Hungry Shark Gang
Hungry Shark Gang
The Most-Wanted Gang of Selachia
The Emblem of Hungry Shark Gang
Team's Profile
Leader Jarek Makofinn
Alignment Freedom Front
Allies Aqua Scavengers, Sea Templar, Sea Musketeers, and 7 Seastar Warriors
Enemies Sea Marauders
Location USA flag New Smyrna Beach, Florida, United States of America

Hungry Shark Gang is the Medieval Allied Alliance, the International Allied Alliance and the team member of the Freedom Front. The pirate gang of Sharknoids bites their way to save and protect the local coastal towns for a day or so, loot and collect some treasures from the bottom of the ocean to the hidden islands, and kill most of the sea marauders in their own crazy way.


It all began in a small peaceful coastal town of New Sharkina Bay in Selachia, Antichthon where the sea marauders have terrorized the good folks for months and nobody is able to stop them... Until a hero appeared. A reluctant hero with a badass attitude. His name was Jarek Makofinn.

Jarek and his gang, Hungry Shark Gang, have travelled across the seas of Antichthon and returned home to New Sharkina Bay but only to find that town had been changed since the sea marauders came and lived further away from it. The gang have decided to break up for a while and Jarek went to visit his old friend just on the cliff at sea. Life was boring at the time and they have nothing to do until one day when his old fish-hag was killed by a pack of sea marauders while he's inside the old house and got spotted. Jarek was armed and ready with his double heavy crossbow and a rusted sword, killing the marauders in cold blood. After he disposed the sea marauders, his old friend asked him a favor before he died with his last words: kill those sea marauding bastards and give their old glory back. Jarek made a promise and vowed that his death will be avenged.

Meanwhile at the town, his gang members had a good time but then it gets boring than ever until Jarek called everyone come to the old house and make a plan of how to get rid of these sea marauders. They planned to hijack their ship and kill everyone onboard while the others are heading to the other town to the south as they hunt the first leader of the sea marauders.

On the shores, the first team have infiltrated the ship via cargo hold and killed everyone on sight including the first mate onboard. After the slaughter, they have seized their ship and decided to redecorate it but first they had to hid the ship from their sights, deep within the grotto. Meanwhile on the town in the south, Jarek and his matey's hunt the first leader and his men at the docks where their hideout is. They've raided at dusk and killed his men inside without a warning and Jarek grabbed the first leader and interrogated him. They've learned that the sea marauders' third leader and their father are coming to New Sharkina Bay to take control the peaceful sea town and use it their new base of operations and Jarek has to warn them before they arrive.

Unfortunately, things have gone bad to worse when the town was about to be attacked when the second leader of the sea marauders was killed a self-defending but innocent girl.

Jarek and his matey's have returned to New Sharkina Bay and have to make their plan for a defense against the raging sea marauders when there's no mayor to lead which he was executed in a public view and only a handful militia to fight such a large group of them. However, Jarek made a perfect plan to attack them by setting up an ambush in the main square and waiting for an hour in a dark clouded sky until the raging and vengeful sea marauders came into main square, demanding to come out and fight but Jarek had already have tricks up from his fin as he shot one of his men and the ambush have started. Jarek and the Hungry Shark Gang fought them with blunderbuss and musketeer rifles and then the sword fight as they stepped out from their ambush points. It was a bloody battle, slaying every sea marauders on sight and killed his aging father as the third and last sea marauder leader finally snapped and deranged as he kidnapped a little girl and hold her as a hostage and Jarek have to rescue her all by himself as he followed them to the beach.

Down at the beach, he confronted the last sea marauder leader of the occupied New Sharkina Bay and told him everything he has done for his old friend but he was told that he was not the only. The true leader of the sea marauder is King Murkendon and there are many commanders like him and Jarek will have to hunt them down and kill every single one of them but first he has to kill him as he told his enemy that he kill his everyone of his group which he also killed his brothers though he didn't knew about them. Then, he shot him before the sea marauder commander shot him first, right in his head, and saved the girl. But as he saved girl, he was surprised that she wasn't scared after the killing of the sea marauder commander and she said that was totally wicked and so as the town folks as they beat the sea marauders up in a bloody pulp at the main square, meaning they got their old glory and traditional ways back!

After New Sharkina Bay is freed from those sea marauder scumbags, the Hungry Shark Gang bid farewell to the good old folks and have decided to travel all across the Seven Seas with their own powerful pirate ship that they stole it from them and modified with powerful tools and weapons which Jarek loves it to bring down those enemy ships and bases on sea and on the coast. Even better, he wields the legendary sword, the Blade of Selach the Slayer.

Setting on their sights to destroyed King Murkendon's sea marauders, the Hungry Shark Gang will fight and bite them for justice as they became the most notorious sea pirate gang of Selachia.

In the 21st century, the Hungry Shark Gang have resided in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, United States of America, which it is ironically known as the Capital of Shark Attacks. This is also where they confronted the Warlord Naval Armed Forces.

Team MembersEdit

Jarek MakofinnEdit

The Sharknoid-like Mako is the leader of the Hungry Shark Gang. He's a cocky and wisecracking warrior with his charm of womanizer, liar, and cheater, Jarek Makofinn was a former member of the Mako Fish Gang who was relieved from his duty after getting into trouble with other gangs. With no gang at his side, he decided to make his own gang and turned attention with his little friend, Mick Blackreef, and recruits other members from each gang they've used to work with. Now he leads the most notorious sea pirate gang of Antichthon to fight the sea marauders led by his powerful nemesis, King Murkendon. He is the wielder of the Blade of Selach the Slayer and his nationality is American.

Mick BlackreefEdit

The Sharknoid-like Blacktip Reef is the Thief Class of the gang and a good friend of Jarek Makofinn. Mick Blackreef was a member and a runt of the Tip Reef Gang who steals their stuff from rival gangs until he was "kicked out" from the gang, leaving to fend himself from others until he was rescued by Jarek Makofinn. He became a best friend to him who is so kind but a bit of a show-off and he'll always at his side as well to the new gang's side. His nationality is American.

Wally WhitereefEdit

The Sharknoid-like Whitetip Reef is the Fighter Class of the gang and the playful member. Wally Whitereef was a member of the Shine Shark Reef Gang who loved to play some games (even some sick games) on other rival gang with throwing knifes and swords. When Wally was in deep trouble with the other rival gang members, he was saved by Jarek Makofinn and later he joined him at his side to form a new gang, looking for more fun and actions. His favorite hobby is juggling which he practices everyday before the battle and his favorite technique which he uses it every time. His nationality is American.

Beagle PorbsharkEdit

The Sharknoid-like Porbeagle is the young Hunter Class of the gang. Beagle Porbshark is a joyful and kind Sharknoid who wants to be a great hunter like his cousin but he's too short to be like one of them. But that doesn't stop him from achieving his dream until he was impressed by Jarek Makofinn who asked him to join his gang and Beagle is happily agreed to join the gang with his cousin. He's the little cousin of Gerth Warshark; if they messes with him, they'll get a snap from his big badass cousin. His nationality is British with English nationality.

Bella BluselachEdit

The female Sharknoid-like Blue Shark is the Assassin Class of the gang. She was a mercenary who was hired by the highest contractor to kill her target. She's fast, deadly, and full-blown sexy, Bella is also a stern and serious if she wants to get the job done right by herself. When her final contract went awry, she was "aided" by Jarek Makofinn who got his bounty first but she wants to kill her target so she can get paid but she was convinced enough that the prize is higher than kill him so she brought to her contractor and let him decide what her contractor do. After her contract is complete, she was offered to join his gang and kindly accept it but she will keep an eye on Jarek if he's making something stupid. Her nationality is Dominican Republican.

Salam Al-JawraiEdit

The Sharknoid-like Sand Shark is the merchant and the weapon smith of the gang. Salam Al-Jawrai was a member of the Sea Merchant Guild who sold items to his customers with fair prices, no matter what quality and quantity is. When his grumpy customer from a rival gang demanded a refund, Salam viciously attacked him and cost his membership to revoke and he's no longer a member of the guild. Out of business, he has nowhere else to go until he was cheered up by Jarek Makofinn when he was looking for some weapons he can use it for his ship and later he joined the gang for his useful needs as he can fix their weapons for free of charge but required some materials only. His nationality is Emirate.

Terry ThersharkEdit

The Sharknoid-like Thresher is the fastest Fighter Class of the gang. Terry Thershark was a member of the Thrilling Thresher Gang who faced many dangers from rival gangs in great speed. When he decided to go on his own looking for more danger, Terry was offered by Jarek Makofinn after he fought a bunch of sea marauders when saving the girl to join his gang and he was thrilled to join him as he's ready for more action in a dangerous rate. His nationality is Fijian.

Smithy "Smoothy" HammersharkEdit

The Sharknoid-like Smooth Hammerhead is a smooth wisecracking Warrior Class of the gang, the friendly rival of Jarek Makofinn, and one of the Hammer-Shark Bros. Smithy "Smoothy" Hammershark was a member of the Hammer Shark Gang, a rival gang to Mako Fish Gang, who fought his one-time rival years ago. Tired of stern-y tension after the soccer game, Smithy met up with Mako as he planned to make their new gang after he learned that he was relieved from his duty and Smithy and his big brother Gareth joined him so that the tension is defused which they finally got rid themselves from trouble. His nickname "Smoothy" is because of his smooth talk and smooth moves the way he do. His nationality is American.

Balzo BulksharkEdit

The Sharknoid-like Bull Shark is the armstrong Fighter Class of the gang. Balzo Bulkshark was a member of the Bullshark Fighter Gang who is one of the greatest cage fighters in Selachia. After many winnings for prize money, Balzo retires from cage fights and decided to make it on his own until the sea marauders came to crash his retirement home and fought them with his bare fists in a bloody pulp. After the fighting is over when the sea marauders fled in fear, he was applauded by Jarek Makofinn and was asked to join the gang and he accepted it as his retirement is off and ready to fight some bad fishes in the barrels. His nationality is Spanish.

Giro GreensharkEdit

The Sharknoid-like Goblin Shark is the Wizard Class of the gang. Giro Greenshark was a former member of the cult when he learned that they were blind idiots who did not understand about the teaching of magic so he left the cult and branded him as a heretic; but not before he burned the cult into dust first as he brought a curse upon them. His main reason was he believed that there was the Chaos God of Water they worshipped him and he will never teach them with magic. Then he was recruited by Jarek Makofinn to join his gang and he gently accepted it as he will teach the gang with magic. His nationality is Japanese.

Mark MegasharkEdit

The Sharknoid-like Megamouth is the big mouth Warrior Class of the gang. Mark Megashark was a member of the Mega Shark Gang who was a hired bodyguard for the nobel man against the sea marauders who are trying to assassinate him. After his duty is complete, Mark was offered by Jarek Makofinn to join his gang and gladly accepted it to keep those sea marauder scumbags out of their way. His nationality is Brazilian.

Gareth HammersharkEdit

The Sharknoid-like Greater Hammerhead is the hammer-wielding Warrior Class of the gang and one of the Double Hammer-Shark Bros. Like his brother, he was also a member of the Hammer Shark Gang who was served as one of their henchmen. After he heard that Jarek Makofinn was relieved from his duty, Gareth joined Smithy as they left the gang which they got rid themselves from sterling trouble between the gangs. However, the gangs became friends again and that was the main reason for. His nationality is American.

Tigra TigerfinEdit

The female Sharknoid-like Tiger Shark is the skilled Warrior Class of the gang. She was a wandering warrior from the east who seek revenge on the sea marauders whom have killed her master and stole the ancient scroll from the temple. After she tracked her master's killers, killed them all and recovered the scroll, Tigra was offered by Jarek Makofinn to join his gang for her impressive skills and she accepted it as she continues to fight for justice against the sea marauders. Her nationality is Chinese.

Baker BaskfishEdit

The Sharknoid-like Basking Shark is the chef of the gang. Baker Baskfish was a former cook from the Basking Foodchain who made delicious meals for his customers. He worked all day and night to make them happy but it was until the scandal was broken out when he uses corpses of sea marauders; fortunately, the customers doesn't care about the scandal and loves it to eat it because of their tradition and Baker have decided to hand over his business to his protege to take care of his business. After he left his business, Baker was asked by Jarek Makofinn to join the gang as their chef and he's delighted to accept his offer and will make their meal much more delicious than ever with his very own cookbook. His nationality is French.

Walter JabberwhaleEdit

The Sharknoid-like Whale Shark is the veteran Warrior Class and the advisor of the gang. Wise and humble, Walter Jabberwhale was an admiral of the royal navy who have fought sea marauders in every battle on seas. After his retirement, he decide to go piracy on his own but still has some old navy skills on his mind until Jarek Makofinn asked him to join the gang for his expert advise and kindly accepted his offer. His nationality is British with Scottish nationality.

Gerth WarsharkEdit

The Sharknoid-like Great White is the brutal Hunter-Warrior Class of the gang and the big cousin of Beagle Porbshark. Gerth Warshark is the fearless warrior who've battled thousands of sea marauders, cults, Fish-Mongers, monsters and sea demons with his big sword to slice and dice them all in cold blood. After he returned from his glorious and bloody battles, Gerth heard that his little cousin have joined Jarek Makofinn's gang and he immediately joined them with one condition: don't mess with his cousin or else he'll break anyone of them which Jarek understood that. His nationality is American.

Mardok SelachodonEdit

The Sharknoid-like Megalodon is the mighty and powerful Warrior Class of the gang. Mardok Selachodon is one of the few survivors of his kind who have fought tens of thousands of sea marauders and evil forces with his gigantic Blade of Megalodon and singlehandedly defeated them all and nobody can stop him. He was accompanied by Duke Dunkleostein and Snap Sharkaurus and then later was asked by Jarek Makofinn to join the gang which they accepted their offer as Mardok continues his never-ending battle sea marauders and King Murkendon who is his ancient enemy. His nationality is unknown but presumably as the American.

Duke DunkleosteinEdit

The Sharknoid-like Dunkleosteus is the Big Daddy of the gang. Duke Dunkleostein was the member of his ancient kind who is very known of slain and exterminated King Murkendon's ancient tribe and once a rival of Mardok Selachodon who later joined together along with Snap Sharkaurus to battle against their common enemy until they were asked by Jarek Makofinn to join the gang and accepted their offer to fight the sea marauders. His nationality is Polish.

Mozar "Snap" SharkaurusEdit

The Sharknoid-like Mosasaurus is the "Mister Snappy" of the gang. Mozar "Snap" Sharkaurus was a member of his ancient tribe that have been existed from the Maastrichtian Age to the late Cretaceous Age in Selachia. He was looking for a snap fight after he was trained as a warrior and a hunter until he finally confront Duke Dunkleostein in a fair fight and decided to work together as one along with Mardok Selachodon as they fight together against the sea marauders and other enemies until they were asked by Jarek Makofinn to join his gang which they accepted his offer as the most powerful members of the gang. His nationality is Belgian.

Frisk FrillsharkEdit

The Sharknoid-like Frilled Shark is the Ranger Class and the sniper of the gang. Frisk Frillshark was a mercenary but he is still the professional sniper who is notorious for killing high ranking members and captains of the sea marauders, making him a most wanted Sharknoid of Selachia. After he killed hundreds of sea marauders, he was found by Jarek Makofinn and was asked to join his gang and he accept it as their sniper. He's armed with his customized heavy magic crossbow with a scope and his nationality is Australian.

Shawn SawfinnEdit

The Sharknoid-like Sawshark is the builder of the gang. Shawn Sawfinn was a worker at the shipyard who built and fixed their ships with his usual tools and his saw on his snot. When he was threatened by the sea marauders for pay up his false debt and when he refused to fix their ship, Shawn fought them in a fight with saw snot and destroyed their ship, use them as scraps. Then on the next day, he was asked by Jarek Makofinn to join the gang to fix their ship whenever it's damaged or needs an upgrade and Shawn is happily to join and closed down his old workshop as he travels with them to repair their homes and ships. His nationality is Canadian.

Elio ElectrosharkEdit

The Sharknoid-like Scapanorhynchus Shark is the electrifying trident-wielding Warrior Class of the gang. Elio Electroshark was a member of the Electro Shark Gang who've kept their city at bay with electricity from the sea marauders whom are trying to sabotage it. When he got accidentally zapped by the antenna he was built, he received his electrifying power and uses his new power against the sea marauders one last time before he was free to go for safety reasons. After he was free to go, Elio was asked by Jarek Makofinn to join his gang for his electric skills and he agreed to join him and his gang to zap and fry his enemies to crisps. His nationality is New Zealander and he can shut down the security system with a single touch, temporally.


The Ice Sharknoid was a guardian of the Elemental Lair of Selachia. Sadistic, she tested Jarek Makofinn to show his worthiness where others have failed to pass. She watched and waited until she finally come to face to face with him in her lair and tested him in battle until she was defeated. After the test, she and her sister were asked to join the gang rather than to give him the reward they had prepared for so they agreed and joined his gang as she is going to use her icy ability on those sea marauder scumbags, freezing them to death.


The Pyro Sharknoid was also a guardian of the Elemental Lair of Selachia. More sadistic than her sister, Pyroselach loved to burn her intruders and those who seek to prove their worthiness to her which they have failed except one and that's Jarek Makofinn who have passed the test from her sister and now she must confront him in her lair once he passed her deadly fiery traps first. After she was defeated in a heated battle, she was asked to join his gang rather than giving a reward to him that they had prepared for. Giving up her guardianship, she and her sister have agreed to join his gang and uses her fiery power on those murderous sea marauders, burning them alive and make them into her flambé meals for dinner.


  • Inspired from FGOL (Future Games Of London) and Ubisoft's Hungry Shark series.
  • Modeled after and themed with every sharks around the world.
  • The outfits were modeled after a bunch of anthropomorphic fish pirates from the first episode of the 90's anime series, Those Who Hunt Elves.

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