Mantis Biohazard Squad is the South American Deadly Alliance, the Military Deadly Alliance and the Sci-Fi Deadly Alliance as well the team member of the UN-GDI and the Liberation Front. Part time anti-biohazard unit and part time guerrilla unit, the team of Insectoids battles General Toxic and his bio-military terrorists with their bio-tech to eradicate their chemical and biological weapons.


Rico Esperanzo was one of the best student from the academy who dreamt to become the greatest revolutionist from the history book but he had a lot to learn about his responsibility, heeded by his family and he understand this. After the discussion with his parents, Rico was enlisted to the military where he'll be trained by strict, rude, and arrogant drill sergeant. There he also met his fellow recruits, Diego Mantisedo, Josefina Mantiza, Jugo and Jingo Selvaraña. After their training at the military base, they were trained outside of the base to push their limits into the ultimate test.

After their ultimate test, however, Rico became a little beaten when he pushed too much over his limits and challenged his drill sergeant which he was defeated in a fist fight until they received the distress signal coming from the village nearby and overheard that the Toxic Army have destroyed Rico's home city when he heard the terrible news. Rico wants revenge but he was rejected while others were forcefully joined their sergeant as they've formed into a ill-prepared special forces unit and sent into the battle against the Toxic Troopers. However, Rico doesn't give up as he followed them far behind to the battle where this so-called ill-prepared unit holding the Toxic Troopers off from the civilians which they did as Rico helped them and then helping his drill sergeant then his captain but he died in nobel death but Rico tried to saved him until his Aura was unlocked and used his newfound powers to defeat the Toxic Troopers and their super tank in one blow. After the Toxic Troopers are defeated, Rico is appointed as the new captain by his predecessor to lead his unit and made his right decisions: helping civilians and collect the corpses to count the dead.

After securing the village, Captain Rico and his unit decided to go deep into the jungles of Toxiconia where he will start the revolution with guerrilla tactics by the books as he taught and trained them.

For three months, Captain Rico's unit have carried out their own missions to help the resistance against the Toxic Troopers and their evil allies throughout Toxiconia and the occupied territories like ambushes, sabotages, raids on military base and occupied villages, and averting executions from the jungle to the streets. Along the way, more members from special forces units have joined their ranks and continue their battle against the Toxic Troopers as well to survive.

On the next day, Captain Rico and his unit entered the small town where the Toxic Troopers and their evil allies stationed there and raided stealthy. They've cleared each district and saved the civilians as well freeing the prisoners of war. Then, they've fought and battled the massive forces of Toxic Army at the base nearby then suddenly a friendly unit of three, led by the legendary Commander Francisco Chaves, appeared out of nowhere and assisted them to capture the enemy base and liberated the small town. After the battle is over, Captain Rico and his unit are relieved that they were founded by them while he was amazed to meet with once a legendary revolutionist now the commanding officer. But before they returned to the base, they heard the agony screams of the remaining Toxic Troopers and explosion and they rushed to investigate and found someone who cause the noises but also killing the remaining hostile forces: Hernandes Zorthanchez, the ex-soldier of the Toxic Army who have escaped from his prison cell and killing all remaining Toxic Troopers in cold blood, making the big pile of corpses. Captain Rico tried to restrain him but Commander Chaves intervene politely and successfully restrained him diplomatically and Hernandes gladly joined the unit.

As they were returned to the Republic of Insectonia, Captain Rico and his unit were greeted as heroes as the Insectonian Military recognized them as one of the greatest special forces unit and the anti-biohazard unit when they've received their new mission and a newest member of the team, Specialist Maria "Dizzy" Mariposa, an agent from the intelligence office. After the celebration and the mission briefing, Captain Rico and his unit were sent back into Toxiconia to stop General Toxic from launching his biological missile on Insectonia in his secret base but they've to find it first as they've carried out their missions as they've rescued the hostages, disrupted their supply line to the Toxic Troopers, and intercepted the convoy carrying with chemical agents for the missile, leading to General Toxic's secret base. After their missions is complete and the information about General Toxic's secret base, the anti-biohazard unit found the location of the missile and infiltrated the base to delay their countdown of the missile launch but then the Insectonian Military Forces have assaulted their base and they have no choice but to fight their way to reach the missile. As they've reached the launch tower and heading to the top of the tower via the elevator, they were encountered by General Toxic's lieutenant, Lieutenant Anthrax, and Captain Rico fought his rival and defeated him in a fierce fight. As they've reached the top of the tower, they encountered their nemesis, General Toxic himself, and they have to stop them before he launched the missiles but not before they took out his elites as Captain Rico goes after him while his fellow allies hold them off and shutting it down. As he have reached on the top of the missile, Captain Rico battled General Toxic in a intensive sword fight. Captain Rico was about to fall off by General Toxic but he managed to kick him off from the missile but he was pulled off by his nemesis and fall into their deaths. Fortunately, Captain Rico managed to escape, grabbed General Toxic alive, and placed the Semtex plastique bomb on the missile before it launched into the airspace. As the missile launched away from the secret base into airspace, Captain Rico detonated the missile before reaching onto Insectonian airspace, averting his evil plan once and for all and ending the war effectively.

With General Toxic and his lieutenant and his evil army are defeated, they've completed the mission and the world is finally at last in peace. Captain Rico and his unit earned their rest but they will called once again if General Toxic and his evil allies from the Warlords threaten the world with their Weapons of Mass Destruction.

On December 21, 2012, Captain Rico was suddenly teleported by the Fallen Star and found himself in the capital city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and then he averted the biological terror attack at the conventional center where the Latin American summit took place as he defused the bomb before the Argentinian military intervene.

After he was taken to the undisclosed location, Captain Rico was picked up by the predecessor of the UN-GDI and brought him to Germany. After the joint-operation, Captain Rico is reunited with his unit and joined forces with their new allies against the Monarch invaders.

After the Monarch invaders are eradicated, Captain Rico and his unit are now residing and operating in Latin America to combat the bio-terrorists from the Warlords.

Team MembersEdit

Captain Rico "Che" EsperanzoEdit

The Insectoid-like Mantis is the leader of the anti-biohazard and revolutionary guerrilla unit. A compassionate and brilliant brave team leader, Captain Esperanzo was one of the members of the special forces unit to combat General Toxic and his Toxic Army Division after his family was killed by the Toxic Army's devastated terrorist attack. After he and his fellow comrades survived the repelled attack, Captain Esperanzo was appointed as the new leader after his commander was killed with honor while fighting off the Toxic Troopers and now leads his team with guerrilla tactics and strategies. His nickname, Che, means he's the revolutionist who leads his followers and supporters for his believes of the cause. His weapons of choice is a plasma blaster gun and the plasma katana.

Captain Diego MantisedoEdit

The Insectoid-like Mantis who is the partner of Captain Esperanzo and the second-in-command of the team. A cool-headed guerrilla fighter, Diego is always keep his head focus on missions and battles while focusing on the Insectoid soccer game. He was also one of the recruits for the special forces unit to fight General Toxic and his army now a member of the guerrilla unit. His weapons of choice is dual plasma gun and plasma katana.

Lieutenant Josefina MantizaEdit

The female Insectoid-like Mantis who is the lieutenant and one of Che's friends from the academy. Josefina is the daughter of the wealthiest family in the colony and she wants to be a proud citizen as she went to the academy where he met Che for the first time with her parents' approval. After years of studying at the academy, she joined the army after her family and the entire colony was destroyed by the Toxic Army and became a member of the special forces unit after she survived the boot camp. Her favorite hobby is Tai Chi training which she spent some time for her own training.

Specialist Miguel HornetoEdit

The Insectoid-like Hornet who was a member of the special forces unit. Miguel Horneto was part of the mission that went wrong when he and his team were being ambushed by the Toxic Army but he survived along with few other members although they were captured by them until they were rescued by Captain Esperanzo and his guerrilla unit. After he was rescued, Horneto joined the unit for his payback on the Toxic Army.

Corporal Antonio FuergoantoEdit

The Insectoid-like Ant who was a soldier from the fire battalion. Antonio Fuergoanto fought the Toxic Army regiment in the battle at the industrial complex. After the industrial complex is destroyed and battalion despite the regiment is defeated, Fuergoanto survived and must find a way to return to the base until he was encountered by Captain Esperanzo and his guerrilla unit and joined up with them.

Specialist Manuel ClavoalaEdit

The Insectoid-like Mosquito who was a member of the anti-Malaria unit. He's the medic and the support of the unit who was involved of the abandoned mission where the Malaria Troopers have seized the city port despite saving civilians' life with his anti-Malaria serums. But then, miracle has come when Captain Esperanzo and his unit battled the Malaria Troopers and pushed them out from the city for good. After the city is liberated, Clavoala joined the unit and continues to save lives.

Specialist Luke HojaloEdit

The Insectoid-like Leafbug who is the team's sniper. He was a member of the covert-ops unit and was on the solo mission of assassinating Toxic Army commander. After the assassination, he was nearly caught by the Toxic Troopers as he escaped but thankfully he was backed up by his partner, Specialist Gomez Palomanto, and then rescued by Captain Esperanzo and his unit. Hojalo joined the new unit with Palomanto.

Corporal Lucia DragónalaEdit

The female Insectoid-like Dragonfly who was a member of the special forces unit. Corporal Lucia Dragónala is the supporter of the team who assisted her team members by suppress fire and covering fire but she also fought back when her team is dead until she was rescued by Captain Esperanzo and his unit. After she was assisted, Corporal Dragónala joined his unit to continue to assist them.

Specialist Gomez PalomantoEdit

The Insectoid-like Stickbug who is the team's sniper. Like his partner, Specialist Hojalo, Gomez Palomanto was a member of the covert-ops unit during the secret mission in the jungle where he killed several Toxic Troopers at the occupied village and helped his partner out. After their secret mission is complete, he and Hojalo joined Captain Esperanzo and his unit.

Specialist Cruzia LepidoraEdit

The female Insectoid-like Butterfly who is the reconnoissance unit of the team. She was a member of the special forces unit when she rescued the civilians and aid workers from the Toxic Army's attack at the refugee camp near the border of Insectonia. Then, she survived the crash after her team's airplane was shot down and later she joined Captain Esperanzo and his unit when she and her new allies pushed the Toxic Army out from the town.

Sergeant Major Carlos BatánguanEdit

The Insectoid-like Beetle who is the heavy-duty Insectoid of the unit. Sergeant Major Carlos Batánguan was a member of the red berets unit and carried out their dangerous missions against the Toxic Army and its evil allies. After several dangerous missions have been carried out, Sergeant Major Batánguan was transferred to Commander Chaves' unit and later Captain Esperanzo's unit.

Corporal Santiago AlacránoEdit

The Insectoid-like Scorpion who was a member of the special forces unit. Corporal Santiago who was also a leader of his unit until he was demoted after the small incident took place at the abandoned warehouse and transferred to the unit of rejects. After he was ambushed by the Toxic Troopers, Corporal Alacráno survived and teamed up with Corporal Junglaraño to fight their common enemy until they were aided by Captain Esperanzo and his unit. After the attack, he joined his unit.

Corporal Turbano JunglarañoEdit

The Insectoid-like Tarantula who was a member of the special forces unit. Corporal Turbano Junglaraño was troubled beret soldier who punched his commanding officer and sent into solitary confinement for his insubordination until he was released and transferred to the unit of rejects. After they were ambushed and survived, Corporal Junglaraño teamed up with Corporal Alacráno to fight and survive until they were teamed up by Captain Esperanzo and his unit and later joined their new unit.

Private Jugo SelvarañaEdit

The Insectoid-like Jungle Spider who was drafted in the army after he and his twin brother, Jingo, were caught in an accidental robbery at the grocery store near the tavern at the strict poverty. After a serious bootcamp training, they were sent into the battle without any military training with firearms or close combat but thanks to Captain Esperanzo and his unit, they got anything they've learned from books instead of real training though they did.

Private Jingo SelvarañaEdit

The Insectoid-like Jungle Spider is a comical relief twin brother of Jugo. Like his twin brother, Jingo was also caught in an accidental robbery which he was the one who steals just chocolate bars and soda instead of money and led them to be drafted to the army. After the training and battle, Jingo and Jugo joined Captain Esperanzo's unit as long they are fully trained.

Private Hernandes ZorthanchezEdit

The Insectoid-like Mantis who is the ex-soldier of the Toxic Army. Hernandes was an unstable maniac soldier with psychotic behavior who wanting to battle the government forces but then he turned on General Toxic and his army when he gets angrier and grow his hatred on them which he was thrown away into the prison in the small town until Captain Esperanzo and his team liberated that town and got his chance to kill General Toxic's remaining troopers in cold blood. After he was restrained diplomatically by Commander Chaves, Hernandes gladly joined the unit for his fight against the Toxic Army.

Specialist Ernesto DipetroEdit

The Insectoid-like Fly who is the team's scout and tele-communicator. Specialist Ernesto Dipetro was a member of the special forces unit on the reconnoissance mission against the Toxic Army. After he gathered the information from the enemy base he infiltrated, Dipetro was alone when his team was wiped but then he was rescued by Captain Esperanzo and his unit. After he sent the information to the military, Dipetro joined his guerrilla unit for more gathering the intelligence for his new allies.

Corporal Salvador TolvagoEdit

The Insectoid-like Grasshopper who was a member of the mobile platoon unit from the army. Corporal Salvador Tolvago is one of the finest soldier who fought the Toxic Troopers in the battlefield. After his platoon was wiped out by their ambush, Corporal Tolvago survived the attack and later found and joined Captain Esperanzo and his unit at the military base near his position.

Specialist Maria "Dizzy" MariposaEdit

The sexy female Insectoid-like Moth who is the best infiltrator, saboteur and assassin of the team. Specialist Mariposa was trained at the top secret government facility and became one of the top elite agents. She have carried out her secretive missions such as rescuing scientists, stealing their plans, sabotaging their prototypes, and assassinating high value targets. After her duty of carrying out her secretive missions, she was sent to the military to assist Captain Esperanzo as a new member of the unit. Her nickname "Dizzy" is called after her unique ability to confuse her enemies.

First Class Sergeant Major Gonzales PetrolerobugEdit

The Insectoid-like Black Scarab who is a no-nonsense, hard-talking toughest drill instructor and heavy weapons Insectoid of the team. He was a former member of the mobile beret army as First Class Sergeant Major who can kill dozens of enemies with his big gatling blaster and his bare hands. As he entered the war, Gonzales Petrolerobug is back in action with his reinstated rank as a member of Commander Chaves' unit.

Senior Lieutenant Raul CostarEdit

The Insectoid-like Locust is the senior member of the unit. A veteran soldier who've completed several missions with his old unit until he was transferred to Commander Chaves' unit after his old unit disbanded and replaced by the new unit. He's also the old friend since the revolution has started years ago as the lieutenant. He wields his steel Bo staff as his main weapon.

Commander Francisco ChavesEdit

The Insectoid-like Mantis who was a famed revolutionist in the past now the famed commanding officer for the anti-biohazard unit as well the mentor of Captain Esperanzo. Before he became a military commander, Francisco Chaves was the leading revolutionist against the corrupted government as he battled the corrupted army with his brilliant guerrilla tactics and strategies. After the country is liberated, he was offered to join the ranks of the allied forces and he accepted as he became the most famous commander of his legendary unit.


  • Modeled after Mantid Drones from Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.
  • Captain Esperanzo's nickname, Che, is named after Ernesto Che Geuvara.
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