Haitian Carvania is the Caribbean Deadly Alliance and the Native Deadly Alliance as well the team member of the UN-GDI and the Freedom Front. The team of Haitian Lizardfolks are the masters of archery and voodoo magic who have the ability to control and manipulate the living and the dead.


Dolku is an archer from Voodoo Island, Antichthon, and the apprentice of the voodoo master who have seen him with great potential within him. But for Dolku himself, he doesn't know about voodoo magic as he believed it's a legend and that is only for those who believed such a legend. However, he will be learned soon enough when he sees the undead sprung back to live and roaming around in the graveyard in the middle of the night. Dolku immediately to the voodoo master and told him that he is eagerly ready for his first training of voodoo magic. After he gained his first magic of voodoo, Dolku quickly cast his spell to sent the undead back to their grave and resting place. After that, Dolku will have to use his voodoo magic if necessary for the greater good if he can carefully not to use too much.

On the next month, the voodoo magic became most popular for the people's island and Dolku and others like him have used that magic to celebrate the day of voodoo annually. But for Dolku, he has carefully trained his magic but his voodoo master insisted him that his voodoo magic will not harm him and it will come with greater things beyond his imagination. And on that night when Dolku went to the graveyard, he spotted the pack of Black Lagoon Lizards as they came to vandalize their resting place, causing the spirits to call his help. Left no other choice, Dolku must use his voodoo magic to awake the dead and commanded them to scare the intrudes out. But instead, when he uses his voodoo magic, it unlocked his Aura and it gave him the amazing power, controlling the living and force them to leave the graveyard and the island and make sure they never come back rather than killing them. After that and honored his family's grave, Dolku returned to his voodoo master and thanked him for giving a new start as his new adventure has begun and formed a team to fight the evil living and dead forces of evil Chaos.

On the next month, Dolku and his voodoo friends intercepted the Black Lagoon Lizards in the deep dark jungle until they've rescued Buck Mojo Jumbo and his friends and slew the Black Lagoon Lizards with bow and arrows. They've teamed up to chase the Black Lagoon Lizards with their combined powers to defeat them. After they've chased the invaders out of Voodoo Island, Dolku and his voodoo friends joined his quest for mojo.

In the 21st century, Dolku and his voodoo friends have joined the UN-GDI after the defeat of the Monarchs and resided in Haiti.

Team MembersEdit


The blue Lizardfolk is the team leader who is the master of voodoo magic and archer. Born in a clan of voodoo masters, Dolku trained with magic to control the dead, even the living creatures, while he also trained with archery and survival skills with bow and arrow. Now as one of the voodoo masters, Dolku uses his Aura sometimes to fight evil with manipulations and trickery.


The green Lizardfolk is the second-in-command of the team. Volney used be a hunter but now he's one of the voodoo masters when he want it to try it out with his magic. After his hard working training, Volney used his magic to control the dead to defend his little brother's grave from the Black Lagoon Lizards.


The female Lizardfolk is the voodoo mistress of the team. Delisa had no friends to play with since they died at the burning school when she was a child. Now trained by her voodoo master, Delisa has now the power to see the spirits of her friends to play and help them to chase the Black Lagoon Lizards away from their resting place at the burned school.


The Lizardfolk-like Chameleon is the voodoo master of invisibility. Vodeon was a young boy loves to play hide 'n' seek with his friends until he got stumbled into a cemetery where the voodoo master sending the dead to its peaceful resting place and was spotted by him after his work is done, playing his friendly game and returned the favor as he was brought back to his home village. Now a young man, Vodeon was trained by his voodoo master and use his magic to play mind games on the Black Lagoon Lizards and scared them off from the island.


The Lizardfolk-like Curly-tail Lizard is the voodoo master of illusion. Coolio was trained as a scout but he was also trained by his voodoo master to use his illusion magic, causing a little chaos on the Black Lagoon Lizards and scared them away from the graveyard.


The Lizardfolk-like Rhinoceros Iguana is the voodoo master of commanding the dead. Dolko want it to defend the island with an army of brave warriors if the voodoo magic is failing. Fortunately, voodoo magic is always controlling the living and the dead but he'll prefer to the dead and he did as he have the voodoo magic to command the army to the battle against the invading army of the Black Lagoon Lizards. After the fierce battle and the Black Lagoon Lizards are retreated from the island, Dolko sent his army back to their resting place to their graves.


The Serpentfolk is the voodoo master of hypnotism. Vinny was trained as the infiltrator but with his voodoo magic trained by his master, Vinny uses his hypnotist trick with his eyes, convincing the Black Lagoon Lizards they have seen nothing and move on as well distracting them as he show them the wrong and Vinny took the right way.


  • Themed with traditional Haitian voodoo culture.
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