquastone - The Atlantean aquatic gargoyle who was hailed from the ancient clan from Atlantis. Ness is the young archaeologist and a warrior, trained by his teacher of how to defend himself with martial art skills and battling the Archduke's army. When he defeated the Archduke's army at the sea, Ness was picked up by the resistance as they came to help his clan and then joined up with them to see the surface world and became a member of Crawley's team. He loves books, especially history books, and a great swimmer.


Lionheart and his team were not been victimized by the Archduke's reign of terror, they were challenged by the ruthless and aggressive military terrorist clan, the Black Cougar Clan. After they've banished the Black Cougar Clan, Lionheart learned that they were hired by the Archduke and decided to go to Wyverndale to end his act of terror by helping the resistance.

  • Lionheart - The gargoyle-like Lion is one of the main leaders of the group and the leader of the African gargoyle team. A proud and noble gargoyle warrior with great heart of lion, Lionheart has defended his clan for years like his ancestors before him against the Dark Gargoyles and the evil Black Cougar Clan, one of Archduke Lorenburg's evil allies.
  • Sierra - The gargoyle-like Leopard is Lionheart's second-in-command. Sierra is the fastest gargoyle of the team like a real leopard and cheetah that no one can stop her. She's also a tracker and a fierce fighter in close combat.
  • Tusk - The gargoyle-like Elephant is a humble but honorable defender of the team. Tusk is the heavy duty Cleric Class, fighting Black Cougar Clansmen with his tusks, fists and brain. He can also use nose to extinguish the flames or repel their attack; don't worry, he has a magical water inside his body.
  • Rockhorn - The gargoyle-like Rhino is the strong-arm man of the team. Rockhorn crushes his enemies, including hundreds of Black Cougar Clansmen, with his brute strength and mighty fists singlehandedly.
  • Bullford - The gargoyle-like African Buffalo is the adviser to Lionheart and his team. He's the Magic-User Class, casting any spell upon his enemies, including disarming Black Cougar Clansmen, and revealing traps before they could go in. He speaks with wise words and heeding warnings, Bullford has also proven himself as top adviser to the resistance.


Following the attempt diplomatic was broken by the Archduke, hundreds of gargoyle clansmen and women were sent to help the resistance and Ryushi is one of them. After they've temporally successfully carried out their attack and counterattack, Ryushi form his own team of eight noble gargoyle warriors from the east and became one of the highly involved teams of the group.

  • Ryushi - The Japanese Gargoyle is one of the main leaders of the group and the leader of the Asian gargoyle team. The honorable samurai gargoyle was hailed from the powerful clan allied with Tokugawa Clan has been trained with Bushido, the way of the warrior. After his long training is completed, Ryushi was sent to the west to help the resistance to overthrow Archduke Lorenburg and his brutal reign of terror and formed his Asian gargoyle team.
  • Fei Ling - The Chinese gargoyle is Ryushi's second-in-command of the team. Fei Ling is the skilled saboteur, thief and mistress of disguise of the team and highly trained martial artist with Kung Fu Dragon style. She also fights multiple enemies with her fans.
  • Yong Dol Jeonsa - The Korean gargoyle who was the honor guard of the imperial clan. Yong Dol Jeonsa has been protecting the king from assassins and bandits, even from rival kingdom during a small political problem which it was already resolved when he foiled their conspiracy. After his long line of duty, Yong Dol Jeonsa joined the resistance when he traveled to Wyverndale and became a member of Ryushi's team.
  • Long Khan - The Mongolian gargoyle is the mightiest warrior hailed from one of the most powerful gargoyle warrior clans. Long Khan defeated many champions and claimed his prizes from his defeated opponents. But when his career was ended and tired of fighting, Long Khan decided to see the world until he joined the resistance and became a member of Ryushi's team and drill sergeant of the resistance fighters.
  • Kistna - The Indian gargoyle who is a peaceful Magic-User Class of the team. He dislike violence but he had no choice but to defend himself but he helped his allies with magic. He worshipped to the Hindu God, Krishna.
  • Tai Kung Lao - The Thai gargoyle is the Fighter Class of the team. A cool, confidential and proud fighter, Tai Kung Lao has been trained with Kick Boxing and the ancient Thai fighting style that it will grab, throw and break his enemies with his bare claws.
  • Hossain - The Arabian gargoyle who was a royal guard from the royal Arabian gargoyle clan. He was the emissary for diplomatic missions and successfully negotiated other royal clans. But when he was sent by his clan for a diplomatic mission in Wyverndale, Hossain became involved with the resistance when he sees the truth about the Archduke's brutality. After he joined the resistance, he became as the member of Ryushi's team as their top diplomat.
  • Damuheru - The Egyptian gargoyle who was a member of ancient clan worshipped to Ægyptian gods. Damuheru was trained with the arts of sorcery and magic and learned the arts of war. After his training is fully completed, Damuheru was sent to Wyverndale to help the resistance as he became as the member of Ryushi's team.
  • Cyrus - The Persian gargoyle who was a soldier from one of the most powerful armies in Antichthon. He fought the Babylonian gargoyles from the southwest and repelled their invasion in the Battle of Desgul. After he was sent to Wyverndale by the Persian Emperor, Cyrus helped the resistance as he became a member of Ryushi's team. He's also a friendly rival of Hossain.


Despite the team is so small, they got some great potential of taking on many bad gargoyles from Archduke Lorenburg and his evil allies numbered in hundreds with their bare claws. Not only to that, they're also geological experts of the group.

  • Melbourne McHalegoyle - The wise-cracking and jolly-good-sense of humor with a strong golden heart Australian gargoyle is one of the main leaders of the group and the leader of Oceania gargoyle team. A hard-tough-no-nonsense and armed with a teeth, Melbourne can challenge many dangerous stuff and wrestle any foes and nasty creatures with his bare claws.
  • Serena McZeal - The New Zealander gargoyle who is Melbourne's second-in-command, partner and the geologist of the team. She travels to the world together with her partner, fighting evil clans and taming wild nasty beasts from the jungle. She's a tough fighter and she can also handling it by herself.
  • Galapoco - The Polynesian native gargoyle is the team's tracker and hunter. Galapoco came from the native gargoyle clan, protecting the island and it's heritage from invaders from Archduke Lorenburg. He speaks only a native language and Melbourne can understand what he's saying.


  • Inspired from Disney's Gargoyles.
  • Based on the facts that the show's creator, Greg Weisman, made canon-in-training clans. See it on GargWiki:
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