The Sanctuary of Evil

The Symbol of the Sanctuary of Evil

"Nos vero Sanctuarium Malum, habebit successores Nostros in tellus Eget Dracoangues"

(We, the Sanctuary of Evil, shall succeed in our needs to the Dark Dragonsnakes)

-The words from the Sanctuary of Evil

The Sanctuary of Evil is the umbrella Secret Society for evil, founded and formed by ten evil organizations (the Warlords; Black Arms; Vandalz; Kingpins; Imperial 69; Ultra Science; Syndrome Invaders; the Order of the Black Dragon; the Brotherhood of Chaos; and Cong-Flicters.) Their goal is world domination by creating Chaos, massacres, blackmailing, terrorisms, and smuggling with drugs and Weapons of Mass Destructions. They're major supporters of the Dark Alliance and W.O.L.F.

The Ten Sanctuary of EvilEdit

The WarlordsEdit

SoE 01 - The Warlords

Main Article: The Warlords

Led by General Fang Wolfgang, the Warlords are the most dangerous military psychotic group of the Evil Sanctuary. Their purpose is to create the militarization haven for terrorists around the world to boost their military domination to the world.

Black ArmsEdit

SoE 02 - Black Arms

Main Article: Black Arms

Led by Devlon Argasto, the Black Arms are the international arms dealers and themed with Mafiosi style. They sell weapons, drugs and highly dangerous WMDs to their highest bidders, from small local militia and gangs to dictatorship countries for the black markets. They can even hijack military prototypes and assassinate spies and anyone whose involved their secret deal.

The VandalzEdit

SoE 03 - Vandalz

Main Article: The Vandalz

Led by Tim Spiral (Also Known As "Kid Devil"), the Vandalz are the most dangerous criminal group in the world. They vandalizing, looting and destroying everything and killing everyone, including cops and National Guards, without mercy. They even do robbery with blood.

The KingpinsEdit

SoE 04 - Kingpins

Main Article: The Kingpins

Led by the Kingpin Leone Cornelius Cappelli, the Kingpins are the hi-tech evil organization and the evil version of 1%. They're biggest black marketeers of the Evil Sanctuary as they causes stock market crashes.

Imperial 69Edit

SoE 05 - Imperial 69

Main Article: Imperial 69

Led by the mystic imperialist cult leader, Emperor Shen-Yu, Imperial 69 is the dark mystic imperial cult from Asia and Middle East. They used the dark arts and black magics to boost their cult's influence.

Ultra ScienceEdit

SoE 06 - Ultra Science

Main Article: Ultra Science

Led by Professor John Kessler, the Ultra Science is the group of evil geniuses who want to dominate the world by using their doomsday device and dangerous experiments like mutants.

Syndrome InvadersEdit

SoE 07 - Syndrome Invaders

Main Article: Syndrome Invaders

Led by the Overlord and Emperor Zorgan, the Syndrome Invaders is the most evil group of alien conquerers, warlords and criminals that they're invading every planet of the galaxy. They're the most wanted by the Galactic Alliance.

The Order of the Black DragonEdit

SoE 08 - The Order of the Black Dragon

Main Article: The Order of the Black Dragon

Led by Sirus Malefor the Dark Dragonknight, the Order of the Black Dragon is the evil Secret Society of Antichthon that they're dedicating to the evil dragon named Tiamat.

The Brotherhood of ChaosEdit

SoE 09 - The Brotherhood of Chaos

Main Article: The Brotherhood of Chaos

Led by LeVay Eidolon, the Brotherhood of Chaos is the demonic cult, occult and supernatural evil Secret Society that they create Global Chaos with mass hysteria.


SoE 10 - Cong-Flicters

Main Article: Cong-Flicters

Led by the self-proclaimed Jurassic King, King Khrangistok, the Cong-Flicters are the most dangerous extremist group and mulit-national insurgence of the Secret World. They do also the old fashion ways like car-bombing, suicide attacks and radical attacks on governments.

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