Jamaican Mojo Jumbos is the Native Deadly Alliance, the North American Deadly Alliance, and the Caribbean Deadly Alliance as well the team member of the UN-GDI and the Freedom Front. The band of Lizardfolk Mojo Masters who have the power of mojo to banish the evil spirits and demons from the darkest and baddest side of the world and fight the nasty Black Lagoon Lizards.


The Early DaysEdit

Buck Mojo Jumbo was an ordinary inhabitant of Mojo Isle where all the magic is flowing across the air. Until one day, he gain his first power of mojo magic as he was chosen by mojo magicians for a reason: trained to become one of the Mojo Masters.

The Mojo MasterEdit

Buck doesn't seemed to be confused but he's likely wanted to know why until he understands what the mojo magicians said: he must be trained in order to vanquish evil spirits from the underworld of Chaos and become one of the Mojo Masters. After days of training and learning mojo magic, Buck is ready to go and vanquish evil spirits and demons at the Black Mojo Jungle where the king of evil spirits awaits him.

Buck ventured into the dark jungle and faced many demon spirits along the way but he didn't fought any of them until he used his basic mojo magic on them. Buck was beginning to learn some of those magic tricks as he's vanquishing evil spirits and sending demons back to the underworld. But as he vanquished nearly a thousand evil spirits and demons, the angry demonic king of evil spirits appeared from behind his back but Buck have managed to dodge his sudden sneak attack and battled him with all his mojo magic until he unlocked his Aura as his main source of the mojo magic and defeated the king of evil spirits then casted him and his evil minions back to the underworld for good.

With the evil demons and spirits are vanquished and the jungle is freed from its vile curse, Buck became one of the Mojo Masters and a hero to his village.

The Quest for MojoEdit

Six months later, Buck made some friends to become like him as he teaches them to control their mojo magic. Charlie Jammin' Maic, his old childhood friend; Vicky Bloom Abby, a female Lizardfolk who likes flowers which she has the mojo magic of nature; Bobby Blink Reggy, the Lizarkfolk-like False Chameleon; Murray Tune Tail, the Lizardfolk-like Jamaican Lizard; Rocko Beat Boxer, the Lizardfolk-like Jamaican Rock Iguana; and Leno Smooth Tail, the Jamaican Serpentfolk.

Until one day, all the mojo spores and magics are gone into fade and no one knows what happened to their magic of joy and peace. Buck was once again being called by the mojo magicians as they were sent to find the source of mojo magic, far away from home to the south where the meteor struck down to Antichthon overnight.

Buck and his Mojo Friends were heading to the island up north called Voodoo Island where they can probably find some information about the meteor they've seen it last night. But when they've arrived on Voodoo Island, however, they were being followed by the evil vile Bad Smell Black Lizards or the Black Lagoon Lizards. Heading down into the jungle, Buck and his Mojo Friends were surrounded by them but they were rescued by Dolku and his team, Haitian Voodoo Dancers. Buck and his Mojo Friends made some new friends as they teamed up to defeat the Black Lagoon Lizards with their combined power. After the Black Lagoon Lizards are chased away, they ventured to the other island where they met Elapso and his time, NiteDay Cubanos, and they've learned that the meteor has flew down to the deeper south. Elapso and his allies joined his quest as they're heading the main land where they meet Tikool and his team, Brasilia Slingers, and teamed up to fight the Black Lagoon Lizards in the jungle treetop village where they have to defend their home which they did. After the Black Lagoon Lizards are pushed away and never come back (though they will come back, eventually), the Mojo Heroes and their fellow allies are heading off the Island of Giant Lizard Heads where its their final destination to find the meteor.

On the Island of Giant Lizard Heads they've arrived by sea, Buck and his allies saw the shining bright light blue glow far away and they're heading off to reach it but they were blocked by Gregory and his team, Rapu Nuio Chiliana, as they were being mistaken as intruders which Buck cleared things up with his new friends as they are not the Black Lagoon Lizards and it worked. After it was settled, they agreed to help them when they saw their giant stone heads are acting weird stuff going but fortunately, Buck knows what it cause them crazy as he learned that it was mojo magics that it brought them to life, dancing with reggae music, and they know what the meteor has in stored: Mojomium, the source of all mojo's! Buck and his allies are heading to the old temple where the meteor actually crashed into that place as Gregory and his allies showed the way. At the old temple they went, Buck and his allies jumped into the temple which it was the easy way in but how to get the giant stone of Mojomium out of there is the hard way, they have to be careful with it when they use all of their strength and bring it outside. As they've brought the Mojomium out of the temple, they were completely surrounded by the Black Lagoon Lizards and their evil big boss, Nasty Drazil. The heroes defended the Mojomium as they fought his evil army. Before they face off with Nasty Drazil, the Mojomium stunned them while the heroes regained their energy and strength and the Black Lagoon Lizards were suddenly teleported back to their island before they could continue their battle. After their crazy adventure is nearly over, Buck and his Mojo Friends were teleported back to Mojo Island with Mojomium while their friends are heading back to their home island.

With the mojo magic is restored and peace has returned once again, Buck and his Mojo Friends deserve their rest as their reward and enjoyed their peaceful times. But their crazy adventures were just the only the beginning.


In 21st century, the Jamaican Mojo Jumbos rescued all spectators and the reggae band at the concert in Kingston when the fire was broken out from the backstage by accident. That brought attention to the UN-GDI as they accepted to join them as part of the Deadly Alliance.

Team MembersEdit

Buck Mojo JumboEdit

A humble Lizardfolk who is the leader of the team. Smoothing, cool, and overconfident, Buck Mojo Jumbo has the power of Mojo magic tricks and great sense of humor. He's also the Mojo Master due to his last adventure of vanquishing demons.

Charlie Jammin' MagicEdit

The green Lizardfolk who is a childhood friend of Buck Mojo Jumbo. When the evil spirits came to pestering him, he was saved by his friend and trained to be like Buck. After his training with him, Charlie won't have to worry about the evil spirits as he has the mojo magic now.

Vicky Bloom AbbyEdit

The female Lizardfolk who has the mojo power of nature. Before she became one of the Mojo Masters, Vicky did only banish the evil spirits by using water as her only resort. But now she has the mojo magic so she can banish the evil spirits and demons with her own magic.

Bobby Blink ReggyEdit

The Lizardfolk-like False Chameleon who is the master of Invisible Mojo that it can use as his camouflage. Before he became the Mojo Master, Bobby had a problem with the evil spirit that it can see him and annoys him. But when the evil spirit is vanished thanks to Buck's heroic deed, Bobby joined him and trained to become as one of them which he did and used his mojo magic so he can annoy them so he won't to be bothered by them again.

Murray Tune TailEdit

The Lizardfolk-like Jamaican Lizard who is the master of the Leaping Mojo. Murray was bothered by the evil spirit, ruining his meditation until they were banished thanks to Buck's heroic deed. No longer to wait, Murray became one of the Mojo Masters so he can bothered the evil spirit that he annoyed him and sent him back from where he came and never return to bother him again.

Rocko Beat BoxerEdit

The Lizardfolk-like Jamaican Rock Iguana who is the muscled Mojo Master of the team. Despite of his enormous strength, Rocko was annoyed the evil demon for sometime until he was banished to the underworld thanks to Buck's heroic action. Rocko decided to put his muscle training aside and start training with his new mojo magic with the element of earth and then he became one of the Mojo Masters which he did beat the demon that he annoyed him and sent him back to the underworld so he will never come back.

Leno Smooth TailEdit

The friendly Serpentfolk who is the master of the Shaking Mojo Snakey. Leno was plagued by the evil spirit with annoying sound but thankfully he was banished by Buck after he defeated the demonic king of evil spirits and demons. Leno joined Buck as he was trained to become one of the Mojo Masters and annoyed the evil spirit that he annoyed him with the smoothing sound of the mojo music and sent him back to the underworld so he won't come back again.


  • Themed with Jamaican cultures.
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