Lytiana Squadron
Lytiana Squadron
Rebel Star-Fighters of the Animalia Galaxy
The Emblem of Lytiana Squadron
Team's Profile
Leader Katie "Kitty" Katlore and Robin "Rody" Katlore
Alignment Galactic Alliance
Allies Dog Fighters
Enemies The Klawtucan Empire and Syndrome Invaders
Location Animalia Galaxy

Lytiana Squadron is the Space Allied Alliance and the team member of the Galactic Alliance. The rebel-razoring hot-rodding Star-Fighter mercenaries battled for justice and freedom against the ruthless Klawtucan Empire and their evil allies from the Syndrome Invaders.


Katie and Robin Katlore are the twin children of the Animalian Republic, one of the representatives for the Galactic Alliance, who will one day to become great politicians and diplomats like their parents. But until that day, their lives were changed when the Klawtucan Empire invaded their home planet of Myrriah and killed their parents before they were taken into refuge on the colony planet of Kitra where they will be safe from the evil grasps of Klawtu. But, hope will come to them someday as they knew that someone will free their home planet, hoping that will be the Dog Fighters whom will save the day.

But that someone or somebody is Katie and Robin.

15 years later, their lives were changed again when the Klawtucan Imperial Army attacked the colony planet and killed anyone who standing their way. But this time, they were rescued by Gray "Eagle Owl" Verrotex and got everyone out of there as many as they can and escaped the colony planet. As they're heading to Planet Sahara, they demand to know what was happened and then, they learned the truth: their parents were once the members of the intergalactic resistance and freedom fighters group before they retired to start a family and politics. But that doesn't change that until they finally understand as they received the final message from their parents to follow their footsteps. In the emotional event, the twins will vow to fruition their dream to unite the rebel alliance and free every planet from the clutches of the Klawtu Empire.

After they've been trained for how to fly with Star-Fighter Jets and fight with mixed martial arts and self-defense, Katie and Robin went to find and recruit anyone who wants to join the rebels while evading the large Klawtucan Imperial Fleet. While they were recruiting any Star-Fighter pilots, they helped and freed the planet, one at a time. They've fought the Klawtucan-backed Outcasts, captured enemy outposts and bases, and raided transport ships, freeing political prisoners and prisoners of wars while capturing enemy troopers and brought them to prison for interrogation with no torture which they show mercy and compassion and proven themselves that they are not savages after all, making the Galactic Alliance very impressed by their actions and turned back on the Klawtucan Empire. Their names and heroic deeds have spread across the galaxy like shooting stars and comets.

Following the multiple sanctions and a powerful effective resolution on the Klawtucan Empire, the team now known as the Lytiana Squadron are freely to roam across the Animalia Galaxy, patrolling the stars to keep an eye out for any Klawtucan ships before they stir trouble but there was nothing to report at this time until they came across with the Dog Fighters, led by Captain Shepard "Hunter" Raymond and Captain Walker "Iceman" Weskerson, as they battled the Parvo Space Renegades at Planet Catus where their squadron were about to liberate the planet. With the help of the Dog Fighters, Lytiana Squadron thanked their allies but they will meet again someday. On Planet Catus, they were welcomed as heroes who helped the resistance and freed the planet although ironically it was Dog Fighters who liberated first but it doesn't matter for the moment. But what matter is that the resistance have the information about the massive Klawtucan Imperial Fleet and their super weapon, a Death Star-alike called "the Beast's Devourer", capable to destroy the planet in one blast. Their first target on their list is their capital planet of the Animalian Republic! Luckily for them, they have a plan of how to destroy the Beast's Devourer And defeating the Klawtucan Imperial Fleet.

The Lytiana Squadron has given the mission as they've infiltrated the Beast's Devourer and the Imperial Fleet to weaken their forces and the capability. They've managed to sneak their defenses and securities, avoiding the patrols and using their disguises to fool them. As their infiltration was complete, they were spotted when the security system was shut down and compromised and the Squadron will have to fight their way to escape the Beast's Devourer. Fighting their way through corridors, they thought they've reached the hanger but instead, they've reached to the throne where they meet the sinister Emperor of Klawtucan, Emperor Andorss Klawtu. Captured, the twins were chained and "unwilling to force" to surrender to their nemesis so that the capital planet will be spared; naturally, they refused to surrender to the Klawtucan Empire as long there is hope. Then, as they were about to be executed, their Aura was suddenly unlocked as their Star-Fighter Jets came to them as its burst into the throne room, sucking everyone into outer space except Emperor Klawtu. The twins have escaped but not before they destroy the Beast's Devourer first before it reaches their target.

Now in full circle as one, the Lytiana Squadron fights the Klawtucan Imperial Fleet while fighting their way to stop the Beast's Devourer before it reaches their target. They brought down the battleships and cruisers one by one until they have cleared the way to drop the smart missile into the Beast's Devourer's power core which it was exposed. The twins raced against time as they fly and fight their way to reach the power core before it fires the beam straight to the planet but they have to dodge Emperor Klawtu and his elites. Running out of time, the twins have to find a way to get them off on their tail but they were backed up by their fellow squad mates and finally dropped their smart missiles to the core in a nick of time, destroying the Beast's Devourer and foiled their plan. With the Beast's Devourer destroyed and the Imperial Fleet retreated, the Lytiana Squadron are victorious and the capital planet of the Animalian Republic was saved for now. The battle may be over for them but the war goes on as long they enough spirits to keep fighting for freedom.

One year later, the Klawtucan Empire is defeated as the Animalia Galaxy is freed at last from the occupied forces and order has been restored. No longer as a band of Rebel Star-Fighters, they are now adventurers and mercenaries fighting for the good of all.

Team MembersEdit

Katie "Kitty" KatloreEdit

The female Alien-like Cat who is the co-leader of the rebellion squadron. She is the daughter of a legendary Rebel Star-Fighters who've fought against the first imperial army until her parents was killed by the Klawtucan Empire when her home planet was attacked. Now trained by Gray "Eagle Owl" Verrottex, Kitty now leads the squadron of free-spirited rebel fighters to take the battle against the Klawtucan Empire and his evil allies. She pilots her mother's Star-Fighter Jet, the Kitty Rose.

Robin "Rody" KatloreEdit

The Alien-like Cat who is the co-leader and the twin brother of Kitty. Like his twin sister's parents, he's the son of a legendary Rebel Star-Fighter who was once a mercenary then a top pilot of the rebel star alliance until their father and mother were killed during the attack on their home planet. Now fully trained as a Rebel Star-Fighter like his twin sister, Rody follows his father's footsteps, battle the Klawtucan Empire, and keep his sister safe at all times and out of trouble if it's obvious necessary. He pilots his father's Star-Fighter Jet, the Catboy Blue.

Al "Gator" HazarddileEdit

The Alien-like Alligator who is the squadron's amphibious pilot. Al "Gator" Hazarddile was a member of the Colonist Crocodiles as a Star-Fighter pilot who fought the Klawtucan-backed Outcasts on Planet Crocodine. When his jet was shot down by the Outcasts' anti-air blaster, Gator fought his way out of the jungle to survive until he was rescued by the Katlore Twins. After the planet is freed from the Klawtucan-backed Outcasts, Gator joined the rebel squadron to take down the evil galactic empire. He pilots his powerful amphibious Star-Fighter Jet, the Snapper.

Wu "Sable" TigerheartEdit

The Alien-like Southeast Asian Tiger is the honorable Rebel Star-Fighter pilot of the Squadron. Wu "Sable" Tigerheart was a top pilot of the Royal Planetary Air Force from Planet Tigris who defended the line against the Klawtucan Star-Fighter Jets with his proud squadron. But when his squadron was nearly wiped out, Sable was left alone to defend the line against the Klawtucan Imperial Capital Ship until he was aided by the Katlore Twins, sparing his life for the next battle. After he left the Royal Planetary Air Force with grace and honor, Sable joined the rebel squadron for his honorable battle against the evil imperial forces. He pilots his personal royal Star-Fighter Jet, the Tiger's Claw.

Elliot "Raptor" EaglestrikeEdit

The Alien Avian-like Golden Eagle is the smooth and cocky rebel pilot of the squadron. He was a former pilot of the planetary air force from Planet Aquila who is then a mercenary pilot hired by contractors to fight the Klawtucan Imperial Fleet for a highest price. Later, he was returned to his home planet as he heard about the attack and that's when the Katlore Twins came in as he was assisted. After the Battle of Planet Aquila, Raptor joined the squadron as a free-as-a-bird rebel fighter. He pilots his own favorite Star-Fighter Jet, the Eagle Streak.

Grizzo "Major" UrsoEdit

The Alien-like Grizzly Bear is the heavy-duty Rebel Star-Fighter of the squadron. Grizzo "Major" Urso was a member of the rebel group from Planet Ursa who was captured by the Klawtucan-backed Outcasts. Spending time in his imprisonment, he secretly constructed his Star-Fighter Jet at the workshop which it was his prison cell and escaped with few other prisoners and fought the Outcasts singlehandedly until the Lytiana Squadron came to help the allies and defeat the Outcasts. After Planet Ursa is freed from the Klawtucan-backed Outcasts, Major joined the rebel squadron for looking for a good fight. He pilots his heaviest Star-Fighter Jet, the Grizzly Teddy Bear. Don't expect the cute name because it has a powerful arsenal.

Jake "Hopper" HarelopeEdit

The Alien-like Rabbit is engineer of the squadron. Hailed from Planet Lepan, Jake "Hopper" Harelope was a rookie pilot of the Royal Lepanese Planetary Air Force who was a member of the recon unit, monitoring on the Splundor Mafia after complainants received to the monarchy and the labor government. Then, he spotted an anti-air missiles that they were about to be deployed hidden in the factory and they were about to fire the missile at one of his squad mates but he managed to destroy it before it launched, promoted to his rank as a wingman of the squadron for his quick reaction. After he left the royal planetary air force after his duty and the strike has ended, Hopper continue to fight the Splundorians until he joined the fight with the rebel squadron against the Klawtucan Imperial Forces. He pilots his successful experimental Star-Fighter Jet, the Lucky Bunny. He's also a scientist of the team.

Jaycee "Monkey Magic" ApesoonEdit

The Alien Apeman-like Chimpanzee is the cunning Rebel Star-Fighter pilot of the squadron. Jaycee "Monkey Magic" Apesoon was a member of the famous space circus where he was the best magician and a cunning trickster in Planet Apurilla; he was a star of the show. When the space circus ended with a spectacular finale and went retire, Monkey Magic went to the academy for Star-Fighter pilots because he wants some piece of action and uses his special tricks to good use and that is until the Katlore Twins came to see him and recruited to join the rebel squadron to fight the evil Klawtucan Empire; This is the biggest action he have looking for. He pilots his once circus spaceship now modified as a Star-Fighter Jet called Chimp Magi.

Mac "Cheese" ChasemouseEdit

The Alien-like Mouse or Alien Miceling is the technician of the squadron. Mac "Cheese" Chasemouse was a member of the repair unit from Planet Mus, fixing with his small handy ship from satellite to spaceport. When the repair unit was violably ambushed by the Klawtucan ships, Cheese was left alone as a survivor but he managed to hack into one of their ships and exposed them so that the Musian Planetary Air Force can take them down with a retaliation. After he was relieved from his duty, Cheese was recruited by the Katlore Twins to join the rebel squadron for his technical skills. He pilots his own tech Star-Fighter Jet, Mac Mice.

Genky "Machine" GreenscaleEdit

The Alien Lizardfolk-like Gecko is the wisecracking Rebel Star-Fighter of the squadron. Genky "Machine" Greenscale was a member of the Space Hot-Rodder gang called the Mean Gecko Machine who fought the corrupt general on Planet Gex. He knew the general was corrupted few years ago when he supported the Klawtucan Empire and he and his fellow gang members battled them every single day until the Lytiana Squadron came and turned the tide into their favor, weakening the corrupt general's forces and liberated part of the planet at last. After the liberation, Machine left the Space Hot-Rodders and joined the rebel squadron to fight the Klawtucan Empire. He pilots his trusty Space Hot-Rod Jet, the Scale Machine.

Congo "Bazooka" ZairillaEdit

The Alien Apeman-like Gorilla is the mechanic and the guerrilla Rebel Star-Fighter of the squadron. Congo "Bazooka" Zairilla was a member of resistance group on Planet Apurilla's jungle region where he fought the corrupt military faction along with the Outcasts. He lost his brother since the last effort to defeat the rouge militia and want to avenge his death by killing their leader, his blood boiled hatred to Outcasts. (Only they were all dead in cold blood.) But that has been changed when the Lytiana Squadron including Monkey Magic have helped the resistance group, turning the tide against the rouge militia and defeated the corrupt leader and his Outcast elites. After the war and avenged his brother's death, Bazooka joined the new rebel squadron to fight the evil Klawtucan Empire who is the responsible for their Outcasts Uprising. He pilots his guerrilla Star-Fighter Jet, Big Gorilla's Bongo.

Kao "Skipper" BoxerooEdit

The Alien-like Kangaroo is the ranger of the squadron. Kao "Skipper" Boxeroo was a member of the planetary air force ranger unit from Planet Roo who patrols the low orbit on his home planet against the Space Poachers. When he tracks one of the Space Poachers' cargo ship illegally entered the planet, he was caught in the middle of a gunfight between the Rooan Planetary Defense Force and the Space Poachers who were supplied by the Klawtucan Empire and Skipper joined the fight. He was later given the mission by his superiors to find and bust the arms deal and finally did with the unexpected help of the Lytiana Squadron, came to foil the arms deal as well averting their uprising against the hard-lining government. After the arms deal and upcoming rebellion have been foiled, Skipper was relieved from his duty and joined the rebel squadron to fight the Klawtucan Empire. He pilots his Star-Fighter Jet, the Fighting Boxer.

Ricochet "Rocket" CoonnetsEdit

The Alien-like Raccoon is the skilled thief of the squadron. Ricohet "Rocket" Coonnets was a member of the Space Hot-Rodder Gang called "The Rocketoons", a gang of thieves from Planet Coon who steal everything from pickpocketing to wallet snatching. When he stole the something most valuable from one of the Klawtucan spies, Rocket discovered that his rival gang were supplied with high-tech weaponry, military grade, and equipments to show who is the boss in the gangland. Many of his fellow gang members were against it but Rocket won't lose a chance to steal their weapons for the gang as he's taking a risk by leaving the gang all by himself. As he sneaked into the rival gang's territory, Rocket learned their plan of taking over the gangland and the planet with the help of the Klawtucan Imperial Troopers by framing his gang and Rocket has to stop them by stealing one of the weapon crates. But that is until when the Lytiana Squadron came crash the meeting and got a chance of stealing one of the crates but he was stopped by the squadron and forced to help them, even he have to. After they foiled the plan and saved his former gang, Rocket decided to join the rebel squadron to steal more of those Klawtucan Imperial Army's arsenal to weakening their forces. He pilots his stealth Star-Fighter Jet, the Shadow Raccoon.

Freddy "Otto" WaterferretEdit

The Alien-like Otter is the groovy member of the squadron. Hailed from Planet Ferritos, Freddy "Otto" Waterferret was a fifteen-time intergalactic aqua-space surfboard champion before he became a member of the freedom fighter group against the Klawtucan Empire from attempt invade his home planet. And day by day, Otto kept the cool water at bay for everybody and then the surprising visit from the Lytiana Squadron as they came to help him and his fellow dudes and bros to save the water and they did it, ending their posing threats for good. After the planet is saved for now, Otto joined the rebel squadron, looking for more fun and action across the Animalia Galaxy. He pilots his aquatic Star-Fighter Jet, the Groovy Otter.

Barry "Bullseye" BullgazerEdit

The Alien-like Bull or Alien Minotaur is one of the rangers of the squadron. Han "Bullseye" Bullgazer was one of the top ranch rangers from Planet Tauro who kept his home planet safe from Space Poachers. When he was challenged by top three most wanted Space Poachers, he faced his toughest battle yet and he managed to beat two of them. But when the last one Space Poacher was about to be captured, the Klawtucan Imperial Fleet appeared and came to conquer his planet and causing his bounties to escape. This made Bullseye mad until the Lytiana Squadron have arrived and he joined the fray to make them pay for letting these criminals to escape. After the battle, Bullseye finally captured all three Space Poachers and put them to jail for real time and joined the rebel squadron to fight the evil Klawtucan Empire. He pilots his powerful Star-Fighter Jet, Rodeo Bull.

Hank "Horsepower" ClubhorseEdit

The Alien-like Horse is one of the rangers of the squadron. Hank "Horsepower" Clubhorse was once a sherif in his hometown on Planet Mane when it was attacked by the Klawtucan Imperial Troopers. Although he saved many lives, his town was destroyed and he have to fight the invaders all by himself, with or without the planetary air force until he was assisted by the Lytiana Squadron and defeated the invaders. After rebuilding the town, Horsepower gave his badge to his deputy and joined the rebel squadron to fight the Klawtucan Empire for justice. He pilots the Sherif's Stead, one of the most decorated Star-Fighter Jets in the galaxy.

Gerald "Gamma" GammacornEdit

The Alien-like Goat is the hard-lining member of the squadron. Gerald "Gamma" Gammacorn is a serious ranch ranger from Planet Goatee who kept his planet safe from undesirable Space Poacher. He had been raided by them and had enough of being raided so he took that matter by his own hands, all by himself to keep his territory at bay from them. However, he can't do it all by himself when the Klawtucan Imperial Fleet stood before him and his own Star-Fighter Jet was heavily damaged and was about to be annihilated until he was backed up by the Lytiana Squadron and watched the whole moment as he learned his lesson though he bravely to stand alone in a dangerous risk. After he sold his own ranch to others, Gamma joined the rebel squadron with one condition: give him a good head start the fight. He pilots his own hardened Star-Fighter Jet, Billy Kid's Head Basher.

Pock "War-Hog" HoggertsEdit

The Alien-like Pig is the chef of the squadron. Although he was a very good chef, Pock "War-Hog" Hoggerts was once a goofball of the ranch rangers from Planet Hoggis who made mess and fumbling around the base. He doesn't had a chance to fly one of the Star-Fighter Jets until he was called into service when there were no other active pilots but the problem was he doesn't know how to fly one of these jets but forced to take-off and entering the low orbit where he faced five Klawtucan Dark Star-Fighters. He was able to dodge their attacks but then he luckily took out one of them out with smart missile and continue fight against four remaining enemy Dark Star-Fighter Jets with any weapon he can use. After his first battle, he earned with respect as they called him "War-Hog" who is a true warrior with guts and glory. Later, War-Hog joined the rebel squadron when he heard the news about the liberation of Planet Boarabas and left the ranch rangers as their chef and supportive member. He pilots his very first own Star-Fighter Jet, the Pork Power.

Wally "Wakie" NovaroostarEdit

The Alien Avian-like Rooster is a cocky member of the squadron. Wally "Wakie" Novaroostar was a member of the ranch rangers from Planet Chicko who gets first into action as his wake-up call to his fellow squad mates but without any order from the command. Every time he goes out to low orbit to patrol the planet's surface, Wakie fights bunch of Space Poachers all by himself until a fleet of Klawtucan Imperial Force came and he has to warn them immediately but the communication was cut off and he has to fight alone until the Lytiana Squadron came to stop the Imperial Fleet with reinforcements from the ranch rangers and Wakie happily to join the fight against the Klawtucan Imperial Fleet. After the battle, he quits the ranch rangers and joined the rebel squadron as a scout and a wake-up caller. He pilots his light Star-Fighter Jet, the Clock Rooster.

Paine "Biter" FishbeakEdit

The Alien Aquatoid-like Piranha is the aquatic hunter of the squadron. Hailed from Planet Piraños, Paine "Biter" Fishbeak is a lone hunter who killed dozens of Space Poachers and Kaurren Troopers in the swampy jungle where he lives there. When the Klawtucan Imperial Troopers invaded his home planet for construction their water depletor facility, Biter joined the rebel group to take their territory back and that is until the Lytiana Squadron came to help them to destroy the illegal facility and free the waters. After the planet is saved, Biter decided to join the rebel squadron as he's looking for more hunting for sport and satisfy his hunger for justice. He pilots his hunting Star-Fighter Jet, the Hungry Fish.

Fenn "Makos" WhitefineEdit

The Alien Aquatoid-like Shark is the rebel-razoring member of the squadron. Fenn "Makos" Whitefine was a lone Space Hot-Rodder from Planet Selach who've broke the law several times in the urban downtown until he was caught by the local authority. But when the Kaurrens invaded his home planet, Makos escaped from jail but only to find himself as he was caught in the middle of the battle between the invaders and the gang so he joined the gang to kick the invaders' butts out of the planet for good. After the invasion was repelled, Makos decided to leave his home planet to see the stars until he was encountered by the Lytiana Squadron and he joined the rebel squadron to fight the Klawtucan Empire. He pilots his own Space Hotrod Fighter Jet, the Sharknado.

Cecil "Tanker" InktopusEdit

The Alien Aquatoid-like Octopus is the four-arm strongman of the squadron. Cecil "Tanker" Inktopus was a member of the anti-Kaurren guerrilla group from Planet Octos, a neighboring planet of Kaurren's home planet, who fought them in the Kaurren-Octosian War. He battled his enemies singlehandedly, in space and on the ground. When he was sent to stop the Kaurrens from launching their photon cannon on his home planet, he received some help from the Lytiana Squadron and together they've ended the war once and for all, defeating the Kaurrens in the process. After the war has ended, Tanker joined the rebel squadron to fight the Klawtucan Empire, the Kaurrens' powerful evil ally. He pilots the four-powered Star-Fighter Jet, the Techno Octopus.

Wally "Big Tusk" TuskonovEdit

The Alien-like Walrus is the heavy supporter of the squadron. Wally "Big Tusk" Tuskonov is not a brute but with a good man at a humble heart and was a transporter for the planetary air force from Planet Thaolus. He brings weapons and supplies to his fellow allies and the resistance against the Klawtucan Empire. When he was ambushed by the Klawtucan-backed Outcasts, Big Tusk defended himself with any weapon he can use except from the crates until he was rescued and backed up by the Lytiana Squadron and saved the shipments and delivered on time before the final battle have started. After the delivery and battle against the Klawtucan-backed Outcasts, Big Tusk have decided to join the rebel squadron and provided them with weapons and upgrades for the upcoming battles. He pilots his once transport ship now a heavy supportive Star-Fighter Jet, the Iceberg Baggage.

Luke "Speedster" LeBoosterEdit

The Alien-like Leopard is the most athletic member of the squadron. Luke "Speedster" LeBooster was a 21st time intergalactic athlete gold medalist because of his greatest feat in records. Retired from sports, he goes into the intergalactic sport race with his Space Booster Jet, racing for the money to donate the orphanages across his home planet of Cheestar. After the race, however, he overheard that the Klawtucan Imperial Army sent one of the best racer to win so they can take the biggest prize and use it as their prototype of their war effort and Speedster have to stop them which he did as he won the toughest race ever, outsmarting the Klawtucan racer with his cunning tricks. After he won the biggest prize, Speedster decided to use it to keep it safe from the Klawtucans' evil clutches and that's when he joined the Lytiana Squadron after he heard the news about them. Now racing for justice and freedom, he pilots the Lighting Leopard, the most fastest Star-Fighter Jet in the galaxy.

Aaron "Alpha Leo" LionstarEdit

The Alien-like Lion is the bravest warrior of the squadron. Hailed from Planet Lione, Aaron "Alpha Leo" Lionstar is a member of the Lionstar Clan who have protected the ancestral planet for generation. Unlike his ancestors, he wanted to see the stars where they were born there. However, he have to deal with the Klawtucan-backed Outcasts in order to prove himself to his elders with his brethren until he finally defeated the leader of the Lionese Outcasts. After he freed the planet and restored the balance of harmony, Alpha Leo is free to go to travel the stars and anywhere he like go and that's when he met and joined the Lytiana Squadron to fight the Klawtucan Empire, his ancestors' ancient enemy. He pilots the ancestral Star-Fighter Jet called the Omega Lion, granted as his gift given by his father.

Eli "Hoser" IvorystarEdit

The Alien-like Elephant is the wise and strong-willed rebel fighter of the squadron. Hailed from Planet Elephantine, Eli "Hoser" Ivorystar was a member of the volunteer rescue workers when the Klawtucan Imperial Fleet dropped the bombs on his home planet for their purpose of conquering the galaxy as their reason of evil. Hoser saved hundreds of innocent lives, evacuating them out of the battle zones where they were trapped there and hoping that someone or somebody will stop their bombings and that's when the Lytiana Squadron came help them while he saved more hundreds of them and defended the non-combat zone before the Klawtucan Air Force dropping bombs on the innocents, violating the intergalactic law, but Hoser repelled them. After saving the planet and the bombing stopped, Hoser joined the rebel squadron as he continues to save many lives across Animalia Galaxy and defend all that is for greater good. He pilots the defensive Star-Fighter Jet, Ganesh's Palm.

Randy "Brick" TuskstarEdit

The Alien-like Rhinoceros is the strongest rebel fighter of the squadron. Hailed from Planet Rhynos, Randy "Brick" Tuskstar was a strongest member of the freedom fighters group who fought the Klawtucan Imperial Troopers, defending his home planet with his fists and adamandium horn. He was the unstoppable one-man army and led his fellow allies to victory as he smashed their only outpost on the planet and freed it from the Klawtucans' short-lived occupy force. After the liberation, Brick decided to join the Lytiana Squadron when he heard the news and became the strongest member of the team, ready to smash more of those evil Imperial Troopers. He pilots the strongest Star-Fighter Jet called the Iron Rhino.

Harvey "Hipster" TamposusEdit

The Alien-like Hippopotamus is literally a hipster of the squadron. Hailed from Planet Hippos, Harvey "Hipster" Tamposus was a lazy one, relaxing at his home at the riverside with swimming pool and biggest jacuzzi for everybody. But when his party was interrupted by the invasion of the Klawtucan Empire, Hipster had enough of them as he goes after them with the coolest Star-Fighter Jet and took down every single of them and then reached the Klawtucan Battleship until the Lytiana Squadron crashed the party and Hipster joined their party to beat the invaders. After the invasion, Hipster invited them to his party and then later he joined the rebel squadron after he gave his home that has became a public place. He pilots his very own Star-Fighter Jet with a hipster look, the Hippie Hippo Party Crasher.

Slaine "Slick" AstrosnakeEdit

The Alien Serpentfolk is the skilled gunslinger of the squadron. Hailed from Planet Serpos, Slaine "Slick" Astrosnake was a bounty hunter who collects his rewards by capturing or killing most-wanted criminals but he preferred to capture them alive for higher rewards. Then, his biggest bounty was a Klawtucan Commander who committed war-crimes and genocidal crime against several Animalian planets he conquered for the empire. Capturing him alive would be tough but Slick was ready for anything, even going to war on the Klawtucan Empire. On the Klawtucan Spaceport nearby the Planet of Calbinor, Slick have infiltrated the base and encountered his bounty in a bitter gunfight and then he finally stunned him and captured him alive. Not only to that, he liberated several planets with the ruthless commander is out of the commission for good. Although he's not a hero despite freeing the planets, he was just doing his job. After he collected his bounty, Slick heard the news about the Lytiana Squadron who fought the Klawtucan Empire at Planet Venbra and decided to join the rebel squadron, fighting for the greater good and justice in high noon time. He pilots his own Star-Fighter Jet called the High Noon Snake.

Luka "Batstein" FledermaussteinEdit

The Alien-like Bat or Alien Batling is the sniper pilot of the squadron. Hailed from Planet Chirobatra, Luka "Batstein" Fledermausstein was a member of the royal blooded clan who was a runt. Batstein didn't have a chance to get into action except his break time to watch the view of a beautiful red sky with a full moon and sometimes wandering around the forest near the castle he lived there. Then, his big moment has come when he was sent for a mission to uncover the Klawtucan-backed clan's plans are at the cavern in the southwest. But when he was about to enter the cavern, his fellow clansmen were captured and Batstein is the only one who must rescue them with only a silent dart rifle. Heading into the cavern, he found his fellow clansmen but also uncovered their scheme to destroy his clan with their sonic disruptor. Batstein have managed to sabotage the device first and freed his fellow clansmen second and then escaped the cavern before it sealed off from leaving, foiling their plan for good. After the mission was success, he was deserved with respect from his clan and earned his greatest reward: he's free to peak the sun and even peak the stars and that's when he was encountered by the Lytiana Squadron and joined the rebel squadron as he helped them to guide his home planet and defeat the rival clan and the Klawtucan Empire. He pilots his sniper Star-Fighter Jet, the Synchronic Bat.

Ricky "Ratatouille" VerminskiEdit

The Alien-like Rat or Alien Ratling is the scavenger of the squadron. Hailed from Planet Verminol, Ricky "Ratatouille" Verminski was a member of the Space Hot-Rodder Gang called "The Scavengrats", a gang of scavengers who steal foods and supplies and even hijacking transports from the occupy forces of the Klawtucan Empire with the sewers they use. But when their own inside job was gone awry, Ratatouille was captured while his fellow gang members and their leader were executed, leaving him as a lone survivor of the gang. Then, when his home planet was about to liberated by the Lytiana Squadron, he escaped from his prison cell while the riot was ignited by the uprising against the occupy forces and fought his way out to his freedom until he was stopped a Klawtucan Imperial Soldier and about to be shot but he was rescued by the Katlore Twins and their allies and Ratatouille. After his home planet was fully liberated, he joined the rebel squadron as his new gang whom can take on the mighty evil Klawtucan Empire. He pilots his old Scavengrats' Star-Fighter Jet, the Junk Rat.

Gray "Eagle Owl" VerrotexEdit

The Alien Avian-like Great Eagle Owl is the veteran of the squadron and the mentor of the Katlore Twins. Gray "Eagle Owl" Verrotex was a second-in-command of the rebel alliance and an old friend to the Katlore Twins' parents since the first rebellion against the first evil galactic empire. After the war has ended with the fall of the first evil galactic empire, Eagle Owl went retire for twenty years and lived peacefully on his home planet of Bubo. But when his old friends were killed by the Klawtucan Empire during the invasion on their home planet, Eagle Owl forced out from his retirement and began to fight the evil galactic empire that had ravaged all across Animalia Galaxy, starting with the rescuing their children and others on the refugee planet with his old trustworthy command ship, Noah's Ark. He pilots his legendary Star-Fighter Jet, the Millennium Owl.


  • Almost named after the fictional galaxy called Lylat System, the main setting from Star Fox series.
  • Katie "Kitty" Katlore and Robin "Rody" Katlore are modeled after Katt Monroe and Kool.
  • Inspired from Star Wars' Rebel Alliance and Free-As-A-Bird, the galactic hot-rodding gang appeared only in online manga, a Star Fox Adventures prequel called "Farewell, Beloved Falcon."
  • Themed with Animals while the characters are modeled after Fan Characters of Road Rovers, mostly mutants, including deviantArtists like MDTartist83's Prowl, Sheng Long, and Vladimir; MetalExVeemon's Raptor, Jasper, and Soduko; Derpastein's Cooper and Slicker; and dcaldwell101's Purlinn and Orenji. But only in good version.
  • Grizzo "Major" Urso is modeled after the unnamed Bear-man warrior who appeared in the episode of classic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, "The Game Master."

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