The Hot Wheel Roadies is the North American Deadly Alliance, the Sci-Fi Deadly Alliance, and the Original Deadly Alliance as well the team member of the UN-GDI and the Freedom Front. From spiritual beings to hot transforming robot roadies, the Hot Wheel Roadies will clean up the streets of Los Angeles, from Beverly Hills to Hollywood to Downtown LA, from the evil Vandalz Gang led by the Big Bad Dragonsmoke.


The Early DaysEdit

It all began in the Prehistoric Antichthon, the magical spirits sprung out of the great rock after the meteorite struck onto the planet and roaming around nearby. It was a peaceful time amid the first Cataclysm until the hostile Alien-like Dinosoids came to pick up the great rock. Fortunately, they are impossible to capture the spirits and easily trick them until the hostile Dinosoids gave up and return to their planet.

The spirits roamed around the great rock for millions of years until the 20th century.

From Spirit Rocks to Robot RoadiesEdit

The great spiritual rock was excavated from the archaeology site few miles away from the American Antichthonian city, Motor City, and brought it to the museum for show of great display to public. From inside the rock, the spirits were curious to see the people that they are all attended to see their home in a display. Later at midnight, the museum is closed after a grand premiere of the event.

On the next day, all the spirits wanted to see outside from the rock but one spirit ordered them NOT to go out from the rock because there might be monsters out there and everyone has to follow his order but one spirit dared him and leaves the rock as flew out from the museum. After he flew out from the rock, one fiery spirit sees the amazing city skyline-like Los Angeles and wandered around the big city, looking up and looking down. Until that moment, he came across to the test site for automobile just outskirt of the city when he spotted the out-of-control hotrod car. With no one able to control the car by foot, the fiery spirit dives into a car and all the sudden, he's changed. Changed into a robotic car as he slipped down to the ground. With the car is fully in control, the fiery spirit is now a robot-like hotrod car and leaves the site before the security arrives.

His name is Firewheel.

Later, Firewheel is heading to the museum through downtown district by becoming a real car as his disguise. All seemed normal and well the people use to it until he was unknowingly pursued by the galactic criminal Dinosoid faction, the same faction whom want it the great rock for their evil purpose, and other evil Dinosoid factions like the Black Chaos Pterons and the Tekians. From main street to the highway, Firewheel speeds up a bit to get away from until backup has arrived; it's his spirit friends who are now just like him but in different cars, from race cars to monster truck. As the hot pursuit is about to an end, Firewheel and his friends were slowed down by the angry Dinosoid factions and caught them in red handed, surrounded and nowhere else to go. Then they were rescued by the Galactic Dinosaur Rangers as they are here to arrest the criminal faction for entering Antichthon, breaching the planet's border. After it has been settled, Firewheel thanked them for saving their life but the Galactic Dino Rangers will meet again someday and left the planet.

After their old problem is now definitively resolved, they returned to the museum but only to find the great rock has been destroyed as the museum was vandalized and the elder spirit died. Shocked and stunned, Firewheel and his friends have nowhere else to go until the member of the Freedom Front and a former spirit from the great rock came to them offered a better place: the old abandoned race track stadium.

Firewheel and his friends are now moved from the great rock to the race track where they live not far from the city and enjoyed their new home. They are now known as the Hot Wheel Roadies.

Roadies of JusticeEdit

Three years later, Firewheel and his friends were relaxing and training with their new power at the abandoned race track. But, they were getting bored, mostly Firewheel, in a quiet desert but sometimes boring is good when there's peace until they heard from the radio news that the reports just came in from the city when the Vandalz attacked the peaceful suburban city which that's pretty close from there. Left with no other choice, Firewheel must go to save the suburban city all by himself despite warnings from his fellow roadies. With his training, Firewheel will use his skills to bring justice on them.

At the suburban city, Firewheel spotted the group of Vandal gang members looting from the supermarket and he beat them then returned the goods to the good people and continues to save the city. District after district, he finally came across with the Vandalz Lieutenant, Rotten Tires, and fought him at the small park and defeated him until the leader of the gang showed and it's the Big Bad Dragonsmoke, one of the seven Gang Leaderz of the Vandalz and gets beaten by his big nemesis like a big mean bully. Even worse, he was the one who murdered elder spirit three years ago! As Firewheel is beating into a bloody pulp, his Aura was suddenly unlocked and he's fighting back with his combined power with his auto form and robot form and when he takes him down, his fellow roadies showed up and teamed up with Firewheel and defeated Big Bad Dragonsmoke and his goons and kicked them out from the suburban city.

After saving the city, they are hailed as heroes and Firewheel and his fellow roadies have felt that good as they use their incredible power to help and save the good people of Motor City and to fight crime and the evil Vandalz gangs. As they're heading back home, the roadies received the message from the Freedom Front and they are need it to fight the same gang in Motor City which means their road of the adventures has opened to them as it has begun of their lifetime.

In the meantime, the elder spirit is finally resting in peace.


On December 21st, 2012, Firewheel was at the garage when he was teleported by the Fallen Star and found himself in a Downtown District in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, and found himself in big highway chase when he spotted a getaway car and stopped the criminals from escaping the city. After the highway speed chase has abruptly ended, he was taken by the LAPD for questioning but thanking for stopping the bank robbers until he was picked up by the UN-GDI's predecessor, the Paranormal Division, and brought him to Germany. After the joint-operation in France, Firewheel is reunited with his fellow roadies and joined forces with their new allies to fight the evil alien invaders, the Monarchs.

After the Monarch's defeat, the Hot Wheel Roadies are now resided at the old pitstop race track in the Los Angeles County.

Team MembersEdit


The robotic fire Dragonkind is the leader of the Hot Wheel Roadies club. He's the cool- and hotheaded, thrill-seeker, joy rider and streetwise fighter, Firewheel fights the Vandalz and Big Bad Dragonsmoke's gang, even the angry hostile Dinosoid faction from Planet Sauria on and off the road wherever and whenever. He can transformed into the 1970's flaming Hot Rod car.


The robotic water Dragonkind is Firewheel's childhood friend. Coolmotor has been keeping his friend close whether he goes for adventures or do some crazy stuff. Now as the robotic roadie, Coolmotor fights together with Firewheel, Spring-Fairy and his fellow roadies against Big Bad Dragonsmoke and his gang. He can transformed into the 1980's street race car.


The robotic Dragonkind girl who transformed into a Buggy car. Spring-Fairy is the environmentalist who loves nature and keeping the Earth safe from pollutions and exploitations. After the great rock was excavated and brought it to the museum, Spring-Fairy was wandering around the flower garden near the museum until she spotted the old rusted buggy car that it needs to repair in the garage but instead, it was sent to the junkyard because it's too expensive to repair; that buggy car has flowers on its textile and she jumped into it before it turned into a polluted car then leaves the garage. Now a Roadie, Spring-Fairy will fight the injustice done by Big Bad Dragonsmoke and his gang.


The robotic Dinosoid-like Pterodactyl who can transformed into a Super-Bike. He's the pretty cool guy and he's the fastest Roadie of the team with his one wheel and turbo booster. Bike-O-Dactyl was wandering around the street and spotted the criminal's super bike while he's getting away from the cops. Bike-O-Dactyl intervened as he's stopping the criminal but inevitably touched the super-bike and use it against him. After stopping the criminal, leaving him behind to the police, Bike-O-Dactyl has now the control of this new form and ready to spin out to fight crime with his fellow Roadies. He loves hip hop music.


The robotic Dinosoid who can transforms into the ATV. He's a smooth character who had some groovy attitude and speaks southern valley accent. Following the excavation of the great rock and showcased in the museum, ATR wandered around the beachside and then inevitably touched the ATV at the parking lot near beach and then he noticed Firewheel as he saw it when he was pursued by angry Dinosoid factions so he rushed to save him until his fellow Roadies have arrived and their allies saved them. Now as a Roadie, ATR fights crime with his fellow Roadies against Big Bad Dragonsmoke and his gang.


The blue-red robotic Dragonkind who can transforms into a Gran Tourismo sport car. After the great rock is being excavated from archeological site and brought it to the museum, Tourismo-Drago wandered around the GT race track where he saw the fastest car in the world. Tourismo-Drago was going to check it out until he unintentionally touched it and he became as a GT sport car but luckily left the track before something awkwardly happens until he saw Firewheel's escape from angry Dinosoid factions and raced to back him up until their allies have arrived and rescued them from angry factions. Now a bonafide Roadie, Tourismo-Drago races with his fellow Roadies as he joined to fight crime from the evil Big Bad Dragonsmoke and his gang. His friends called him "GTD" due his appearance.

F-Dragon 1Edit

The red-white robotic Dragonkind who can transforms into a Formula 1 Car. After the great rock was excavated and brought it to the museum, F-Dragon 1 wandered the big city until he saw an interesting vehicle on the way, a Formula 1 racing car and it's about to be shown to the exclusive party for the big race. He was about to take peek on this fancy car he saw but then suddenly he touched it and became a F-1 racing car and then he drove off from the truck and left the streets before someone sees it; That is until when he saw Firewheel is in deep trouble with angry Dinosoid factions and raced to save him and then his fellow Roadies followed them and came to back Firewheel up until his allies have arrived and stopped angry Dinosoid factions. Now an F-1 Roadie, F-Dragon 1 joined the race against crime of Big Bad Dragonsmoke and his gang. His friends called him "FD-1" due to his appearance.


The rainbow robotic Dragonkind who can transformed into a hippie model of Volkswagen Bandwagon. Hipdrake is a pacifist but he has a lot of non-violent spells like turning real guns into water guns and bullets turned into flowers. Following the excavation of the great rock and brought it to the museum, Hipdrake flew out from the great rock in order to find more peaceful place despite a strict order from the elder spirit until he heard a peaceful music came from the Woodstock-alike concert and watched it until the concert is over. After the concert, Hipdrake spotted the Volkswagen Bandwagon and touched it as he became that vehicle which he was attracted by flowers and a rainbow. Then, he saw Firewheel is in serious trouble when he was pursued by angry Dinosoid factions while Hipdrake was on his way back to the museum, leaving him no choice but to help him with non-violent solution until his friends and allies have arrived to stop those Dinosoid criminals. Now as a hippie roadie, Hipdrake will join the cause for justice on Big Bad Dragonsmoke and his evil gang. He loves anti-war music and songs and vintages like the Beatles.

Velocitor RaptorEdit

The robotic Dinosoid-like Velociraptor who can transformed into a Dirt-Bike. Velocitor Raptor or his friends called him "VR" likes to brag about his ego and attitudes but nobody's buying it because he's a bit of show-off. Following the great rock was excavated from the site and brought it to the museum, VR leaves the great rock to wander the big city until he went to the stadium where the X-Games was taken place. After the motor-cross show is over, VR touched the dirt-bike to try it out but instead he causes some trouble when he lost control but he managed to escape from the public anyway. Then, while he's controlling his wheel and finally got under his control, VR spotted Firewheel when he was in deep trouble with angry Dinosoid factions and raced to back him up in full speed until his friends and allies have arrived to stop these Dinosoid criminals. Now a roadie, VR joins the big fight on crime against Big Bad Dragonsmoke and his evil gang. He loves rap and rock music.


The robotic battle Dragonkind who can transformed into the Demolition Derby Car. Demolition-Drakar or DD (or Double-D by his friends) who loves to smash bad guys' cars and barricaded roads to clear the way and has the ability to repair himself by picking up some scraps. Following the great rock was excavated and brought it to the museum, DD was wondering around the scrapyard until he found a strong car which it was turned out to be a demolition car and touched it as he became that vehicle but he has to fix it up on his claws. After he fixed himself up, DD spotted Firewheel when he was pursued by angry Dinosoid factions and rushed to help him as he crashed and smashed his way on the highway until his friends showed up and their allies rescued them to stop those Dinosoid criminals. Now a demolition roadie, DD will smash crimes against Big Bad Dragonsmoke and his evil gang.


The robotic Dinosoid-like Triceratops who can transformed into an Off-Roader Truck. During the excavation of the great rock, Off-Roader-Tops slipped out from the great rock and landed underneath the off-roader truck and then touched it when the pickup truck loaded with the great rock left the site and he follows them to Motor City Museum where it'll be showcased to the public. After the showcase, Off-Roader-Tops was about to meet up with them but he's unable to let go because he touched it and there's no going back. Until the next day, Off-Roader-Tops followed Firewheel while in his disguise form and then pursued angry Dinosoid factions when they found him and helped Firewheel as they're escaping together with their fellow Roadies until they were rescued by their allies and stopped those Dinosoid criminals. Now the Off-Roadie, he joined the race against the crime as they fight Big Bad Dragonsmoke and his gang.

Monster-Truck-a-saurus RexEdit

The robotic Dinosoid-like Tyrannosaurus Rex who can transformed into the Monster Truck. Monster-Truck-a-saurus Rex is the big bad ass roadie of the team who smashed the bad guys and crushed the blockades standing in his way, even he'll burn the enemies with his incredible fire-breathing power. Following the excavation of the great rock and displayed at the museum for one night exclusive, Monster-Truck-a-saurus Rex wandered the big city until he saw a monster truck show at the arena where he touched the old monster truck and join the show in his disguise. After the show is over, he saw Firewheel when he was in serious trouble with angry Dinosoid factions and raced to save him at the highway, crushing every bad guys out from the road until his friends have arrived to back them up and their allies came to rescue them and stopped the evil Dinosoid criminals. Now a monster truck roadie, Monster-Truck-a-saurus Rex will fight crime in the streets and off the road against Big Bad Dragonsmoke and his evil gang. His nickname as "MT-Rex" because it's a easy name to remember which his name is so long.


  • Modeled after sport cars, racing cars, and monster truck.
  • The team's name is named after Hasbro's Hot Wheels.
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