Masked Reptile Warriors is the African Deadly Alliance, the Native Deadly Alliance and the team member of the UN-GDI and the Heritages. The tribal team of Lizardfolks wield their mystical mask and weapons to fight hostile tribes in the deep dark jungles and the alien invaders from the Zyglon Empire.


The Early DaysEdit

In the jungles of Sun-Tri in Antichthon, Kelpo Lucktail is a member of the peaceful but one of the peacekeeping Lizardfolk tribes of the jungle, protecting their heritages against those who are attempting to destroy their natures. Trained at the academy, he met his friends from other peacekeeping tribes: Enzol Firetail of the Firescale Tribe, Nariko Sunscale of the Sun Lizards Tribe, Treegos Greenscale of the Tree Climbers Tribe, Lazana Rosetail of the Flower Scale Tribe, and Galgos Stonetail of the Earth Claws Tribe.

After weeks of training, they are ready to defend their homeland from any invaders and evil tribes who are attempting to dare to break the treaty with responsibility whatever the cost.

The Sun-Tri Civil WarEdit

Kelpo and his friends were sent to the war-torn region where two tribes were fighting each other over the territorial dispute on the northeast. The Totokobo Tribe claimed the land of their ancestors but the disputed Rakuturo Tribe wanted their land back because of the war was not yet over but no-one would believe them after the High Council of Antichthon have decided to put the cease-fire agreement but not to put an end of their geopolitical dispute. When they've arrived at the command post at the borders, Kelpo decided to head to the Rakuturo tribal village for his personal mission because he wanted to know for certain of who is friend and who is foe while others are maintained to be on guard and on alert for any suspicious activity on the borders as well disrupting battles.

Kelpo visited the village of the Rakuturo Tribe and met the tribal leader and his daughter and started for a little conversation and gaining insights of their views. After he gained the information from the tribe, Kelpo was about to going to the Totokobo Tribe but he was stopped by the tribal leader's daughter and convinced him that it was not about the territorial dispute, it was the stolen idol and she is the one who took it and attacked the Totokobo tribal leader by cutting off his hand as she threw her throwing star. Truth or not, Kelpo thinks that it was her personal intention for avenging her mother's dying wish but it wasn't. Luckily for him, he found some suspicious evidence of her secretive role while he's at the private court for one night.

On the next day, tension is growing even worse as they're about to enter the civil war if the dispute and technical war doesn't end there without diplomacy. As the two tribal leaders faced each other for eye to eye, Kelpo stepped forward to intervene and listen to their arguments for an quarter minutes until the truth is finally revealed as he showed the evidence that it was the banner from someone else for their innocence and exposed the culprit's identity: the Rakuturo tribal leader's daughter who masterminded the situation and wanted a revenge against the Totoboko Tribe for the death of her mother by forming her rebellious group known as the Horaktobo to stir some troubles on both sides. With the truth is revealed and exposed, the Horaktobo leader escaped and Kelpo and his friends must stop her in pursuit, put an end on her rebel group and bring his daughter alive before she gets into serious trouble.

As they've reached her rebel's base at the grotto, Kelpo and his fellow companions infiltrated in a stealthy raid to disrupt her rebel warriors at each camp while Kelpo himself find the Horaktobo leader at the main camp and convince her to return to her tribe to face her judgement of her crime. But negotiation failed as she refused to return to her father and wanted to die if her rebellion and her mother's vision failed which he refused to do that. Ironically, her mother died by a fatal accident, not killed by one of the Totoboko tribal warriors, after the war. Then, he fought his way to capture her alive until he reached the end of the grotto, leading to the edge of the cliff. Kelpo tried to convince her one last time to return to her father's tribe but she was enraged and wanted him to kill her but he refused because he's not a killer and a murderer and the peacekeeper would never do that. After he refused to kill her in cold blood, the Horaktobo leader committed suicide as he was about to stop but failed to grab but managed to take her neckless as a proof of her death. With the rebellion has ended and short-lived, they returned to the command post.

After the explanation was given with sad news and then her body was recovered by the second group, the tension is finally defused and the civil war has ending with tragedy despite peace has been restored and the idol has returned to the rightful owner. Kelpo and his fellow companions and friends are returned to their village when their duty is cleared and report back to their leaders for the result.

The Zyglonian InvadersEdit

Four months after the civil war has ended, a meteor was crashed into the ancient jungles of Sun-Tri and it shook like a small earthquake. Then the sky turned into a beautiful blue skylight, causing everyone to see the shining beacon light and it must be recovered before evil forces will attempt to steal it for their evil purpose and that's the task for Kelpo and his team as they were sent to the source of the meteor and recover it.

As they went to the ancient jungles by night, they found the site but it's been taken over by un-welcomed visitors from outer space: the Zyglon Invaders and they got there first as they're taking the rare material from the planet; they have to be stopped before they could get away with it. Even worse, Kelpo spotted the villagers have become slaves and prisoners and they have to rescue them as they sprung to attack the invaders and free them as well disrupting their harvesting the resource of the meteor although they didn't know about it at the time. After the villagers are freed and the Zyglonian troopers are slain, Kelpo and his fellow companions boarded the alien ship, examining and looking at these alien weapons and technologies. Then suddenly, the ship flew off and it's heading to the crater where the meteor was crashed there and hundreds of Zyglonian soldiers camped there for their recovering the shining stone; it was not the Zyglonium as they claimed its name of that meteor, it was the Sun-Trinium. As they've crash-landed into the command center, Kelpo and his team were surrounded by the Zyglonian elite troopers and they were forced to fight their way out in the mist of confusion until they've escaped from the command center. After they've escaped from the command center, they were completely surrounded by the Zyglonian invaders and this time, they surrender until the Sun-Trinium stones suddenly flew up and descending to them, infusing with their mask as its giving their new powers to defeat the invaders, forcing their enemies to retreat without the Sun-Trinium in a long battle. As the Zyglonian invaders left the planet empty handed, Kelpo and his team were victorious and recovered the Sun-Trinium with a fancy but less-damaged ship then brought it to the capital.

As they've brought the Sun-Trinium to the capital, Kelpo and his team were hailed as heroes as they've vanquished the invaders but they'll be back one day and this time, they'll be ready for them when the time comes.

The Revenge of Harook the Terrible Lizard, the Lying Lizard, the Grumpy Lizard, and... well, you get the ideaEdit

After six months of the defeat of the Zyglonian invaders, Harook the Terrible Lizard has returned from his exile and planned to take over Sun-Tri by his brutal force. Even worse, he quickly eliminated several peacekeeping teams from every tribe but Kelpo and his team are the only one who can stand up against the odds.

Kelpo and his team discussed about disbanding the team because they had no chance to defeat Harook the Arrogant Lizard and his army but he won't do it because they're going to need some help from non-peacekeeping tribes with the help of Zulu Spiritscale as their adviser. Everyone agreed and convinced their adviser to join the team as set off to find and recruit any member from the non-peacekeeping tribes. They've travelled to the east where meet five new members of the team: Burendu Spearscale and Rawkano Swordscale from the Steel Scale Tribe; Somalo Shadowscale and Salomi Smokietail, the duo renegade marauders, and Lagos Scaleoak of the Royal Scale Tribe of the western region. They too have their own powerful masks with their own unique ability and fought Harook's warriors. With the new recruits joined Kelpo's team and dealt with their own problems, they now focus on foiling Harook's plan as they've learned from a scout from Lagos' tribe.

In order to weaken Harook's forces, Kelpo and his team have successfully cut off their supply lines, routing his elite forces, and captured enemy outposts and garrisons including the cannons placed on their position where they're targeting Sun-Tri capital; thankfully, it didn't fire so they've turned their target on Harook's forces. The final battle was set as Kelpo and his team with the help of all peacekeeping teams fought Harook's army in the lost temple at the deep jungles of Sun-Tri where their main camp is established there and Harook was expecting. The tribal heroes fought their long way from garrison to garrison until they've finally reached to his main camp and Kelpo was challenged by his nemesis and he must face him alone. At the main camp he entered, Kelpo finally face to face with Harook the Fiendish Lizard in a fierce combat but Kelpo uses his wits in every move because Harook was indeed a terrible warrior, badly. Lucky for Kelpo, he hit him hard where it hurts until Kelpo slipped off and fell to the ground and Harook was about to finish him off. Then suddenly, what Harook didn't know is that Kelpo had cousins in one hundred thousands as they've arrived to help and Kelpo made him crazy which it was his weakness because Harook was a terrible uncle in the past and he was in fact one of thirteen unlucky brothers. With Harook the Bad Lucky Lizard forced to surrender conditionally and pulled his army out, Sun-Tri is freed from his short reign of terror at last.

After the celebration of their victory and Kelpo thanked and bid farewell to his cousins, they were hailed as heroes and they've deserved a well earned rest. But their adventure has begun.


On December 21, 2012, Kelpo was on his way to the village to meet his friends when he was teleported by the Fallen Star and found himself in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, where he stopped the fighting between the government forces and the terrorist group which he stopped the terrorists and then later taken to the undisclosed location for interrogation until the predecessor of the UN-GDI came to pick him up and brought him to Germany.

After the joint-operation in France, Kelpo is reunited with his team after the Planegate Portal was activated and joined forces with their new allies against the alien invaders, the Monarchs.

After the defeat of the Monarchs, Kelpo and his team are now residing in the Nigerian jungles.

Team MembersEdit

Kelpo LucktailEdit

The blue Lizardfolk is the team leader and the Prowler class. Kelpo Lucktail is brave, smart, cunning and a bit of wisecracking character who has many luck on his side because of his great luckiness. Hailed from the Blueberry Scale Tribe, Kelpo was trained at the academy to become the Prowler due to his great agility and then he was chosen by the tribal elders to lead a team of tribal peacekeeping force as he vowed to defend their homes and restore balance of peace against the forces of Chaos. He wears the Mask of Invisibility, giving him the ability to become the invisible, a useful power for his stealthy skills. And surprisingly, he has 100.000 cousins and Kelpo is one of them!

Enzol FiretailEdit

The red Lizardfolk is the Swordsman class of the team and one of Kelpo's friends since the academy. He's a cool character who had some great personality of fighting warmongers from Harook's warriors and Zyglonian Invaders with his cunning skills. Enzol is hailed from the Firescale Tribe who avert the rival tribe from disrupting the peace treaty between his tribe and the Icescale Tribe. He wears the Mask of Fire, giving him the ability of immune fire.

Nariko SunscaleEdit

The yellow Lizardfolk is the Spearman class of the team and one of Kelpo's friends since the academy. Hailed from Sun Lizard Tribe, Nariko was trained to become the guardsman of the tribe, safeguarding from hostile tribes. But instead, he became one of the peacekeeping tribesmen which also safeguarding his tribe and its allies. He wears the Mask of Flashlight, giving him the ability of blind his enemies and useful when he's surrounded by darkness.

Treegos GreenscaleEdit

The green Lizardfolk is the Archer class of the team and one of Kelpo's friends since the academy. A skilled bowman from Tree Climbers Tribe who can take out his targets on his sight as he's defending his tribe's home village and hunting wild beasts in the dark jungles. He wears the Mask of Marksmanship, giving him the ability to lock on his multiple targets on his sight and his arrows automatically shoot straight on them without missing any one of them.

Lazana RosetailEdit

The female Lizardfolk is the skilled scout of the team and one of Kelpo's friends since the academy. Hailed from the Flower Scale Tribe, Lazana is the chieftain's daughter who wandered nearby jungles to see her favorite flowers until she saved it from hooligans from hostile tribesmen and pushed them out from her mother's place. When she returned to the village with her flowers, she was chosen to become the peacekeeping tribeswoman as she was sent to academy where he met Kelpo and his friends. After her training is complete, she vowed to protect nature from the forces of evil and Chaos. She wears the Mask of Charm, giving her ability to distract her enemies and lured them into her trap.

Galgos StonetailEdit

The orange Lizardfolk is the mighty warrior of the team and one of Kelpo's friends since the academy. Galgos Stonetail is one of the strongest tribesmen of Earth Claws Tribe who crushed hostile tribesmen with his barehands and beating hundreds of them with his handy club. He might be a powerful warrior but he has the heart of gold. He wears the Mask of Strength, giving him temporally power to smash them away or lifting heavy objects and throwing it away or at them.

Burendu SpearscaleEdit

The Lizardfolk spearman who is hailed from Steel Scale Tribe and defender of the team. Burendu is one of the defenders for the village, repelling any hostile tribesmen's attack and safeguarding their supplies. Naturally, he's very known to his tribe when he defeated Harook's elite forces before the walls could be breached. He wears the Mask of Defense, giving him a temporally power to increase his defense.

Rawkano SwordscaleEdit

The Lizardfolk swordsman who is hailed from Steel Scale Tribe and the offender of the team. Rawkano is one of the fiercest warriors of the tribe and most notably the one who defeated Harook's champions in the Battle of Dawning Sun Plateau. He wears the Mask of Offensive, giving him a temporally power to increase his attack and double damage on his enemies.

Somalo ShadowscaleEdit

The black Lizardfolk who is the renegade member of the Shadow Scale Pirates. Somalo wants to put his name to Sun-Tri as the famous or most likely infamous marauder in the world but he got himself into trouble when he unintentionally planned to take over the group and he was kicked out for good. Fortunately, he continues to mark his name on them as the infamous marauder of Sun-Tri until he was caught up by Kelpo and his team in the middle of the jungle and joined them to fight Harook the Murdering Lizard. He wears the Mask of Shadow, giving him the ability to use his shady magic for sneaking.

Salomi SmokietailEdit

The obeisant Lizardfolk who is also a renegade member of the Shadow Scale Pirates. Salomi was a lazy marauder who fight less and eats more which he steals it from the group's food supply base and led him to his ban for life for good. However, it doesn't stop him from thieving and stealing the food and teamed up with Somalo until he and his partner were caught up by Kelpo and his team in the middle of the jungle and joined them to fight Harook the Hungry Lizard. He wears the Mask of Smoke, giving him the ability to create smokescreens, causing to confuse the enemy.

Lagos ScaleoakEdit

The royal Lizardfolk is the noble warrior of the team. Hailed from the Royal Scale Tribe, Lagos Scaleoak is one of the war veterans who've fought the Imperial Tiger Army in the Battle of Shining Sun Hills, slew thousands of Rakshasan warriors for pushing them out of the country and saving his king from an assassin who captured her afterwards. After his great service with the tribe, Lagos joined Kelpo and his team to battle against Harook the Conquering Lizard. He wears the Mask of Noble, giving him the ability to have courage and bring fear upon his enemies by weakening and demoralizing them.

Zulu SpiritscaleEdit

The white Lizardfolk is the Shaman class and the mentor of the team. Zulu Spiritscale was a member of the council and the monitor of Kelpo's team. But before that, he was one of the brave heroes of Sun-Tri who defeated Harook the Traitorous Lizard years ago. He wields the Shamanic Staff of the Zulu Lizard which he can cast many spells and wears the Mask of Mystics, giving him enhanced magic energy for a long period if the battle is longer.


  • The characters may be original but the outfit were nearly modeled after the Iksar Shaman's outfit from Champions of Norrath.
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