The Pharaoh's Guardian is the Ancient Deadly Alliance and the Egyptian Deadly Alliance as well the team member of the UN-GDI & the Temple of the Ancients. Two heroes in one united team of demigods to fight the ultimate evil such as the dark forces from Apep and the mysterious invaders from Aten Army. This team is based-themed with the ancient gods of Ancient Egypt.


The Journey begins...

In the ancient times of Ægyptus, a war has broken out when tension has turned from civil war into Great War. During the time of war, Heliosphinx was chosen by the Gods of Aegyptus and was send into the desert of Uruk to find and recover the Blade and Shield of Osiris at the ancient temple, guarded by soldiers of Urukian and the Eye of Uruk itself from the palace. Along the way, he passed the obstacles that he faced for testing his skills and basic magic and arrived at the temple. On the temple, he stands alone between them and the only way to get in the temple is to sneak pass the guards. While inside the temple, he recovered the Blade and Shield of Osiris so easy, but not just he passed few traps, he is the chosen one by the prophecy (although he didn't know of.) As soon he recovered the ancient weapons, he fought the guardian to pass his final test and then he fought his way out of the palace, killing all the soldiers in his way in and out of the temple. As he was about to escape, the Eye of Uruk blast him away and fell off from the cliff into a mysterious temple with a portal after he got hit by the ray. After the fall, he survived and discovered the unused portal with the amulet on the corpse's hand. He entered the portal alone to his unknown destination.

...and Destiny awaits

Meanwhile, there's another story that it will collide soon. In Luxor, a young prince named Tutankhamen is having a birthday party at his palace. He has a normal but great life to become the next pharaoh of Ægyptus. While finding his loved one, Nefertiti, his father, the current pharaoh of Ægyptus named Akhenaten, has a surprise for him but Tutankhamen must wait until he spoke with Nefertiti. Before he talked to his loved one, he found a note from his advisor while on the way before entering the courtyard. At the courtyard, he spoke with Nefertiti and was convinced that there was conspiracy going on, plotting against him during his birthday. To uncover the conspiracy, he must find out alone throughout the palace. While looking through the secret passages, he picked up a strange artifact and gauntlet on the altar then returned to the surface of the palace. Upon his return to his room, he was surprised that he got stumbled to his father's room and everything has come to close of suspicious: Akhenaten has a surprise for him and his advisor has become the suspicious one. But he will find out who is the conspirator later and head to the throne room. While on the way to the throne room, something has happened at the treasure room and all his family treasures are gone except the sarcophagus, leading to the secret passage of unknown thieves. His guards was about to stop him but he entered the sarcophagus and tracking him down alone. But then suddenly, after he tracked down the thief, he was murdered by true but unknown mastermind.

Two heroes' first meet

Following of his death, Heliosphinx has stumbled at the dungeon of Luxor palace and finds his way out of the dungeon. When reached from the dungeon to the balcony of the altar, a funeral ceremony has begun and he saw the mummified Tutankhamen, lying on his sarcophagus before sealing his fate. However, Heliosphinx sensed something suspicious down there and there was an evil presence on the work; they're going to sacrifice to his Sun God, Aten, without knowing. Heliosphinx disrupted the ceremony by break the sun panel then revealed himself to Akhenaten. Then all Hell broke loose as Akhenaten's advisor suddenly summoned the demons of the Underworld and they escaped through the portal but Akhenaten didn't grabbed his son as Heliosphinx saved Tutankhamen until he woke up. As he regains his life back, he slays the demon in one blow with his gauntlet blade that he found it at the underground palace. The two are united to fight the demons for their stand until the two warriors of Horus and Anubis, Heruthep and Nekro, join forces with two young heroes and kill all remaining demons. But one demon has slipped away and grabbed Nefertiti then threatening them to surrender the Blade and Shield of Osiris but Heliosphinx refused to surrender the weapon and Tutankhamen rushes to rescue her but it was too late, the demon killed his loved one and the Prince went mad with grief and rage. After the battle is over, the war has begun when Luxor is invaded by the army of Seth. They retreated to Heliopolis where they can be saved from the onslaught.

Looking for answers

When they have arrived at the Temple of Heliopolis, they've learned from their masters when they explained why and how the war has begun: it was because the Sacred Crowns of Ægyptus were stolen and the Gods of Ennead did not responded to others when Akhenaten replaced them with his one Sun God, Aten. In order to recover the sacred crowns and stop the war, they must go to Abydos and find warriors to recruit but Tutankhamen must remain in the temple and finding a way back to human again but it take time for finding the solution.

At Abydos, meanwhile, Heliosphinx and his two fellow companions witnessed the city museum is closed and the square is less populate than ever; this once great city has become the depressed city of Ægyptus because the treasures and jewels were stolen by thieves few days ago. However, they need more help than they can get; they returned to the Temple of Heliopolis and gathered all of the chosen ones. There, they met Baseta, a warrior dancer of Bastet; Sodek, the charming archer of Nile; Tethruphak, a magician from Hermopolis; Ramuthep, the mighty warrior of Amun; Sekethria, the deadly warrior with her bloody claws; Kheprithak and Serkethep, the two Insectoid warriors of Khepri and Serket; Bes-Ket, a cunning but mischief thief; Khemuthep, a magician of Khemun; Khonsuthep, a travelling warrior of Khonsupolis; Monthuthep, a valiant warrior from Monthupolis and Typhoon, the assassin of the former Set Army. But when the trouble starts when Typhoon, Baseta and Sekethria is being chased by the corrupt authority for their crime and murder, the fight has begun. During the fight, they managed to escape from troubled tavern, rush to the docks, steal the enemy boat and head to the City of Anubis, Cynopolis.

Meanwhile, Tutankhamen has another mission for the Temple at Luxor to avenge Nefertiti's death. He was sent into his father's palace by nightfall to find out what was going on since his death. He woke up in his sarcophagus at the treasure room and sneak through the main hall where the ruthless warlord and his men replaced the statues of Ægyptian Gods by the Sun God Aten. Somehow, he familiarized of his father's work but he doesn't know who they are but he will find out soon enough once he found out about their plans. When he reached his father's chamber without been detected by the guards, he discovered the plan that his home was invaded by Apep the God of Evil and his army, it was revealed as the coup to overthrow his family. Not only he discovered the plan, but he recovered the stolen jewel from the museum and ancient relic that it was stolen few years ago. Then he returned to sarcophagus and teleported back to Heliopolis with enemy's plan and stolen artifacts.

In Cynopolis, Heliosphinx and his fellow companions are arrived and they seek answers from Nekro's master and Grand Master of Anubi Embalmer at the temple. In order to get answers from Nekro's master, they must eliminate the barbarians' presence near the city limits. There, they eliminated the barbarians and met Gebu, Shunothep and Nufutina during the battle. The trio joined their group and return to the temple. The answers was revealed to them as Nekro's master explained about why the sacred crowns are so important to stop the war and bringing Ra back to restore order and peace to this land once more but the only problem is that Aten is in the way; only Tutankhamen can get Aten out of the way if he discovered the truth. Their first task in their hand is to get the crown from Abydos King by clearing out the army of Set from entering the city. After convincing enough to the city guards' trust while in battle, they were brought into the Abydos King's palace for reward, but the king was ill and he needs the medicine and antidote from the medic but all what they need is the recipe for the antidote from Nekheb, the City of Nekhbi and only Tutankhamen can find it.

Tutenkhamen's Quest

Tutankhamen was sent into dark city of Nekheb to find the recipe and second stolen jewel from the museum, if he can find one. There, inside the laboratory, he must find the antidote for the Abydos King at the infirmary. When he picked up the recipe, he hears a voice of Osiris and he was tasked to free one prisoner with the help of Wadinja, a magician from Per-Wadjet so they can recover the stolen jewel. So he rushes to the prison and found Wadinja as she fought the prison guards and freed his old magician friend and master, Nekrobet. After freeing him, they fought their way to the warden's room, where the second stolen jewel is kept there, and defeated the warden and his elite warriors. After they recovered second stolen jewel, they discovered the second plan to extradite the slaves into unknown location and bizarre creation for their personal army. Tutankhamen took the plans and handed over the recipe to two magicians as they are teleported to safety before the soldiers arrived.

Back to Abydos, Heliosphinx and others are expected of the arrival of Nekrobet and Wadinja and they brought it the recipe for the antidote. After they waited for 5 minutes, they received the medicine and antidote then rush to the palace and saved the king. Soon before they were rewarded the sacred crown, his two advisors snatched the crown and revealed themselves as true conspirators. They followed to the underground sewer and caught them up the cult's hideout as they discovered the truth about Luxor: someone is replacing all the gods into one Sun God of Atenism while the cult group is bringing Apep back into chaos. Heliosphinx and heroes defeated the cult group and destroyed the unholy statue of Apep. So ends the problem of Abydos and reclaimed the sacred crown.

They returned to Heliopolis temple with success, they must find all the crowns from each city that they must bring Ra back into this world. Each city that they went into war: Horus, Anubis, Bastet, Sobek, Khamun, Thoth, Ptah, Set, Nekhbet and Ra. Osiris is from Abydos. They must go in separate ways in form of a team. Heliosphinx goes with Tutankhamen, Heruthep and Nekro to Hierakonpolis and Cynopolis; Baseta and Sekethria are going to her hometown of Bastet, Bubastis; Sodek, Heqetina, Gebu, Shunothep and Nufutina are going to Crocodilopolis; Khemuthep, Ramuthep and Bes-Ket are going to Elephantine; Tethruphak, Nekrobet and Wadinja are going to the city of Hermopolis; Kheprithak and Serkethep are going to Memphis; Typhoon is going alone to Tanis, the City of Set and Nekheb, the City of Nekhbet and Khonsuthep and Monthuthep are going to find the Ancient City of Ra.

The Sacred Crowns of Aegyptus

On Heliosphinx and his fellow companions' side, they head first Cynopolis and asks the Grand Master Embalmer for receiving the crown but the crown was stolen by Apep's cult and hired army of mercenaries. However, there was a tension between the City of Horus and the City of Anubis and it's closing into war between them. When they found that the mercenaries were unmasked as the army of Heru, they heard the voice of Orisis as he explains to them that they were both deceived by one true mastermind, working together with Apep and causing chaos. So Heruthep and Heliosphinx are going to his home city of Hierakonopolis while Nekro and Tutankhamen remain in Cynopolis to find the hard evidence to convince the Cynopolis King to make a treaty and truce. In Hierkanopolis, they entered the city and they were warm welcomed by Heruthep's people then brought them to King's throne room and was given a task to eliminate the Anubi camp at the valley by nightfall. This is their chance to show the proof that the Army of Anubis is not involved. At nightfall, they infiltrated the true enemy's camp, disguised as Anubi Army camp at the valley and discovered another cult temple for Apep, praying inside the cave, and prisoners of war from both sides. There they met Nekro and Tutankhamen once again and they have the same task as well to proof Cynopolis innocence. They infiltrated the cave and saw two crowns on the altar, where they're worshipping the evil god. In order to stop them, they must kill all of enemy warriors at the camp and free all prisoners then arming them with weapons and armors they lost. Then, they attacked Apep's worshippers and killing them who standing their way. The cult leader is attempting to escape from them but Tutankhamen stopped and decapitates him then grabbed the third jewel for the museum and two crowns of two gods. Once they've destroyed the temple, the two kings and their own army has arrived. Before they are about to start a war, the four heroes approached them and show the head of Apep's cult. They were convinced and believed that they were both deceived by Apep. Now the children of Horus and Anubis has finally put their tension aside and united to fight the true evil of Apep and the Kings granted their sacred crowns to Heliosphinx and Tutankhamen while Heruthep and Nekro were honored by Hierakonpolis' Battle Sage and Cynopolis' Embalmer (Nekro's master) then they returned to Heliopolis.

Meanwhile at Baseta's home, Bubastis, she and Sekethria are wandering around the city to find Apep's cult until they found someone: a greedy nobleman with his pair of female warriors and his son. This is what they are looking for: he has bought the Sacred Crown of Bastet from the palace because the King and Queen made new crowns for themselves. Not only they found the Sacred Crown of the Gods, Sekethria saw a tattoo on the nobleman's neck and so they follow them. When they followed greedy nobleman and his son, they found their place which is heavily guarded by his male muscled guards but Baseta has a plan and her companion agreed with her. So at night, Sekethria is at the tavern where the nobleman's son is heading there while Baseta seduced the guards to let her in by her charm. While she's inside, she has to take out her "competitors" at the dressing room. Baseta kills her competitors with her sharp nails on her claws and feet in cold blood then she cleaned herself up and heading to nobleman's room for a lap dance. Meanwhile at the tavern, Sekethria is drinking wine-like blood, calmly waiting for nobleman's son until he's finished with women dancing and get drunk. When he reached Sekethria, he watched her beauty face as she simply smirked, a devilish but sexy smile then she stabbed him silently, killing him as assassination and forced him to walk out the tavern, leaving him dying with bleeding. So then, the trouble starts at the tavern. Back at the nobleman's house, Baseta danced for him of his pleasure then suddenly, threatening him and forced him to interrogate. She was convince when the nobleman explains that he's secretly a salesman, worked for Apep's cult and the mysterious Aten Army and stole the Sacred Crown of Bastet from the treasure room by tricking them and the fourth jewel from the museum. After she gained the information, she killed him and took the stolen jewel and crown then escapes from nobleman's house through the window before the guards arrived, leaving a note. As she jumped out from the window, she bumped accidentally the Demigoddess of Hathor named Hathratiti and Baseta helped her. What she doesn't know is that Hathratiti was sent from Heliopolis to provide them to escape the city and they go get Sekethria at the tavern before the nobleman's soldiers arrived. But, right on time when the bar fight is over, Sekethria survived without a scratch and they must flee the city from the greedy nobleman's soldiers. With the help of Hathor, they disguise as peaceful Camp-Followers in cloaks and walked out of the city without violence in the street as they're heading back to Heliopolis.

At near Crocodilopolis, a land of great jungle and the City of Sobek, Sodek and his fellow companions walking through the swamps of the Nile which is favorite hotspot for him; but not for them. As they reached the city walls of Crocodilopolis, they encountered Hapi's warrior named Hapyron the spearman from Akaria and he was been pursued by Sebeki warriors then he was caught for trespassing. They were taken to their palace and warm welcomed by the King; however, Sodek is unlike to any of his kinsmen. They were given a task to take any trespassers in the city walls with the help of Hapyron. Their true task, however, is to uncover the conspiracy plot about the war between Crocodilopolis and Akaria, the City of Hapi and the underwater kingdom of the Nile. On the jungles of the Nile, they found the enemy camp and discovered the meeting between the barbarians and the soldiers of Akaria. Then, Sodek and his companions fought them and interrogated one of the survivors from Akaria. It was revealed when they learned about their plan of intention; they must unmask the conspirators before Crocodilopolis accusing Akaria for stealing the Sacred Crown of Sobek and stopping the Agents of Apep. They're all agreeing with their task and travel to Akaria, guided by Hapyron. And they are arrived Akaria through the cave entrance and swim underwater. As they entered the City of Hapi, Hapyron explains why they were accused of stealing and it was because of their King is not what he used to be, he has become cruel and corrupted king and refused to make peace with the surface dwellers. In order to convince the King to surrender, they are going to the Akarian Palace to infiltrate. They entered the dungeon and finds themselves that the real King was imprisoned by the imposter King and his Agents of Apep and he has taken over Akaria. They freed the real king and his loyal army, battled their way to the throne room and encountered the false King of Akaria at the balcony, where all the army and people are gathered. Sodek and the others must hold them off from the real King while Hapyron must defend his true King while battling the imposter. When his true King is badly injured, Hapyron fights the false King, interfering, and challenged him to death. He slays the false King in public and pushed his corpse off from the balcony, revealing the tattoo on his neck, shocking and believing that it was the false King. As the Agents of Apep surrendered, the public and the army cheering and chanting Hapyron's name as a hero and savior of their true King. Soon after they arrested the remaining Agents of Apep and destroyed the statue of Apep, they were given a task to send a message to Crocodilopolis for apology and handing over the crown to their King. They returned to the surface of Crocodilopolis through safe passage by the portal they granted and Sodek gives the crown and message to Crocodilopolis King and he was very convinced, he was been fooled by the false King of Akaria as the servant of Apep. Now Crocodilopolis and Akaria are at peace and joined forces to fight Apep and the heroes were rewarded with the Sacred Crown of Sodek and the fifth jewel they have recovered from the barbarians' hand then they're leaving to Heliopolis.

At Khemuthep's home, Elephantine, he and Ramuthep are he heading to arena while Bes-Ket is haggling the prices and stealing golds from the mercenaries. Whey heard the news about the grand prize of the tournament is the Sacred Crown of Khmun and Amun, Ramuthep is going to enter the tournament to win two sacred crowns for bringing Ra to this world and stopping Apep from spreading chaos. At the tournament arena, they met Ureanos and his fellow companions of rebellious fighters, the Powerslaves. They have won only won for the prize money and met Heliosphinx and Tutankhamen before the tournament starts. As the Powerslave left the City of Khmun, they met them again and gladly to join them for support if it's necessary to keep eye out for Agents of Apep. The next day, the tournament has started and Ramuthep must compete any opponents in his way while Khemuthep will be his retainer and healer while Bes-Ket is looking around the spectators and see if the Agents of Apep is there or not with his help of Heliosphinx and Tutankhamen. Ramuthep's first match was easy but he wants more matches to fight. Matches after matches, his fans went wild and he's ready about to face his next opponent, the ten champions of the arena in a last standing warrior. After a great tense of hard battle, Ramuthep stands tall and win but he has to face one more opponent: the Great Champion of Arena. Ramuthep remembers his childhood back at Thebes when his father is killed the insane champion, beheaded and banned by the officials; this is what is he waited to avenge his father's death. Somehow, he's got weakened by the spell and someone is chanting the spell in whisper. Bes-Ket spotted the hooded whisperers and snatched their golds, disrupting their spell and exposed them in public as the Forbidden Children of Apep, the Apepi. Heliosphinx and Tutankhamen captured the Apepi while Ramuthep was restored and saved by Khemuthep's healing spell so he can finish his opponent once and for all by decapitate his head. As he opponent's mask removed, it was revealed that it was his father's former partner and rival and it has a tattoo of Apep. Now he knows why did he joined Apep's evil cult many years ago. The tournament is over and they have acquired the Sacred Crowns of Khmun and Amun and taking the Apepi warriors for interrogation. Ramuthep has finally avenged his father's death and honored him so his soul can finally rest in peace.

In Hermopolis, civil unrest has broken out at the grand library every day. Many of the rebel fighters tried to burn the scribes written by one famous Tethru Scriber and records. Many have tried and many have failed and prevented by hundreds of Tethru soldiers. Upon the arrival of Tethruphak, Nekrobet and Wadinja after the unrest, they investigated the Grand Library of Hermopolis and discovered that one of the scrolls is missing then later spotted by Tethru guards and the owner of Grand Library. Tethruphak remembers her as his teacher and they were given a task to find and retrieve the stolen scrolls from the rebel group by midnight before the next riot on their precious library. As they looking around the city to find any suspicious activity on the rebels, the people of Hermopolis are staring at Nekrobet because he's unlikely the necromancer and trickster. But despite that he's from the dark city of Nekheb, he's a friendly and kind-hearted Nekheru and he's the only. When they found the hooded rebels, spotted at the market, they follow them through the alleyway and discovered their hideout, heavily guarded with the password. But thanks to Wadinja's Spell of Disguise as one of the rebels and entered the hideout with the password granted. When they are inside, there is no one but the doorway on the floor under the carpet, leading to the underground sewer and, eventually, the cult's hideout. However, it was not the cult of Apep from behind time, it was the jealous Tethru Scriber who was banned from the library years ago and now he led the hired nomad Tethru warriors as angry mob, not the rebels. Tethruphak and his companions interrupted his speech of vengeance and convinced him to surrender but it failed and the only Hard Way is to fighting them, swords against sorcery. Tethruphak can only to disarming them while Nekrobet scares them off. The jealous Scriber had enough and challenged Tethruphak alone to death. Tethruphak used the correct spells to counterattack while his opponent used all of his magic to kill but it doesn't work; he overused his magic power stop him. When corrupted Scriber was about to kill him, Tethruphak delivers the final blow on his enemy and knocked him out. After a magic battle, they restrained the mob with the help of Wadinja's magic and recovered the scrolls and the sixth stolen jewel then they takes the rouge Scriber to the surface as well the other prisoners. On the surface, they brought them to the courthouse and gave the scrolls to the famous Scriber. Then, they granted the reward of their good deeds by accepting the gift: the Sacred Crown of Thoth and the Staff of Hermopolis. Now the unrest ended as the rouge Scriber and his henchmen are sent into prison and the heroes are heading back to Heliopolis for their success.

In Memphis, Kheprithak and Serkethep are helping the To-Tamens, the Children of Ptah, for the upcoming battle against the Forbidden Children of Apep. However, they need it more materials for their greatest war machine-like statue, size-like titan, and the two heroes are agreed to help them. But they are going to need their guide, Ptah-Tokhamen the greatest craftsman in Memphis. Onto the troubled mines where the materials are needed, Ptah-Tokhamen led them to safe passage and find out what was happened to the mines and why it has been delayed. As they're investigating the mines, they found a survivor and listen to his story before he died. It was Apep's saboteurs who are the responsible for disrupting the mining and released the untamed giant creature, running amok in the caves. Now they must find and stop them and tamed the giant creature in the cave. Deep in the cave, they found Apep's warriors, controlling the untamed the giant scorpion and beetle to restrain them and stealing the resources. To stop the warriors of Apep from escaping with stolen resources, Kheprithak and Serkethep take control of both giant scorpion and giant beetle; crushing all the warriors of Apep and stopping them from escaping the cave to the surface but Ptah-Tokhamen stopped them first and used his Earth power to crush his enemies. After he crushed Apep's warriors, they brought their resources to To-Tamen with the help of tamed creatures as their transportation. As they are arrived in Memphis and gave the materials to them, the Army of Ptah is ready to join forces against Apep. First, they need the Sacred Crown of Ptah to summon Ra but, luckily for them, Ptah-Tokhamen created the real one while the King wears the normal crown. Their task is complete and they head back to Heliopolis.

Typhoon works alone in the City of Nekhbet and slaugthered hundreds of thousand Nekheru warriors and witches, single-handed with his twin sword, daggers and bow and arrow from barracks to the dark, abandoned palace, he took the stolen Sacred Crowns of Nekhbet and Wadjet and the seventh and final jewel from the tormentor. Then he killed the tormentor and left the city in ruins. Next stop is his former home, Tanis, the City of Set. There he met Nepeseru, the Demigoddess of Death, and they agreed each other of how to get the Sacred Crown of Set from the palace by assassinate all of King's officials, including his former commander that he served him long time ago. This is the exact revenge for abandoning him since the war when Osiris murdered. Nepeseru guided to the shadows of the alleyway to the former commander of his because he want him dead first. There he seeks revenge for his abandonment and kills all of his finest warriors, guarding the general's room. Before he was about to kill him, he learned that he and his conspirators are plotting to assassinate the King, framing him up as the assassin. Instead of killing his former commander, he spared him and keeping him alive for future reference. He goes to infiltrate the palace at night and overwatch the King from the courtyard to the throne room, looking for any suspicious activity on one of the officials. From shadows to shadows on his side, he followed one of the officials, leading to the dungeons where the secret meeting is taking place by Apep's cult. Hearing from the meeting, he learned their assassination plan is taken place at the parade, where the Army of Set marching for their preparation for war. Typhoon must stop them before the conspirators carried out the assassination. At the parade, Typhoon and Nepeseru must protect the king from the assassins and convince him to join the war against Apep. First, he must take out his targets by setting a trap before marching out then taking out the right targets with his senses and the help of Nepeseru's ability. There at the palace, she poisoned the corrupt officials' drinks and he killed the corrupted commander's warriors silently with his daggers. When he sensed the presence of his former commander at the balcony, he rushes to the balcony, just before his main target assassinate the King. As he reached the balcony, he unmasked the King's assassin and triggered Typhoon's former commander's troops that killing them by their armor, disrupting the marching parade to a halt. Foiling his evil scheme, Typhoon battled his former commander and killed his nemesis, once and for all. So ends the assassination plot of Apep's evil followers. After the parade, Typhoon's name was cleared and the King rewarded him as the new commander but Typhoon refused the offer and requested the Sacred Crown of Set so they can summon the true Sun God Ra. The King agrees with one condition: the truce must be made and the truce is already done when the message was received from Heliopolis. Now the Army of Set joined with the other Ægyptian Gods' Armies.

The Unknown Warriors of the Unknown God from the other world?

At the Golden Desert of Ægyptus, Khonsuthep and Monthuthep are searching the lost and ancient city of Ra and they have searching it for days and nights. When they heard screeching voice of the winged demigoddess, they follow the sound of the screeching falcon to their destination. When they reached to their destination, they found the Ancient City of Ra in Karnak but there is someone who reached the ancient temple first when they saw the camp nearby. Before they investigate a tent, a very large tent of the nobleman, the screeching demigoddess appeared from the air, halting them before they have trespassed the tent. Her name was Mayet, the Demigoddess of Justice, and she was protecting the nobleman's tent. They did not know who was belong to but they are convinced that she's the one who led the ancient city. Then, a nobleman comes out from his tent and his name was Thebus, the Demigod of Fertility and from Taweret, Goddess of Fertility, and he welcomes the warriors into his luxurious tent inside. While the warriors are resting up, Thebus explains why was been called by the voice of Osiris and they were brought themselves here in the Ancient City of Ra. To his account, before he arrived the ancient city, a strange army of black-skinned warriors from other dimension or the Underworld with glowing red eyes and strange weapons forged with the sun were the first to discovered the city and they did not found what they looking for, the Sacred Crown of Ra. This is what the warriors are looking for to bring Ra back to this world. Thebus and Mayet agreed to join on their side and they will find the Sacred Crown of Ra before the strange warriors find it. They decided to begin their scavenger hunt at night, Khonsuthep and Thebus are going to the temple to find the Sacred Crown of Ra while Monthuthep and Mayet are going to find the enemy camp and eradicate them all from the abandoned village to the camp. At the ancient temple, they found the entrance to the holy site but it was guarded by strange warriors and the only way is the distraction by throwing the stones to the other side, drawing the guards' attention away from the temple and then they rush to temple quickly before the guards returned. They have reached the temple and begin searching the crown inside. Meanwhile, Monthuthep and Mayet killed all the enemy patrollers at the ancient city so they can escape the city from them. They went into enemy camp and what they discovered something bizarre for what they never seen before: an unknown spaceship from the other world, not from the other dimension or the Underworld! So they went into the enemy camp and taking out any guards and warriors from their own tent. As soon they're going to the spaceship, they found slaves in a strange glowing cage and they've listen to their story of horrors what they did to them. Their answers will be found at the spaceship and so they are going to infiltrate the strange transport. Meanwhile at the temple, Khonsuthep guides Thebus to safe passage to find and recover the Sacred Crown of Ra, if it's there. Khonsuthep has the ability to see throught the darkness because he's the Demigod of the Moon. As they reached the temple's altar, they discovered the history of how the Ancient City of Ra forgotten and, shockingly, invaded by the black warriors from the sun, many years ago. Unknown to the outside world, they learned the dark secrets of Akhenaten's reign but only Tutankhamen will know the terrible truth. And so they exited the temple and head to the alien ship. Meanwhile at the alien spaceship, Monthuthep and Mayet sneaked in and finding any clues about the mysterious transportation. As they heard the scream from the torture room, they found a prisoner held in a chain, tortured and interrogated by two black warriors. Then, they killed the black warriors and freed the prisoner. That prisoner was Atumkhamen, Demigod of Solar. He explains why he was imprisoned for days and they claimed the Sacred Crown of Ra at the cargo bay. As soon he regained his power, they fought their way to cargo bay and recovered the Sacred Crown of Ra then set the ship in self destruct. Stealing of their transport, Atumkhamen knows the ship very well while the others don’t know how it works. They escaped from the main ship and picked up Khonsuthep and Thebus near the enemy camp. As they managed to escape from the enemy main ship, their ship is destroyed and all the black warriors are extinct for good. As they're returned to Heliopolis, the heroes are surprisingly shocked when the unexpected arrival as it landed softly on the ground. Khonsuthep's and Monthuthep's task is completed with their thanks of Thebus, Mayet and Atumkhamen as they joined the group.

The New Prophecy Revealed

After collecting the Sacred Crowns of Ægyptus, they are gathered at Heliopolis temple and placing the crowns to the altar then calls upon Ra for their help. While calling to the Sun God Ra, the army of black warriors has breached the temple and attempting to stop them. Soon before the battle starts, the answers to Tutankhamen was shocked when he recognized the symbol of the sun, it was the Army of Aten and his father could be the responsible for creating that war! Then the battle starts, the heroes defend the altar while the worshippers of Ra chanting to summon the one true Sun God. Then suddenly during the battle, a mysterious hooded man in black appeared then slaying the Aten Warriors with his holy sticks, cutting them in half, and holding them off reaching the summoning. When they recognized the sticks, it was revealed as none than other Osiris! As the intense of fighting and pushing them back outside, Ra has awakened and cleanses the intruders from in and outside of the temple, saving the heroes and the temple. Soon as the battle is over, Ra also awakened the Gods of Ægyptus who were asleep by Aten's power and thanking the heroes for waking him and returned to this world. Before the final battle is set, Heliosphinx is granted with his new and upgraded weapons and magic, the Sword and Shield of Ennead, and Tutankhamen was told by the truth when his true murderer was revealed; it was his father who was responsible for the killing and making him as a puppet prince after he died. He also revealed that Akhenaten and Apep are working together to create chaos and conquer all Upper and Lower Ægyptus by replacing the Sun God Aten and gaining influences to Apep's worshippers. He also told to the prince that immortal curse by the death of Nefertiti to fight on for his vengeance. Now Tutankhamen learned the terrible truth and he vowed to destroy his father and Apep. Now they are all ready into a final battle.

The Final Battle

The final battle take place at the City of Uruk, where Apep and Akhenaten make their final stand against the forces of the united Army of Ægyptus, so too the heroes of Ægyptus as well when arrived after they brought the jewels back to the museum. Thoughout the battle, they crushed thousands of Apep's children and Aten Warriors with their new powers with the help of the Gods and fighting their way to Uruk Palace to shut down the Eye of Aten and kill Akhenaten and send Apep back to the abyss from where he came. As they reached the gate to the palace, the heroes are struggling to fight the elite warriors of Aten and hold them off while Heliosphinx and Tutankhamen entered the palace. Inside the palace, the two brave heroes fought their way to the top and place the Orb of Ra into the Eye of Uruk's tower, transforming into the Eye of Ra and its wiping out the evil presence of both Apep's and Aten's influences and sparing the others with their greater goods. Tutankhamen suddenly rushes to Uruk's Throne Room and Heliosphinx follows him before he end up into a trap. At the Throne Room, Tutankhamen burst in and shouted hard to his father's name. There, he heard his sinister father's voice and said he's surround him in shadows but Tutankhamen resisted his evil spell and then Apep appeared as Heliosphinx arrived just in time join the prince's side. They were locked into epic battle with the God of Evil, Apep. As they were about the finish him off with one final blow, Ra's chosen demigod, Ra-Messes, suddenly appeared from the sun and joined their sides of two heroes and casted Apep back to the abyss from where he came. Two heroes welcomed and thanked him then they rush to find Akhenaten and stop him from escaping through the secret passage at the throne room. Down through the secret passage, they discovered something they have never seen before: the Father-ship of Akhenaten and they are set to unleash the devastated weapon like they never seen before. They must stop Akhenaten's madness before he created anew chaos. They fought their way into the Father-ship and finding a way to stop it but they got stumbled by Akhenaten and his Aten Warriors when they reached the weapons room. Before they face Akhenaten, they were unbelievable shocked when they witnessed the true form and true identity: Idolus Xoanon and he turned into a hideous monster form with 14 arms. They fought their way out to defeat him by cutting off his arms and destroying the giant head-like sun, revealing that he's connected with the doomsday device. Before they escape the castle, their nemesis said his last words and vowed that he shall return another day. As they escaped from the Father-ship, they use their magic to transform into the spirit sphinx and Tutankhamen transformed into the spirit of skeleton-mummified falcon to fly out from the underground castle before it crumbles down to the ground. The war is over, Apep and his evil children defeated and Aten is no more now the Ægyptian Gods has returned to this world. The heroes of Heliopolis has earned their title as "The Pharaoh's Guardians" and their names has been written in history and legends as their adventure continues.


In the 21st century, Heliosphinx and Prince Tutankhamen were last seen in Cairo, Egypt, where they've foiled a terror plot (carried out by the Brotherhood of Chaos) to blow up one of the city districts along with national museum and government buildings. That brought attentions to the UN-GDI as they've found them in Memphis and offered them to join the UN Paranormal Division to fight the Brotherhood of Chaos.

Team Members


A young demigod chosen by the Heliopolis gods. His origin remains a mystery until it was unearthed that he was hailed from the Sphinxopolis and one of the young chosen warriors and trained by his masters, including his uncle, at the Temple of Heliopolis and the gods. Now a noble hero of Ægyptus and the master of the Magic, Blade and Shield of Ennead, Heliosphinx sworn to defend Egypt from the forces of evil.

Prince Tutankhamen

Once a Prince of Luxor, Tutankhamen reign over Aegyptus while he defied the forbidden god, Aten, and worshiped to the true gods. Then he was murdered and conspired by his father, Akhenaten, and revived by the immortal curse as the mummy. After Akhenaten and the Aten Army is destroyed from the face of Aegyptus, his curse lives on as long he fights for justice with his friend and ally, Heliosphinx. As Harbinger, he was known as “The Prince of Dead Avengers.”


The Demigod of Sky and the Savior of Egypt. A noble warrior with pride and honor, Heruthep was a soldier who was trained by his master, a Battle Lord, fought thousands of Typhon warriors with his faith on his god, Horus, as well he made his stand against an army. After he survived the battle when reinforcements have arrived, Heruthep was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team.


The Demigod of Dead. Like his friend, Heruthep, he's proud and respectful warrior who fought dozens of undead warriors, Dark Anubis, Typhons, and Nekharus in every battle he anticipates. After many battles he fought, Nekro was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and trained with his necromancy from his old masters, the Necromancers of Necropolis.


The Demigoddess of War and skilled acrobatic and dancing warrior and assassin. Baseta was used to be one of the Camp-Followers during the war campaign and she was trained by an unknown group of assassins. She assassinated many of Basti's enemies with her cunning skills and tricks, manipulating and seducing and pretty much tricked everyone, from ruthless warlords to corrupt noblemen. After her assassinations, she was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis where she joined Heliosphinx and his team.


The Demigod of River and Crocodiles. An archer who lives in the rivers and jungles from the Nile. Unlike his kind, the Sebeki, he's skinny but charming and handsome warrior which he was jealous by pretty much everyone, even from Abydos where he was most hated person but that doesn't stop him from being infamous archer of Aegyptus as the mercenary. After his mercenary work, Sodek was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team.


The Demigod of Afterlife. Once a powerful ruler of Egypt who was murdered by his brother, Set, and revived by his wife, Isira, as the ruler of the underworld. As Asari, he’s also Prince Tutankhamen’s mentor.


The Demigod of Wisdom. A magician and scribe from his magic school in Luxor and wielder of the Staff of Hermopolis. He was the honor student and the academy's favorite who read many scrolls and books for his studies, even his home work while learning magic. After he completed his academy schooling, Tethruphak traveled across Aegyptus and joined the Temple of Heliopolis where he trained with his new tricks and joined Heliosphinx and his team.


A Demigoddess warrior and mercenary who has a sweet taste of violence to her enemies and seeking wars with stain of blood. Sekethria was the daughter of the powerful warlord who was weak and now the strongest vicious warrior when she killed her sisters in cold blood and that led to her banishment as she wander the desert and survived until she found the battlefield at the oasis where the battle between Warriors of Anubis, Horus, Khanum and Neckebet. She slaughtered them all and claimed her own oasis until she was picked by the Temple of Heliopolis where she was trained and fully controlled her rage and joined Heliosphinx and his team.


The Demigod of Khepri. A strong dung beetle warrior with four arms to fight. He was a pit fighter who fought with honor for 500 wins until he retires from the ring as he goes on the quests for his simple deed of helping the people of Abydos, even from the battlefield during the Great War of Aegyptus. Then, Kheprithak was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team.


The Demigod of Amun. He's a strong muscled warrior wielding his two favored weapon: a war-hammer and the battle axe. He's the undisputed champion of the arena who fought dozens of champions from every city of Aegyptus until he learned about his brother's death. After he having quit the arena fighting career, Ramuthep was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team where he uncovered his brother's true death and killed his ex-manager for conspiring him and his brother and he's finally freed and honored his brother's name.


The Demigod of Deserts. A lone cold assassin from the deserts with no mercy and has no fears of his death. He was a soldier who survived the onslaught of the Heru Army and killed every single of them including the captain and the Battle Master in cold blood, using his Cloak of Shadowed Deserts from a dead assassin, daggers, and dual swords. After his mass killings on his many enemies including corrupted Thypons, Typhoon was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis for his redemption and joined Heliosphinx and his team.


Part Demigod of Fortune, part mischief and thieving from band of barbarians and assisting with his allies by haggle the prices into cheap prices. But where did he come is seemingly a mystery but he was suggested that he came from the nomad land where he scattered to look for some valuable loots and weapons from the battlefield while fighting rival tribes off. After scavenging across the desert, Bes-Ket was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team.


The Demigod of Art and Crafts. He's a gentle craftsmen who can make weapons for his fellow companions which he was one of the greatest craftsman but he's also the tallest To-Tanem of Memphis. He likes poets as arts.


The Demigod of Solar. He defies Aten because he sensed corruption from Akhenaten's ambitions and true form of Akhenaten which he was captured in a spaceship until he was rescued by Khonsuthep and Monthuthep. After he's freed his capture, Atumkhamen joined Heliosphinx and his team to fight Atenkhamen and his evil army from outer space.


The Demigod of Earth. He's a kind earth creature known as Gebi who has a great sense of humor. Gebu lived in the swampy city of Gebopolis and learned elemental magic of Earth and healing at the academy and became of Cleric Class. After the academy, Gebu joined the Temple of Heliopolis and Heliosphinx's team.


The Demigod of Water. He's a Water Elemental who is the great water magician and good with fishes as his guide, using magical aquatic staff as his main weapon and blasting his enemies off. Shunothep and his sister, Nufutina, joined the Temple of Heliopolis and Heliosphinx's team.


The Demigoddess of Sky. She's a Air Elemental who is the great astrologist, studying the stars and signs, and Shunothep's sister. But she's also a Magic-User Class, casting the spells of four elements. Like her brother, Nufutina joined the Temple of Heliopolis and Heliosphinx's team.


The Demigod of Upper Egypt's Neckebet. He's wise, humble and gentle old magician but although some they describe him a trickster and necromancer by those who dislike him. Unfortunately for them, he's not so evil as they thought as Nekrobet mostly uses his non-necromancy magics and healing. He's the elder partner of Wadinja as he joined the Temple of Heliopolis.


The Demigoddess of the Lower Egypt's Wadjet. She's young magician who loves to seek an adventure with his elderly magician, Nekrobet. Wadinja was a student from the high school who moved to the academy due to her interest of teaching with magic after she studied with chemistry. After she completed her classes at the academy, Wadinja joined the Temple of Heliopolis and Heliosphinx's team.


The Demigod of Sea and River. A wise magician from Elephantine who commands the animals and has two war banners on his back, Khemuthep was one of the Beast-Masters during the Great War of Aegyptus until he was militarily discharged due to too much handling animals with care which he was let go from the army. Then, he was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team.


The Demigod of Serket. Serkethep is a mercenary who was hired by various factions in Aegyptus including the Asirs and the Herus for rewards (money is no option) until he was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team. He can fight with his claws and deadly scorpion tail and he's a friendly rival of Kheprithak.


The Demigoddess of Justice. She spread her wings to fly and she will strike down the injustice ones. Mayet was one of the judges who made right decisions on the innocents and the guilty ones, understanding their testimonies thanks to her secret special ability until she sensed the corruption within the courtroom and exposed the conspirators' lies to the public, resulted the true justice is fully dealt and done. After she resigned as a judge, Mayet was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team.


The Demigoddess of Death. She brings death and destruction upon her enemies (on the battlefield only, of course.) Nepeseru is a lover of Typhoon who helped him for information of their assassination plot while she's spying on the enemy with her disguises to blackmailing them.


The Demigoddess of Fertility. She's a peacekeeping fighter but not the way like Sekethria what she was doing violently. Hathratiti is the healer of the team who doesn't like bloody violence from the war, even from Sekethria who started the violence which she loath her.


The Demigoddess of Frogs. She's the daughter of the nobleman who is the governor of the riverside state and her normal life was good. Until one day, a band of marauders attacked her father's estate and attempted to steal her family's values from the treasure room. When her father was mortally wounded, Heqetina rushed to save him but she was surrounded by the marauders until suddenly her magical amulet glows and summoned all the frogs coming from anywhere and scared the marauders off from her father's estate. After she saved her father, Heqetina was visited by Hathratiti and chosen by the Temple of Heliopolisfor her biggest adventures awaits her.


The Demigod of Agriculture. A noble man who is friendlier to children which he has done to a charity work as a bard. At the night party, Thebus defended his guests including their children with his trusty broadsword against the band of raiders. After his charity work and noble deeds, Thebus was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinxe and his team.


The Demigod from the River Nile and of Hapi. He was a former royal guard who discovered the conspiracy and was about to warn the king but then he was demoted to the soldier of the Nile where he was forced to fight the rebels until he assaulted his captain and escaped from Akaria who is now a lone spearman until he was picked up by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team as well liberated Akaria and overthrew the corrupt dictatorship. He's a good swimmer and ambusher like Sodek.


The Demigod of Moon. A traveler and a warrior of the night, Khonsuthep was a soldier of the Khonseru Army who is later became a wandering mercenary, hired by the Heru Army to fight their ancient enemies and rivals. Then, he was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis due to his great deeds and joined Heliosphinx and his team.


The Demigod of Warfare and Valor. He's a valiant nomad warrior with the great mind of warfare strategy. He was a soldier of the Montheru Army who went AWOL after the battle and was left behind. After he was recovered by the noble nomad tribe, he led the nomads to victory against the evil army of Apep. After he fought the army of Apep, Monthuthep was chosen by the Temple of Heliopolis and joined Heliosphinx and his team.


The Demigoddess of Life-Death-Return and the wife of Asari/Osiris. Isira was a servant of Isis who worshiped to her goddess until she was aided by Asari and made affair with him. After their affair, Isira gained her new power to help her fellow worshipers from the shadows of Apep and corruption which it led to her removal from the temple. After the unintentional incident, she joined Asari after his truth was revealed to her.


The Demigod of Sun and the warrior of Heliopolis and Ennead. Created by Ra, the Sun God of Aegyptus himself, and sent to fight Apep's evil army as well Atenkhamen and his Aten Army and helping all the armies of Aegyptus to convince them to put their differences aside and end the war once and for all. After the war has ended, Ra-Horakthy remained at Heliosphinx's team to continue his battle against evil.


  • The story is inspired from Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.
  • The characters are inspired mixed with the Egyptian gods’ description and styled from Crocodile Games' Wargods of Ægyptus.
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