TriStar Galactic Rangers is the Space Deadly Alliance and the team member of the UN-GDI and the Galactic Alliance. Three of the finest and greatest teams of Intergalactic Rangers are the defenders of truth, honor, and justice of the galaxy against the evil ruthless Syndrome Invaders and the aggressive intergalactic terrorist organization, the Outcasts.


The Early DaysEdit

Captain Raz "Ace Comet" Astrostar was one of the member of Delta Galactic Ranger Unit 42, one of the best intergalactic ranger units in recent years. He was a rookie who got enlisted but he helped his teammates during these dangerous mission. After he rescued one of his teammate, he was promoted to captain after his commanding officer was transferred to the elite unit. He continues to carry out his successful missions throughout the galaxy. But at his last mission, however, his team got themselves into a dangerous mission to find and rescue three missing scientists from the clutches of the Syndromes. Despite his best efforts to save all of them, Captain Raz's old team was wiped out by the explosion but he rescued three missing scientists.

After his last mission was accomplished, Captain Raz went to work alone, temporally.

Looking for teamEdit

One year has passed and Captain Raz was summoned by the Galactic Alliance military leaders, Admiral Galaxor and Commander Nebula, to meet the Sedna Squad during the military training drill at the training simulation area. After the military drill, Captain Raz's met the leader of the Sedna Squad, Captain Rosetta "Haley" Halestar. But after a short introduction, he was stunned that he's the partner of Captain Haley. Unfortunately, his offer was turned down as Captain Raz refused to join her team and made a little argument with General Galaxor then left the training simulation area.

After a short argument with his commanding officer, Captain Raz was summoned by the engineer division and meet his only partner and the android known as EXO-69. The duo Galactic Rangers were sent Planet Zen where the Zorganitess have attacked the ancient city and attempting to steal their largest ancient artifact for their evil purpose of their grand scheme. But they've managed to recover it and pushed them out of the planet. Despite against all odds, Captain Raz and EXO-69 were picked up by the Galactic Alliance and he was impressed by General Galaxor but also suggested that he's going to need his own team and Captain Raz now knows what he will do: recruit some of the best Galactic Rangers from the Solar System.

After recruiting the best Galactic Rangers, the team is now assembled and ready for their first mission as a team.

The Blue WirlwormsEdit

Captain Raz and his team were sent to Planet Whirlo where they were on the rendezvous with the blue Wirlworms, a race of Alien-like creature worms. Their mission was to end the Wirlworm Crisis by defeating the aggressive red Wirlworms who were aided by the Syndrome Invaders. Unfortunately, they have to rescue them after a failed offensive operation against the red Wirlworms before stopping the crisis.

The team were deployed at the canyon where the blue Wirlworms were been held captive at the small base with a large artillery next to it. They've raided the base and rescued nine members of the team: Easton, Topas, Nailson, Hugo, Carpo, Derby, Rowdy, Floyd and Tug. After the rescue and the artillery base has been obliterated, the blue Wirlworm team joined Captain Raz's side and they continue the operation as they've carried out their mission as they've disrupt their offensives by destroying their war machines, capturing enemy outposts, and rescued the prime minister from the prison base.

As the crisis is close to an end within days, the Intergalactic Rangers and the Blue Wirlworm team have reached the main base of the Red Wirlworms where the Sydrome has installed the energizer bomb to destroy the planet and start anew but they've managed to defuse and dismantled the bomb, destroyed their monster, and defeated the red Wirlworms and its leader, ending the crisis once and for all.

With the crisis has ended and peace has been restored, Easton and his team joined Captain Raz and his team as the secondary team of the Intergalactic Rangers and then later; the Sedna Squad joined them and formed the TriStar Galactic Rangers.

The Galactic War on the SyndromesEdit

The Intergalactic Rangers were been summoned by the Galactic Alliance and briefed over their next assignment when the Syndrome Invaders declared war on the galaxies including the solar system and the Outcasts' uprising has begun on each planet, threatening the entire system and the galaxies and triggering instability in each planet.

Their first operation was in solar system, all planets except Earth which it has nothing to do with the recent crisis, and their mission was simple: eradicate the Outcasts and restore order in the galaxy. They've took down the criminal organization in Mercury, eliminated the bio-terrorists in Venus, averted the civil war in Mars and Ceres, restored order in Asteroid Belt and Jupiter, defeating the Outcasts' domestic terrorists in Uranus and Neptune and beyond from Pluto to Planet X where they've crushed the rebels and restored the balance. And one by one, the planets are freed from the Outcasts as they've surrendered to the Galactic Alliance and disarmed themselves.

Their next operation is at beyond Dwarf Planet Sedna and other planets from across the Constellation System and their mission was the same but tougher than the last operation. They've carried out their toughest missions as they've secured the Galactic Alliance outpost and Sednese Planetary Army bases from the Syndromes; disrupted the Outcasts' uprising in Planet Septh in Tau Ceti and Planet Feral in Lacerta II; eliminated the Reptoid terrorists in Planet Reptilon and the Astro-Aquatoid terrorist in Planet Octo in Aqua System, Animalia Galaxy; and defeated rogue factions loyal to the Syndromes from LV-245 to Planet Cardon.

After weeks of completing their missions and two operations, the Intergalactic Rangers were sent to LZ-769 where the Zorganitess are preparing for their biggest assault in the next 24 hours and they have to stopped as the TriStar Galactic Rangers are prepared for the final mission. As they were deployed on LZ-769, the Intergalactic fought their way to disrupt their fuel post where they're fueling their battleships, weaken their defenses, and eliminated the elite forces of the Zorganites Army. Then, they've reached the Zorganites main base at the center of LZ-769 where the mothership is about to embark but they've managed to delay their departure as the platoon of Galactic Rangers are deployed thanks to their action of shutting down their defenses. The battle enraged as the Intergalactic Rangers battled the Zorganites from outside to inside their mothership and then they've encountered the leader of Zorganites Army and the main leader of the Syndrome Invaders who is the mastermind of the Outcasts' uprising, Emperor Zorgan Zorgus, and confronted him. During the final battle against their nemesis, they use teamwork maneuvers to weaken his defenses around him but until they discovered that he has the Chaos Aura around him and no one has that kind of power until Captain Raz's Aura was unlocked as he was about to face him with the power of teamwork. As they've weakened his defenses, the Intergalactic Rangers have finally defeated Emperor Zorgan and apprehended him and then leave the mothership before the Galactic Alliance launched the airstrikes, ending the Zorganites' massive attack and its plague of intergalactic terror for good.

With Emperor Zorgan is now in custody and his evil plan has been thwarted, the TriStar Galactic Rangers are hailed as heroes of the galaxies. The war is finally over but their adventures and their duty continue.


On December 23, 2012, the TriStar Galactic Rangers were sent to Earth after the Galactic Alliance have intercepted the Monarchs' mothership. Their mission was to intervene their ship and averted their invasion on Earth with the help other heroes from the Galactic Alliance. While on the mission, they also helped the Deadly Alliance to defeat the Monarchian Queen, ending the invasion for good.

After the Monarchs' defeat, the TriStar Galactic Rangers were offered by the UN-GDI for their brave action against their common enemy which they've accepted and established main base in Mojave Desert with their approval by the Galactic Alliance.

Team MembersEdit

Main TeamEdit

This main team is also know as Alpha Galactic Rangers and it was founded and led by Captain Raz "Ace Comet" Astrostar after his old team was disbanded following his eight best rangers have died in a noble sacrifice to save his fellow rangers. Unable to find a team, he decided to make his own team based on our Solar System and he finally did it. Now he leads his own team of top Intergalactic Rangers to various missions and battles against the Syndrome Invaders throughout the galaxy.

  • Captain Raz "Ace Comet" Astrostar - Captain Raz "Ace Comet" Astrostar is the leader of Intergalactic Peacekeeper Unit from the Roaming Comet. He was a natural born leader of his squadron from the previous war and has great knowledge of every planet’s history, culture and troubled conflicts. He’s a top best Galactic Ranger and defender of justice and truth of the galaxies as commanded his own unit with precision caution, strategy, and intelligent.
  • Firekka Fenixa - The Alien-like Phoenix who is the second-in-command of the unit. Born from the Sun, Firekka is a hotheaded and strict but strong and understandable character. She has the enormous fire power of supernova that it'll burn her enemies alive (if it's necessary by force), melting their war machines and heating their weapons to disarm them.
  • Merrito "Wild Gus" Rodburner - The Alien from Mercury who is the team's crazed demolition man. Merrito was an ex-member of the Mercurian criminal gang when he blew their main headquarters up due to his unfair payment, even in advance. After he destroy the gang, Merrito was taken in by the Mercurian Planetary Army and became a member of the special forces unit to take on the Syndrome Invaders until he joined Captain Raz's team. His nickname, Wild Gus, was named after due to his psychotic behavior who loves explosion.
  • Kip Vegas - The Alien from Venus who is the team's observation. Kip was a member of Venusian Planetary Army when he investigates the incident at the abandoned military base until he discovered that the base was a trap created by the Syndromes and he hold them off while he contacted reinforcements until Captain Raz and his team showed up and backed him and his allies up. After a daring rescue, Kip joined Captain Raz's team for his assistance for the observation missions.
  • EXO-69 - The Android created by the Galactic Alliance who served as the team's intelligent but synthetic robot for combat. He also served as their engineer, repairing the ship and deploying anything at his disposal like sentry, dispenser, and teleport device. He may be smart but a little bit clumsy but he knows what he's doing to get it right and done (if he don't get into trouble with these dangerous works.)
  • Marvin Redcliff - The Alien from Mars who was a member of the Martian Planetary Army. He was a private from a division during the Martian Civil War and helped his commanding officer when his fellow teammates got ambushed by the Syndrome Invaders during the mission of taking out their communication center. After the mission was accomplished, Marvin was promoted and military honored for his bravery and then later he joined Captain Raz's team.
  • Cira Merada - The female Alien-like Snake from Dwarf Planet Ceres who is the toughest soldier of the team. Cira was a member of Ceresian Planetary Army and she's one of the most greatest defender from her home settlement. She took out many Outcasts and Syndrome Invaders with her assault rifle and her close combat skills. After the Ceresian Outcasts are defeated, Cira was recruited by Captain Raz to join his team and accepted the offer as she continues to defend her planet and any planet that they need to be defended.
  • Rockos The Alien-like Rock being from the Asteroid Belt who is the heavy duty soldier of the team. Rockos came from the Athens Tribe and battled the Outcast and a hostile tribe who is loyal to the Syndrome Invaders in the brutal insurgency. Then, he joined the Intergalactic Rangers led by Captain Raz as they've turned the tide to end the insurgency. Whenever he's in danger or stuck, Rockos can fake his death as he turned himself into rubbles before got hit while sometimes useful for sneaking through the vent or small open hole.
  • "Master" Julius Zeus The Alien from Jupiter who is a sergeant master of the team. Julius was a member of Jovian Planetary Army Special Forces Unit and led his team to victory against the insurgents backed by the Syndrome Invaders with a clear strategy. After the insurgency is over, however, his team was nearly wiped out by the Outcasts but then he was rescued by Captain Raz and his team then he joined the Intergalactic Rangers after they've defeated the Jovian Outcasts. His nickname, Master, was due to his great mastery of close-quarter combat, accuracy, agility, and driving.
  • Randolf "Ringo" Ringstar - The Alien from Saturn who is from a dedicated police officer to the team's greatest marksman. Ringo was a member of Saturnian Planetary Police Force in Rhea where he got caught in the middle of war on crime and managed to save his colleagues from the Syndrome Outcasts. After the ambush and several criminals were captured and taken into custody, Ringo was appointed to be enlisted into the Saturnian Planetary Army to combat the Syndrome but he remained to be part of the police force as he continues to fight crime until it's over when Captain Raz and his team helped him and Ringo joined the team of Intergalactic Rangers as their sniper.
  • Aria Cloudglacier - The Alien-like Elemental Ice from Uranus who is the skilled archer of the team. Aria is hailed from the powerful tribe on the planet and battled fiercest warriors, gigantic monsters, and the hordes of hostile soldiers from the Syndrome Invaders. After she proofed her worthiness to her people, she was chosen to join the Intergalactic Rangers after she unexpected helped the Galactic Alliance to defeated the Outcasts which she didn't knew about it until now.
  • Aquarios Oceaniano - The Aquatic Alien from Neptune who is the team's aquatic ranger. Aquarios was a member of the geologist team as a guard during the expedition until he and the team were attacked by the Outcasts but he managed to escape from them and then rescued the team from their captive at one of the Outcasts' bases. After he rescued the team, Aquarios became a member of the Intergalactic Rangers for his brave action. He's also the greatest and fastest swimmer of the team which he won three aquatic championships.
  • Cerebos - The Demonic Alien from Dwarf Planet Pluto who was a member of the tribe after he was banished by the tribal elders over the incident seven years ago. During his life of redemption, Cerebos fought his enemies from hostile tribes and then the Outcasts which he refused to join their evil cause until he was aided by Captain Raz and his team to defeat the Outcasts. After his redemption is finally done completely, Cerebos joined the Intergalactic Rangers rather than rejoining his tribe as the team's demonic ranger.
  • Hamika - The Alien-like Elemental Water from Dwarf Planet Haumea who is the team's Elemental ranger. Hamika was the wondering adventurer, traveling throughout the planet as he want to see the world what's really looks like until he discovered something disturbance to his home planet when he saw a group of Outcasts dumped the wastes and attempted to pollute the planet but Hamike bravely stopped the Outcasts' illegal activity and saved the planet's waters. After he cleaned up with his elemental powers, he was picked up by the Galactic Alliance and honored for his quick action of saving the environment of his home planet and then he became the member of the Intergalactic Rangers.
  • Joko-joko - The Alien-like Bird from Dwarf Planet Makemake who is the team's communicator. Joko-joko was a member of the Makemakenese Planetary Army and he can dismantle or fix telephone masts, communication devices and intergalactic network for the allies. Even he can intercept enemy's frequencies and disrupting their communication with their contacts, confusing them with bizarre and confusing musics and annoying sound statics, leading the allies to complete their mission. After his line of duty, Joko-joko was chosen by the Galactic Alliance for his outstanding career of his impressive skills as a member of the Intergalactic Rangers.
  • Erika Bladewing - The female Alien-like Fury from Dwarf Planet Eris who is the fiercest soldier of the team. Erika was a member of the Erisan Planetary Army for her tremendous fighting skills. She battled her many foes in the sky with her bladed armbands and hardened fighting skills and she never back down by anyone. After she defeated the Outcasts singlehandedly, Erika was chosen by the Galactic Alliance for defeating the Outcasts as she became a member of the team of Intergalactic Rangers.
  • Drej - The Alien-like Energy being from the mysterious Planet X who is the team's special non-sapient ranger. Drej was a high-ranking member of the queen's honor guard known as the Alpha Guards and battled the rebels backed by the Syndrome Invaders as he protected the power cores of the planet. He was also once a young commander of the battlefield and battled the ancient enemy until now he fought the same enemy once again. Then, when his base came nearly occupied by the rebels, he was aided by Captain Raz and his team and turned the tide of winning the battle, ending the insurgency once and for all. After the insurgency was crushed for good, Drej decided to join the Intergalactic Rangers as he resigned from his duty after his great service for the royal court.

The Blue WirlwormsEdit

During the Wirlo Crisis, the team established by their team leader, Easton, after the Blue Wirlworms' counteroffensive against the Red Wirlworms has failed and chosen by the Wirlonese Galactic Council. This team is called B-00 due the team of mishaps. But despite of that, they have guts of taking on the Red Wirlworms in a crazy way and leading the Blue Wirlonese Army to victory. After they were rescued and ending the crisis, the team joined Captain Raz and his team and formed the TriStar Galactic Rangers.

  • Easton - The most intelligent elder being who is the team leader of the Blue Wirlworms. He's one of the best wizards and can cast any spell at his disposal, even healing and reviving his fallen teammates. Stern, strict, serious but gentle and very intelligent leader, Easton led the team of mishaps and misfits but noble creatures to victory and helping the Intergalactic Rangers anywhere, anytime, and any mission they can.
  • Topas - Topas is the grenadier of the team. One of the lucky survivor of the artillery unit from the failed counteroffensive against the Red Wirlworms but he managed to deliver his payback on them by blowing up their artillery unit. After the Red Wirlworms retreat, Topas was to be part of Easton's team.
  • Nailson - Nailson is the team's sniper unit. During the failed counteroffensive, he took out many Red Wirlworms in headshot at the gates and survived their advance but managed to kill their commander after the counteroffensive was thwarted. After the Red Wirlworms retreat, Nailson was to be part of Easton's team.
  • Hugo - Hugo is the four-armed assault soldier of the team. He's one of the toughest soldier in the unit who fought the wave of Red Wirlworm soldiers with his four arms. During the failed counteroffensive, Hugo fought his way to push them out from the outpost they were supposed to hold them off and he did. After the Red Wirlworms retreat, Hugo was to be part of Easton's team.
  • Carpo - Carpo is the scout of the team. Small but fast and scout around without missing any sight he sees and no one can catch him, (well some were nearly caught him). Not only to that, he also steals their intelligence and blueprints from the enemy base and return to the group or heading to the rendezvous points.
  • Derby - Derby is the medic of the team. He's one of the finest doctors in Wirlo during the time of crisis, healing anyone who had some serious wounds or heavily injuries, even on the battlefield. He's also a tech wizard, repairing or building some tech such as sentries and small roadblock to defend his allies.
  • Rowdy - Rowdy is the infiltrator of the team. He was a member of covert ops unit, sabotaging the enemy structures, stealing their intelligences and assassinating enemy commanders and other high valuable targets. He's equipped with special goggles, allowing him to see in night-vision, thermal, x-ray, electro-magnetic vision, and helping him to track his targets to avoid friendly fires and civilian casualties.
  • Floyd - Floyd is the specialist of the team. Though a ordinary soldier, Floyd have some few skills he can like mine sweeper, tracker or engineer as a driver which he's officially considered as the support of the team. But few heavy classes is not his best type so it's a best thing for him is to have a lighter class.
  • Tug - Tug is the heavy duty soldier of the team. This walking alien tank can blast his way through bunch of Red Wirlworms with his big cannon blaster, destroying half of enemy unit and its tanks and defensive walls, even smashing them in his way.

The Sedna SquadEdit

The Sedna Squad is one of the Galactic Alliance's finest ranger squads in history. They had some impressive records dated back before Captain Raz formed his own team which it was led by Captain Haley's predecessor, the first leader of the Sedna Squad. For 15 years, the squad had carried out their successful missions in five different galaxies and their tour of duty in Planet Sedna. When their first captain was killed in action while saving everyone in the remote village, Rosetta became the new squad leader and continue their duty to safeguard the galaxy until they formed the TriStar Galactic Rangers.

  • Captain Rosetta "Haley" Halestar - The tough and strong squad leader who is the successor of her first squad leader years ago. She was the second-in-command at the time, leading her secondary squad to secondary mission and then helping her commander for primary mission. After her commander heroically sacrificed to save everyone in a remote village on Planet Sedna, Captain Haley became the new squad leader and continues his legacy. She's a partner of Captain Raz.
  • QTR-X75 - The strong android is Captain Haley's top lieutenant of the team. He was created by the Galactic Alliance for expedition on LV-237 where they believed that asteroid have some raw rare materials but it turns out it was a trap and then suddenly became self-awareness of fighting for justice when he rescued the expedition team from hostile creatures. After the incident, QTR-X75 became a member of the Sedna Squad for his unexpected action of his duty.
  • Grey Starmatter - The gentle Grey Alien is the telepathic psi-ops of the team. Hailed from his home planet far away from Earth, Grey Starmatter has the simple ability like communicate with telepathic mind in his native language and mind control but unlike his kind, he can translate other alien languages and has the ability to look into their minds of memories.
  • Speth Baroom - The Alien-like Lizard-Dog who was the honor guard of the royal imperial army from Planet Septh. He defended the innocents and the peaceful friendly royal family against the Outcasts during the peacekeeping mission and that led him into the Sedna Squad for his noble action of his never-ending good deeds. Aside of his heroic battle against evil, he loves poetry and books about peace and love which he's joyful character with great sense of humor but with honor of the golden heart.
  • Vengar - The ferocious Reptilian shock trooper from Planet Feral who is the one man army of the team. Vengar has fought and killed many Outcast warriors in the jungle during the first uprising before the Syndromes were involved, boiled his blood of hatred to Outcasts and their evil allies, the Badcast terrorists.
  • Nate Astrosquid - The Alien-like Squid who is the aqua-soldier of the team. Nate Astrosquid was a member of the Octonese Planetary Army, Special Forces branch, and been involved in several duties across the Aqua Galaxy. After his tour of duty, Nate was chosen to become a member of the Sedna Squad due to his brave action of saving his fellow colleagues while fighting the Astro-Aquatoid terrorists.
  • Ferix Reptilus - The Reptoid who is the professional spy and infiltrator of the team. Ferix was trained at the academy for espionage in Planet Reptil and he's been trained very well for over the years. After his training was complete, he entered the Reptilian Agency and carried out his successful spy missions, leaving without a trace. After his espionage work is done, he was enlisted into the Galactic Alliance and became a member of the Sedna Squad due to his impressive records. Beware of his impressive acting without a hitch and his cool gadgets and deadly psychic powers such as telepathic mind control and telekineses.
  • Brutus Dragoonstar - The Alien-like Dragonute who is the heavy weapons soldier of the team. He was the commander from Planet Drago and led his own squad to battle against the Syndrome Invaders. But after the bloody battle against the Syndromes, Brutus was military discharged by court marshall after his own squad was completely wiped out, later became as the expandable. After his mercenary work for months, Brutus was picked up by the Galactic Alliance and became as the member of the Sedna Squad.
  • Levi Timberwolf - The cool Beast Humanoid Alien who is the team's beast fighter. Levi was once a member of the Wildz gang after his parents were killed in a fatal accident at the spaceport. During his lively hood of a gang member, Levi discovered a sinister plot from both the Wildz gang and the Syndromes which he won't take part of it and turned on them as he foiled their evil and corrupt plan to attack the medical center. After his right decision of averting their evil terror attack, Levi was picked up by the Galactic Alliance and trained to become a Galactic Ranger as he learned his special ability of transforming into animals at his choosing and then became a member of the Sedna Squad.


  • Based on Solar System (with planets and dwarf planets).
  • Inspired from Alien Legion.
  • The Blue Wirlworms were modeled after the Creatures from Future Tactics: Uprising.
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