Galactic Dinosaur Rangers is the Space Deadly Alliance and the team member of the UN-GDI and the Galactic Alliance. From Saurian Planetary Army servicemen to special police task force unit, the special galactic police unit of Alien-like Dinosoids is one of the finest forces of justice on Planet Sauria, fighting high crimes and dangerous missions.


The Early DaysEdit

Captain Tex Rexstone was a member of the Dinosaurian Planetary Army during the Saurian Rebellion. He led his unit to victory with his brilliant tactics and maneuvers to defeat the enemy, carrying out their successful missions. After he captured the rebel leader alive without any non-combatant casualty, Tex was graduated by his commanding officer and earned the Medal of Honor for his bravery and leadership.

After the Saurian Rebellion has ended effectively, Tex decided to quit the army and joined the police force of Planet Sauria as he's going to fight crime in the city.

Task Dino Police Ranger Unit 47Edit

Over the years, Tex became a commander as he keep the streets and citizens save from criminals until he was called by the police commissioner to led the unit of the planet's toughest crime fighters. The unit is consisted of Colonel Gordon Stonehorns, Captain Levin Speedfinn, Major Bricko Thundersaurson, Stanley Strikesaurus, Auger Anchersaurus, Michael "Fix" Greenodactyl, Skippy "Compy" Cosmognathus, Lieutenant Luke "Samurai" Donosaur, Nick Markertail, Violetta "Viper" Velocitor, Lieutenant Lena "Liberty" Diamondwing, Sergeant Dieter Metrosaurus, Captain Clooney Firedactyl, Sergeant Cole Coppersaurus, Lieutenant Fredrick "Flipper" Ichyosano, Henry Pathosaurus, and Slade Spadesaurus.

His first mission was to rescue the hostages and disarm the bomb at the Saurian Space Port. It wasn't an easy task as they fought military-trained militia but very familiar enemy from the war. Their tactics are precise with cautious and very effective with teamwork, disarming the bomb and then rescuing innocent lives. With their mission is complete and the Syndrome terrorists are apprehended, the unit was a success. They've carried their successful missions like cracking down on drug cartels, stopping their bank robberies, and saved many innocent lives, as they're making the city save from the evil Syndromes.

After many missions and cases, Commander Tex and his unit received their new assignment and they were sent to the hostile territory. However, that assignment was the request and a favor from the old army he used to serve for.

Rumble in the JungleEdit

Commander Tex and his unit were sent into the jungle region of Jurassica Archipelago where the rouge military faction seized the control over his own territory. Their mission was to find and capture General Krieger Blisterosaur, an ex-Saurian general who disobeyed the direct order from the government and the Galactic Alliance and committed atrocities across the planet when he has gone rouge and formed his army of rouge Dinosoid soldiers which he commanded them. They were inserted into the jungle forest far away from General Blisterosaur's main base and moved into a hostile territory where the fanatical faction known as the High Technorach have ambushed them as they've entered but Commander Tex and his unit managed to defend themselves and captured few of them, among them is the leader of the ambush unit who had some valuable information about the fanatical faction.

After they've interrogated the enemy leader, Commander Tex and his unit went to stop the High Technorach as they've disrupted supply line, captured enemy commanders and eliminated their elite forces, and destroyed the assembly area where the High Technorachians are attempting to build the so-called super artillery nest that it would firing their shells within a longer range. After they've eradicated their bases, Commander Tex and his unit discovered a huge slave labor camp where thousands of slaves, dissidents, and prisoners were forced to work at the quarry. Commander Tex and his unit were about to free the slaves but they spotted the resistance against the High Technorach as they've attacked the camp and killing the High Technorachians while free the slaves as well avoiding slave casualites which Commander Tex and his unit did saved them as they've intervened. After they've shut the slave labor camp down, Commander Tex and his unit were about to greet them but the resistance greeted them first as heroes and the unit were brought into one of their bases of operation that they've captured it from the High Technorach.

After they were brought to their base, Commander Tex and his unit agreed to help the resistance after they have the information about the High Technorach's main base of operation as well the most valuable information about General Blisterosaur and his evil plan and the connection between him and the High Technorach. But before heading off to their main base, they trained them with military training and skills in days; luckily for him, his fellow teammates were all former military servicemen and commanding officers. Then, they're making a plan of breaching through concrete walls into the fortress-like castle and they are prepared to bring down the High Technorach for justice for the innocents. Once the plan is finalized, they begin the assault on the High Technorach's castle.

At nightfall, Commander Tex and his unit with the company of well-trained resistance have reached the only cracked concrete wall as they're going to disable the guard towers and sentries so they can destroy the one cracked wall with C-4 explosives and begin the assault. After the wall is destroyed, the resistance have breached through it as Commander Tex and his unit entered the fortress-like castle while assisting the allies anyway they can. Inside the fortified castle they've breached, they fought their way to find and capture the High Technorach leader until they've found him at the escape route where he was about escape but thankfully, their escape shuttle was destroyed by the resistance before they've called in and Commander Tex and his unit defeated his elite guards and captured the High Technorach leader red handed. The High Technorach is no more and the half of the Jurrasica Archipelago is freed at least for the moment.

After they've interrogated the High Technorach leader, Commander Tex and his unit have learned that General Blisterosaur has the possession of the ultimate doomsday device, a weaponized satellite with thermo nuclear warheads and it will launch it at the city and the Saurian Planetary Army bases in less than few hours and he must be stopped. With the location of his main base of operation is revealed to them, they rushed to the north and stop the launch before it's too late.

As they've reached General Blisterosaur's base of operation, a launch base for his ultimate weapon of mass destruction, Commander Tex and his unit infiltrated the base in low profile as they've split up into two team, one team for disrupting the power station and the other for sabotaging the launch sequence and countdown command at the control base. After they've managed to delay the launch, they've regrouped with their fellow teammates and they were about to find and arrest General Blisterosaur but they spotted and surrounded by the rouge army and General Blisterosaur was on their sight among his elite troops as they've finally meet their nemesis for the first time. They were about to be captured by them and taken prison until the resistance they've helped has arrived with the help of Commander Tex's old army friends and the Galactic Alliance Peacekeepers and they're here to stop General Blisterosaur from launching his satellite into space. Then, Commander Tex and his teammates took the chance as they fought his troopers unarmed with their bare claws and chasing General Blisterosaur as Commander Tex and his team rush to the launch pad while the other team opened the main gate and shut down their defense system so that their allies can enter the base and eliminate the threat which they did it and joined forces with them. Meanwhile at the launch pad, Commander Tex and his teammates raced and fought their way up to the top of the tower where the satellite is still there but it really wasn't, it was the prototype while the real one is about to be launch as Commander Tex and his teammates have to fight him with his prototype. Using all of their firepower with their Sci-Fi handguns and plasma assault rifles have gained almost to destroy the prototype but the launch is nearly complete until Commander Tex's Aura was unlocked and uses his powerful fist, Roaring Dino Punch, to smash his prototype and grabbing General Blisterosaur before he falls into his death and handcuffed him then he and his fellow teammates escaped the launch pad before it explodes. With the rouge general is apprehended and the satellite is destroyed and thankfully, de-weaponized, the crisis is over and the Jurrasica Archipelago is liberated at last.

Commander Tex and his teammates were hailed as heroes and they were thanked by his old friend from the army who turned out to be a senior member of the Galactic Alliance. They deserve for a vacation for three weeks and then after that, they returned to their duty to keep the city safe from crimes.


Commander Tex and his unit were sent to find and arrest one of the Monarchian commanders who is the drug- and arms supplier to the now disbanded High Technorach while helping their fellow allies to stop their invasion. During the battle in Low Orbit of Planet Earth, they've managed to locate and capture the Monarchian commander and goes after the leader of the Monarch invaders but the leader has been killed by the Deadly Alliance, ending the invasion on Earth effectively. So the mission was accomplished and head back home and handing over the suspect to the Galactic Alliance.

Two years after the invasion was averted, Commander Tex and his unit have teamed up with Turok Rex and the Tribal Dinosaur Rockers and fought their common enemy, the Gendo Army, in North America. After the Gendo Army is defeated, Commander Tex and his unit received the message from the Galactic Alliance that they're now part of the UN-GDI as well part of the Deadly Alliance.

As they departed back to Planet Sauria, they continue to fight crime but they will return to Earth whenever General Blisterosaur has escape which it did so their battle for justice goes on until the end.

Team MembersEdit

Commander Tex RexstoneEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Tyrannosaurus Rex is the prestige, proud, and patriotic team leader of the unit. Tex was a former military commanding officer who served well with the Saurian Planetary Army and credited him for valor and honor as well taking the rebel leaders down singlehandedly and with his compatriots. After the rebellion has ended, Tex quit his career of the army and joined the police force to fight crime and helping citizens and even taking on the rouge general, General Krieger Blisterosaur, and his rouge army. He has also a quite detective skill.

Colonel Gordon StonehornsEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Triceratops is Commander Tex's war buddy and the second-in-command of the team. Gordon Stonehorns was a high-ranking soldier as sergeant master who led his unit to take out the enemy artillery nest with victory and helped his friends, Tex and Michael "Fix" Greenodactyl, during the final mission against the rebels. After the war is over, Gordon decided to quit the army and joined the police force to fight on crime in the city which he became a member of SWAT unit as the colonel.

Michael "Fix" GreenodactylEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Pterodactyl is the team's top driver. Michael Greenodactyl was a soldier who joined the war against the rebels and saved his fellow soldiers on the field as he fixed the damaged APC and took the wounded out of the battle zone then returned to assist them to repel the rebels' attack. After the war is over with the rebels are defeated, Fix quit the army and joined the police force as a member of special patrol unit and top driver as he took down the highway gang and saving citizens from the rigged bus before it explodes off the road safely from populated area, making him a hero for saving lives. Along with his driving skills, he can also fix any vehicle from motorbike to pursuit car.

Major Bricko ThundersaursonEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Brontosaurus is the observer of the team. Bricko Thundersaurson was a member of the observation company unit, detecting land mines and search and destroy enemy's compound as well detecting enemy's ambush which he saved their lives before that happened and earned the medal of valor. After the war is over, Bricko quits the army and joined the police force to help the citizens and stopping crimes.

Auger AnchersaurusEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Ankylosaurus is the heavy weapons soldier of the team. He was a soldier from a different division who killed thousand rebel fighters with his heavy machine gun and mobile turret and even hand-to-hand combat at the end in his last stand on his post, defending one of the key areas for the Saurian Planetary Military. Despite heavy losses after the battle, he saved few of his fellow soldiers and survivors and defended the post singlehandedly, earned the medal of bravery and courage for his hard action. After the war has ended, Auger quits the army and joined the police force as a member of SWAT fire team, taking out the criminal gangs, dead or alive, well mostly alive because he carries with big guns with rubber bullets and big taser that it can stunned criminals up to five.

Stanley StrikesaurusEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Stegosaurus is the demolition of the team. Stanley Strikesaurus was a member of the special forces unit since the war against the rebels, defusing booby traps and land mines on the field and destroyed the tactical missiles before it launch in the final battle of the war. After the war is over, Stanley quits the army and joined the police force for fighting crimes in the city which it led himself to defuse the bomb in the bank which he did bravely without fear and landed him into a special team of crime busters.

Skippy "Compy" CosmognathusEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Compsognathus is the negotiator and the scout of the team. Skippy Cosmognathus was a member of the special forces unit, scouting the hostile road ahead and infiltrated the enemy outpost as well stealing enemy plans and map positions, making the allies easily to carry out their task cautiously. After the war has ended, Compy quits the army and joined the police force where he found himself in a standoff between the police and hostage takers at the local supermarket. With no one is able to negotiate, Compy intervened and negotiated with the hostage takers, buying some time to rescue the hostages while he's distracting them which it did with hostages are safe and the criminals have been captured.

Henry PathosaurusEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Parasaurophulos is the medic of the team. Henry Pathosaurus was a member of the special forces unit, assisting and healing his fellow teammates during and after the battlefield while providing support for them. After the war has ended, Henry quits the army and joined the police force as an ordinary officer until he saved many lives of his fellow colleagues caught in a middle of the gang violence in the red light district, making him a hero of the precinct and became a member of the special police unit.

Captain Levin SpeedfinnEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Kronosaurus is the mechanic of the team. Levin Speedfinn was a local vigilante who is fighting crime in the city and then he was caught by the police and made a choice between for a very short jail sentence and joining the army so he chose to join the army for serving the planet. During his service, he fixed their APC when their wheels were torn down before the ambush happened but then he commandeered the enemy vehicles and Space-Bikes with turrets and used it against the rebels. After the war is over and received the medal of honor and bravery, Levin quits the army and joined the police force as the biker cop who loves highway pursuit and taking the criminals down before they escaped from the city. He has the Australian accent and skilled Space-Biker.

Luke "Samurai" DonosaurEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Raptor is the skilled swordsman of the team. Honorable warrior, Luke Donosaur was a member of the special forces unit, cutting the rebels down in half and their claws off, even their tails off as the mark of their shame, but he also follow the ancient traditional path of his ancestors. After the war has ended, Samurai quits the army and joined the police force to fight crime and corruption in the city. Then he became a member of SWAT fire team, disarming the high danger criminals on the planet with his Plasma Batokatana, a mixed weapon made of police baton and katana.

Nick MarkertailEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Leaping Lizard is the Sniper class of the team. Smart and skilled shooter with accuracy, Nick Markertailwas a member of the special forces unit of the army who took out the attackers from far distance and eliminating his targets to weaken the rebels' morality as well saving his fellow teammates. After the war is over, Liberty quit the army and joined the police force as a member of a SWAT team, providing cover for them and saving hostages' life, making him the experienced sharpshooter.

Sergeant Cole CoppersaurusEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Six-Points is the weapon and martial arts expert of the team. Sergeant Cole Coppersaurus was a member of the green berets since the war against the rebels who have fought them singlehandedly against the many rebel fighters with bare claws and combat knife. After the war is over, Cole quits the army and left the green berets as he joined the police force as a member of the SWAT fire team due to his great military experience for extreme situation, dealing with military-trained criminals.

Violetta "Viper" VelocitorEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Velociraptor is the deadly close-quarter combatant of the team. Hot, sexy and deadly, Violetta Velocitor was a member of covert-ops unit as the assassin, killing her targets silently and leaving the trails of blood of her enemies during the war. Most notably, she's the assassin of the rebel leader's daughter. After the war is over, Viper quits the army and joined the police force to start her new career rather than to continue to work as the assassin as she became the most fierce police officer in the streets and then she became a member of SWAT fire team where she took down the hostage takers and saved hostages at the old tenant at the residential area.

Lieutenant Lena "Liberty" DiamondwingEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Archaeopteryx is the pilot and the skilled computer hacker of the team. Charming and sexy with her British accent, Lena Diamondwing was a member of the special forces unit as a pilot of the team, providing ferry the men into the battle zone and evacuating wounded and trapped civilians in the crossfire with the rebels. But not only to that, she also fought the rebel fighters while saving others when helicopter was shot down and then hijacked the enemy chopper, large enough for everyone to get out of danger, and saved and liberated the village nearby. After the war is over and received the medal of valor and courage, Liberty quits the army and joined the police force as a officer who took down all criminals and then became the member of the SWAT rescue team, providing support for them in some missions and most missions fighting military-trained criminals and hack through their security systems. She's armed with her steel fan.

Lieutenant Fredrick "Flipper" IchyosanoEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Ichthyosaurus is the top biker cop and skilled swimmer of the team. Fredrick Ichyosano was a member of the naval special forces unit after he joined the war against the rebels. He was a rookie but his ranks grows after he saved his commanding officer from the rebels' ambush on the river and secured the docks so the Saurian Planetary Army can deploy their forces there. After the war has ended and received the medal of courage and bravery, Flipper quits the army and joined the police force as the biker cop, chasing the criminals down from highway to canal, making him the most dedicated member of the special police unit.

Sergeant Dieter MetrosaurusEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Dimetrodon is the technician and gunnery of the team. Dieter Metrosaurus was a member of the special forces unit, providing them with weapons upgrades as he used confiscated weapons' materials to modify it and use it against the rebels. But he also analyzes their strange and unknown weapons and equipments and fixes their broken and dirty weapons as well disarming their hardwares with right proper tools. After the war has ended, Dieter quits the army and joined the police force to fight crime until when he arrested the highly dangerous criminal at the uptown district and confiscated his military weapons and hardwares; that's when he became a member of the special police unit.

Marina MicrowingEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Microraptor is the infiltrator of the team. Marina Microwing was a member of the covert operative unit for sabotage and assassination. She uses her special equipment on her suit, modified for her infiltration skills to fool her enemies. After the war has ended with the rebels' defeat, Marina quits the army and joined the police force to fight crime but her ranks go higher as she became the undercover police agent to bust up the illegal activities and smuggling rings.

Slade SpadesaurusEdit

The Alien/Dinosoid-like Spinosaurus is the veteran member of the team. Slade Spadesaurus was a member of the special forces unit who killed dozens of highly trained rebels singlehandedly during his lone wolf missions. He also sabotaged their artillery nests, power plants and anti-air missile sites, ambushed enemy patrols and enemy troops' positions, and rescued prisoners of war, even assassinated the second son of the rebel leader who turned out to be one of the rebel commanders; all is done by himself. After the war has ended and received the medal of honor, valor and duty, Slade quits the army and joined the police force as a biker cop, chasing down the criminals singlehandedly, no matter how big or small those criminals are, making him the accessional member of the police task force unit.

Captain Clooney FiretailEdit

The red Alien/Dinosoid-like Pterodactyl is the senior commanding officer of the team. Clooney Firetail was once a rookie of the police to top police officer of the city when took down the criminal organization known as the Dinolinni Crime Family. After he solved the case and ended their criminal empire, Clooney was enlisted to joined the army in the war against the rebels and led his unit to victory and captured the rebel leader and his only son alive, ending their rebellion against the Saurian Planetary Council and its government. After the war is over, Clooney quits the army and returned to the police force as he became the captain and the senior commanding officer of the special police task force.


  • Their outfit and armor are very similar to Bio-Rex from F-Zero series and Frank Parr's drawings of Triceracops.
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