Rapu Nuio Chiliana is the South American Deadly Alliance and the Native Deadly Alliance as well the team member of the UN-GDI and the Freedom Front. The pack of Lizardfolk islanders are the defenders of the mystical island where the mysterious big head statues are built there and valuable treasures hidden somewhere deep under.


Genu Guri was a member of the mystical tribe who are one of the builder tribes created mysterious big head statues, giving them a mystical power and provided protection from the Black Lagoon Lizards. Like many of his fellow tribesmen, Genu Guri is also a warrior, defending his ancestors' sacred place.

When the statues are build, the civil tension between tribes were overheard by rumors who is the better builder and Genu Guri and the others like him from each tribe went to investigate. Lucky for them when they discovered that it was the Black Lagoon Lizard tribe, their evil plan was failed due to their lack of craftsmanship and creativity so instead they went to war with the builder tribes. Genu Guri and the others went to warn the tribes but they already knew; their statues they've built see and hear all.

The war between the united tribe and the Black Lagoon Lizard tribe will become a one-sided battle in one day for the rights of the island's secret. Genu Guri and the others were about to face the hundred warriors from the Black Lagoon Lizards in the field at the center of the island. They though it was going to be hard as they worried about their statues' powers will work or not but they will know that it will be always on their side. Then the battle has begun as they fought and defeated the first wave of the Black Lagoon Lizards and then they were about to face the demons summoned their evil black Chaotic magic as the battle became difficult to them but as for Genu Guri and the others, they have faith from the gods as they battled the summoned demons until the statues gave the greatest secret to Genu Guri and his allies: their Aura was unlocked as he slew the summoned demon king and banished them to the abyss. As the demons were vanquished, the heroes fought and finished the Black Lagoon Lizards and then Genu Guri defeated the tribal leader of the Black Lagoon Lizards in a single combat. The shortest war has ended and the Black Lagoon Lizards are banished from the island forever and Genu Guri and his fellow islanders were hailed as heroes.

Months have passed and the mystic island became peaceful as ever until the meteor was struck at the sacred temple beneath the island and it causes the statues brought to life with reggae music and there was no way to settle it down until Buck of the Jamaica Mojo Jumbos and his allies have the island and helped them to save the island from getting a headache by crazy reggae music popping out by removing the meteor that it turns out that it was Mojomium from the temple. But not before they fought the Black Lagoon Lizards and their boss, Nasty Drazil, first as they're defending the Mojomium from them until the Black Lagoon Lizards were being teleported back to their island just before they could finish them off. With them banished again, the island has been restored order and their allies were teleported back to their home island just before they could say thanks and goodbyes but they will meet again someday until now.

In the 21st century, Genu Guri and his team have joined the UN-GDI after the Monarch invaders are defeated.

Team MembersEdit

Genu Guri (Gregory)Edit

The native Lizardfolk islander is the leader of the team. He's the defender of the island which he's also a member of the mystical tribe who are one of the builder tribes built the mysterious big head statues. He keeps the invaders like Aviaks and the Black Lagoon Lizards off from it's shore as well within their home island, fighting demons.

Chi Lio (Chillo)Edit

The native Lizardfolk islander spearman is the second-in-command of the team. Chi Lio is the descendant of the builder who built the mystical statue that it watches the island and spot any intruders coming from the seas. Chi Lio is also a guardsman when he heard a rumor about the tension between the tribes with an ill-attempt to create civil war and went to investigate until he met Genu Guri at night. After the shortest battle, Chi Lio joined Genu Guri's team to defend their home island from the evil Aviaks and the Black Lagoon Lizards.

Kima Rina (Kimira)Edit

The female Lizardfolk islander is the healer of the team. Kima Rina is the descendent of the builder who built the statues that it can meditates and heals all the wounded and sick villagers with medicines and healing magic which she has learned that spell and other defensive magics. After the rumor is debunked and the shortest battle, Kima Rina joined Genu Guri's team to help anyone she can.

Delo Lilo (Dello)Edit

The Lizardfolk-like Chameleon is the infiltrator of the team. Delo Lilo is the skilled scout who monitored the Black Lagoon Lizards every time when they're trespassing or attempting to vandalize their statues with his invisibility for short time. When he heard a rumor about the tensions between the tribes; Delo Lilo went to investigate at nightfall until he got stumbled by Genu Guri and his allies and discovered the rumor it was the Black Lagoon Lizards were behind all this but thankfully, their evil plan has failed by themselves. After the shortest battle, Delo Lilo joined Genu Guri's team.

Chui Koku (Chucko)Edit

The Lizardfolk-like Chilean Lizard is the tracker of the team. Chui Koku is also the expert of identifying strange artifacts, buildings, and valuable treasures like he went to the lost temples all by himself which he is the adventurer. When he heard the rumor about tensions between the tribes, Chui Koku went to find out what was going on until he came across with Genu Guri and his allies and learned that the Black Lagoon Lizards have failed to attempt to create the civil war. After the shortest battle, Chui Koku joined Genu Guri's team for his expertise.

Kohu Horu (Koho)Edit

The Lizardfolk-like Iguana is strongest warrior of the team. He's one of the builders who built the biggest statue on the island, fearing all of their enemies with their might and morality. Along with his enormous strength and fighting spirit with the golden heart, he can fix anything with his bare hands. After the shortened battle, Kohu Horu joined Genu Guri's team to fight foes like Aviaks and the Black Lagoon Lizards to defend the island.

Keho Hoki (Keho)Edit

The Serpentfolk islander is the Archer class of the team. The skilled bowman who defended the statue from the Aviaks which it given the ability to see the enemies on far sight and shoot them down in a long range with clear view. At one night, Keho Hoki spotted the pack of the Black Lagoon Lizards in a far distance where they've failed to attempt to vandalize the statues and replace one another with their ill-crafted handy works. After the shortest war, Keho Hoki joined Genu Guri's team as he became the eyes and ears of the team.


  • Themed with Easter Island cultures.
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