G-Police (also known as Generation Police) is the East Asian Deadly Alliance and the Sci-Fi Deadly Alliance as well the team member of the UN-GDI and Tek Police Force. The hi-tech police corps trained with the special forces hardware, prototype weapons and vehicles, and special traditional, police and military tactics as they fight crime and battle terrorism from the evil paramilitary terrorist organization, the Black Ribbon Army.


The Early DaysEdit

In a cyberpunk city of Sangoku in the Modern Age, crimes have been increased and local authority were helpless to stop their criminal efforts. In order to stop their criminal activities, Tek Police Force suggested that the group of elite police forces is need to be created and they've recruited the group of handful police officers with great experiences, disciplines, and serving the public trust and protect the innocents as upholding the law.

And thus, the G-Police is born.

First Day of G-PoliceEdit

"Shenron" Ieyasu Saburo, the top police commissioner at the time, was chosen to lead the brand new initiative to fight crimes and he brought his sons, Jin and Eiji, and the former SWAT member, Max Kenshiro, as the first start of the G-Police. After their training at the G-Police Simulation Training Facility is complete, they met their fellow team members from every province in Sengoku including Max Kenshiro's newest team as well two foreign police teams, Charlie from China and Delta from Korea. Their first police work was a good start, helping citizens, keeping the streets safe, and stopping petty crimes like robbery, grand theft auto, and vandalization. But this basic police work is about to change.

On the day in a theme park, a violent gang has escaped from jail and attacked the park and then they've taken some hostages in the subway station and the Alpha Unit, Bravo Unit, and the Blue Commandos were sent into the scene to rescue the hostages including the manager and eliminate the gang including their leader, Inzu "Insane" Kyratarasu. After an hour of intense fighting, the G-Police have successfully secured the theme park but didn't captured the gang leader. Despite of that, they will find and locate him but for now, they've received their new mission; and this time, it's bigger than a gang war.

Cracking Down on CrimeEdit

Reports came from known source that the unknown terrorist group have stolen four super weapons from the underground military base and sold to four highest bidders determined for their own criminal activity. The G-Police have been cracking down on those criminals and they've found only one lead: one of the super weapons, codenamed "Dark Warrior", was at the hand of the mafia and it was about to be transported by train to the northern Joseon Republic but Delta Unit have intercepted and seized the train then brought the super weapon back to the military.

Next came the reports that the second super weapon, codenamed "Blue Dragon", has been spotted at the war-torn region of the Republic of Heianawa and the Blue Commandos were sent to stop the radical fanatic army from tearing the city apart and assisting the resistance fighters. After they've destroyed the enemy artillery at the heart of the city as well fighting dozens of enemy troopers, the Blue Commandos have found and secured Blue Dragon at the military base while holding the enemy off until they were picked up and brought them out of the troubled island. On the same week, the third super weapon, codenamed "White Tiger", was located at northern Sengoku where the separatist group have established the underground base and the Alpha and Bravo Unit were sent to infiltrate and crackdown on criminals in the village nearby as well saving the hostages. After they've raided the separatist group's base, they raced against time as the missile was about to be launched but they've managed to stop the launch and defused the missile in a nick of time as well they've captured and arrested the separatist leader and brought them into custody.

And then finally, the fourth and final super weapon, codenamed "Red Bird", is located at the military dictatorship of the Republic of Dongzhou. Charlie Unit was sent into the country, disguised as delegates from the Greater Republic of Qin-Han. In reality, however, the Qin-Han Government have been keeping an eye on Dongzhon Government after diplomatic relationship has been tarnished over the years. They've been searching the information until the Charlie Unit spotted the unmarked military truck and followed them in shadows. As they've reached at the end of their track, they've located Red Bird at the military base, run by a ruthless army general who is most wanted war criminal for his actions in the previous war and sponsoring terrorism with high-tech weaponry. As they're infiltrating the base, the Charlie Unit was spotted and surrounded by general's troopers but they were rescued and and backed-up by the Blue Commandos and then rushed to the airstrip where the general's plane is about to take-off with the Red Bird onboard. But, they've managed in a nick of time as they've secured the plane, captured the general, and disarmed the super weapon and then escaped the country.

But during their progress of recovering four stolen weapons, they discovered the mysterious symbol, a black sign of "BR", and uncovered several special forces hardwares seemingly sold it to the terrorists and well-known criminal gangs. After the interrogation of Dongzhan general, the G-Police are now ready to crackdown on the most powerful criminal organization and arrested several gang members including their leaders. After a fierce gun battle and a daring operation, they've uncovered even more than weapons. They discovered the weapons of mass destruction, military vehicles, and missile launchers at warehouses; all of it came from this "BR" and G-Police became more suspicious about this discovery. But when they were about to interrogate the Dongzhan general, his head exploded by a Nano-Bomb in cold blood. Then, the identity of the mastermind is revealed to the G-Police. It was General Karsanka Wusagai, the leader of the BR now revealed as the paramilitary terrorist organization called the Black Ribbon Army, who is the mastermind for stealing four weapons from the military and selling WMDs to the criminals and now he declared war on G-Police and the entire East Asian Antichthon.

Now, the G-Police is going to War on Terror, a war on the Black Ribbon Army.

War on the Black Ribbon ArmyEdit

The Black Ribbon Army had a capacity of full military arsenal of armored vehicles and special forces hardware and none of the police forces have no ability to stop them except one. The G-Police must find a way to defeat the Black Ribbon Army as they're monitoring the situation. Lucky for them, Chief Commander Ieyasu Saburo was a former military officer and uses his military strategy skill and tactics that none of them has done that before. Captain Jin and Captain Eiji were worried about this but it doesn't matter whether they're prepared or not, they are ready for the greatest mission of their life until they've found the only location of one of the Black Ribbon Army's terrorist cells at the tram depot in the city and the Alpha and Bravo were sent to investigate and shut their cell down.

Alpha and Bravo were sent to infiltrate and eliminate their terror cell as they've raided their hideout. But, not only in a gunfight but also with a sword fight as well and they didn't expected to see this coming but they've barely managed to dodge it and defeated the terrorists. As they've secured the tram depot, the terrorist cell leader was none than other Inzu Kyratarasu and he let the rigged tram loose then managed to escape but the Bravo Unit leader, Captain Eiji Saburo, managed to ram the tram and saved the city. After they've returned from the mission, the G-Police didn't expected see that the Black Ribbon Army have used the traditional tactics with swordsmanships and it seems they have no other choice but to use with their traditional weapons but that would against the rules within the law enforcements, even after the war was ended with abolishment of swords. With no way out of this situation, Chief Commander Ieyasu Saburo will have to train with swordsmanship with them and his sons and daughter; but as for Kenshiro, he doesn't need to be trained because he had already his own weapon, the Aoryu Katana, and got his own training with his own team. Despite warnings from the higher authority, the G-Police continues their war against the Black Ribbon Army.

After their vigorous training with their traditional weapons, including the Saburo Clan's ancestral swords, the Chusai-sha Ryu Katanas, the G-Police is ready for their next mission as they found another terror cell and this time, there were two. One is Inzu Kyratarasu's hideout at the construction site and the other is at the abandoned military base at the north of the country where there has been increased suspicious military activity going on and that is for the job for the Blue Commandos whom are ready for battle. At the construction site at the countryside, the Alpha and Bravo Unit have raided their base of operation and captured many Kyratarasu's gang members but Inzu Kyratarasu escapes with a monstrous mobile base made with construction vehicles and demolisher on the top but the Alpha Unit pursuits through the road and Captain Jin Saburo and his team have managed onboard his mobile base and fought their way to the top while avoiding booby traps. After they've reached to the top, Captain Eiji Saburo face Inzu Kyratarasu alone in a sword fight but he must dodge his nasty tricks until he managed to destroy the demolisher as he cuts it with his sword and then defeated the suspect in a single blow as he hits him on his shoulder, stunning him. So ends the rampage of the insane Inzu Kyatarasu and his gang.

Meanwhile, Kenshiro and the Blue Commandos have infiltrated the Black Ribbon Army's base of operation and saw the Black Ribbon Troopers numbered in hundreds and they were led by the commanding officer, Colonel Zin Shenjuku who is the master of laser weaponry and the military left hand man of General Wusagai. After they've spotted the most wanted war criminal, the Blue Commandos stepped out of the shadows as Kenshiro confronted Colonel Shenjuku and his men although it was stupid to compromise. After he challenged Colonel Shenjuku for a sword fight, the Blue Commandos were force to fight Black Ribbon Troopers in a big sword fight, it's 800 to 16. However, the Blue Commandos have managed to fought back against the massive force as they've used their skills, their technique and their tactics as well their teamwork that has led them to victory. It was furious bloody battle. After the bloody battle is over, few of the Black Ribbon Troopers were retreating but they were gunned down after their disappointment for failing to kill the Blue Commandos. The Blue Commandos have managed to dodge their raining fire of bullets while they watched in horror as the Black Ribbon Troopers are brutally executed in disgrace and dishonored for their failure. After witnessing the horror, Kenshiro was furious and wanted a real honorable fight but he will face him for another day. But luckily, Yugi Haiyaryu, a rookie member of the Blue Commandos, found a survivor and the only witness about the Black Ribbon Army and they taken him to their headquarters for interrogation.

After the interrogation, the G-Police have learned another base of operation at the old lumber mill where the Black Ribbon Army has the missile launchers and it was about launch into their target in the capital but the Charlie Unit have managed to stop the launch and averted their plot. Furthermore, they've recovered the data from the base and discovered even more information about the Black Ribbon Army's location as well their next terror plot.

The Delta Unit was sent to the shuttle launcher where the Black Ribbon Army has takeover the site and set to launch their missile to the DMZ as their target but the Delta Unit have managed to stop the launch by destroying the missile before it launched into the air. Meanwhile, Alpha and Bravo Unit were sent to save the money train, hijacked by the high-ranking member of the Black Arms, Don Min Gao Loong, and attempt to steal the golds and replacing it with nuclear bomb. But, they've managed to stop them and captured Don Min Gao Loong into custody.

However, this won't stop the Black Ribbon Army.

The G-Police have saved the hydroelectric dam, they've rescued the Blue Commandos while searching Colonel Shenjuku and his men, and saved the hostages onboard the bus when it was rigged with a dirty bomb. Case after case, the G-Police have finally pinpointed the Black Ribbon Army's base at the airfield where the warplane is about to take off and attempt to drop the nuclear bomb. As they trailed them down to the airfield, the Saburos have reached onto the plane before it takes off and destroyed the engine to slow it down so the bomb won't dropped into their target. There where the Saburos faces the rouge general who was hired and paid for distracting the G-Police until the Black Ribbon Army finally showed up and the Saburos learned about their plan: the Black Ribbon Army plans to create and form a fascist state as their new nation for their purpose of world domination by starting to take over the Neo-Sengokan capital and assassinating the new prime minister to overthrow the government. As the Black Ribbon Army left after killing the rouge general, the Saburos have managed safely landed on the ground and rushed to inform their father about their evil plan. Unfortunately they already know as the Black Ribbon Army began to attack civilians and the prime minister along with two leaders from South Joseon and Greater Qin-Han Republic which they are needed to be rescued.

After the Black Ribbon Army attacked the city, the G-Police were rushed to rescue the Pan-Asian leaders and preventing them from assassinating the head of states. The assassination was led by General Wusagai's son, Lieutenant Yoshibei Wusagai who is the rival to the Saburos. After evading his bullets, the G-Police have managed to escort out of the highway while the Saburos jumped on the helicopter and defeated their arch-rival in a sword fight and apprehended him into their custody. After they've rescued the Pan-Asian leaders and foiled the assassination, the G-Police were thanked for saving their lives and ordered to stop the Black Ribbon Army whatever they can. They've stopped their chemical attack on water treatment plant then saved water supply from being contaminated by Dr. Cellos, a member of the Ultra-Science, rescued the local police at their station, and saved the national hospital, protecting the civilians and wounded patient as the Blue Commandos fighting the Black Ribbon Troopers with the help of the national guards.

After they've saved the Neo-Sengokan capital city, the G-Police are now pursuing the Black Ribbon Army as they're going after their mobile headquarters and breached through their defenses and then fought their way to capture General Wusagai. Max Kenshiro finally defeated Colonel Shenjuku, the Delta and Charlie Unit have captured Dr. Cellos and the Alpha and Bravo Unit have defeated the Black Ribbon Army leader but he escapes from them and the Saburos are chasing him and capturing him before he fled out of the country. In the intensive highway pursuit, Captain Jin rammed his getaway vehicle to weaken his protection and jumped on the front hood of the car then planted the bomb and jumped back to his auto-piloted car. General Wusagai's escape has been halted, now the final battle begins in a honorable one-on-one sword fight as Captain Jin readied to face his greatest enemy ever known. The battle was intense with a backdrop of thunderstorm and then suddenly Captain Jin, the Saburos and the G-Police have unlocked their Aura, their source of living energy, and defeated the Black Ribbon Army leader singlehandedly. After defeating their nemesis, General Wusagai was about to perform the Seppuku (a suicidal ritual) but was quickly stopped by Chief Commander Ieyasu and arrested him, better than taking their own life away. The Black Ribbon Army is finally defeated and their war has finally ended.

Following the end of the Black Ribbon Army, the G-Police were hailed as heroes who've fought the endless crime and saved the world. Receiving the medal of freedom and justice, the Saburo Family and Clan were honored by the prime minister and branded the initiative as the only force who has the special traditional police and military tactics to combat terrorism. As they were about give a speech, the crime spree has restarted and the G-Police began to their work in the line of duty once more to fight crime.

Although the war on the Black Ribbon Army is over but the war on crime goes on.


In the 21st century, the G-Police joined the UN-GDI after the defeat of the Monarch Invaders and resided in Pan-Asian region (Japan, China, and Korea) and continue to fight terrorism from the Warlords.

However, they also resided in the modern day Antichthon to keep the peace in the streets.

Team MembersEdit

Alpha Police UnitEdit

The Alpha Police Unit is the first group of elite-trained police force created by Chief Commander Ieyasu Saburo for the new initiative to counter heavy crimes and combat terrorism. While Chief Commander Ieyasu commands the G-Police, Captain Jin Saburo leads the team.

  • Captain Jin Saburo - The Japanese Dragonkind is the one of the commanding leaders of Pan-Asian's special police force and anti-terror corps. He's the leader of his Alpha squad while his brother Keiji is a Brave squad leader and Max Kenshiro the Blue Dragon commando leader of Blue Commandos. Educated and trained from the police academy, Captain Jin Saburo vowed to bring justice for the greater good against the Black Ribbon Army and its terrorist allies with his ancestral sword, the Red Saburo Dragon Sword.
  • Ryo Raicho - The Dinosoid-like Allosaurus was a police officer who patrolled the East District where stopped the criminal gang called the Red Rex Gang and arrested them singlehandedly including their boss. Then later, he was chosen and recruited by Chief Commander Ieyasu Saburo as a member of the Alpha Police Unit. He wields the Hammer of Arrokusano.
  • Tai Sakimoto - The Dinosoid-like Pterodactyl is a police biker who was on the case on the ruthless biker gang that they were hijacking transportation but he managed to stop them from hijacking the military transport and successfully captured the gang once and for all. After the case is closed, Tai was chosen and recruited by Chief Commander Ieyasu Saburo as a member the Alpha Police Unit. He wields the Triple Lighting Dactyl Baton-Nunchaku.
  • Tatsuya Girasado - The Dinosoid-like Giranodactyl who have solved the case of insurance fraud over the ownership of the tavern and found out that it was the imposter who tricked the cilents and steal their money. After capturing the imposter in a fist fight and arrested the fraudster, Tatsuya was chosen and recruited by Chief Commander Ieyasu as a member of the Alpha Police Unit. He wields the Broadsword of Giras.
  • Yuna Saburo - The female Japanese Dragonkind is the sister of Jin and Eiji and the daughter of Chief Commander Ieyasu. Yuna Saburo is athletic, skilled martial artist, and very intelligent of her detective skill to the team since the police academy. After the academy, she was selected by her father as a member of her brother's team to fight crime. She carries her mother's sword, the Rosen Kimono Saburo Dragon Sword.
  • Tsuyoshi Suzuki - The green Dragonkind is an ex-convict who wants to get revenge on the gang for betraying him after the jewel robbery exchange of his freedom. After the gang he used to work for them is now behind bars for good, Tsuyoshi stayed with the local police force when he had a change of heart and got redemption until he was recruited by Chief Commander Ieyasu Saburo as a member of the Alpha Police Unit. He wields the Yari Spear.
  • Fang Boshiro - The Wolfen was once a rookie police from western Sengoku where he busted the drug smuggling operation and arrested the drug dealer, leading to the arrest of the notorious drug lord with the help of a friendly rival, Sho Hojokan. After they've solved their case, Sho Boshiro was selected by Chief Commander Ieyasu Saburo as a member of the Alpha Police Unit. He's armed with throwing Neon-Kunai daggers.
  • Takao Girako - The wingless Dragonkind (though he looks like the Dinosoid) was a militant member who fought the rival militia during a small civil war in Northern Sengoku. He fought bravely against the hostile militants but then he got ambushed by them until Ieyasu Saburo and his unit came rescue him as a lone survivor of his brave men. Left with no other choice, Takao joined Ieyasu's unit until after the war has ended with the hostile militia's surrender to the government, he honorary joined the G-Police with police training to protect his village from criminals and now fighting the Black Ribbon Army. His fighting style is mixed with Shaolin martial arts and Sumo fighting style.
  • Chief Commander "Shenron" Ieyasu Saburo - The noble and honorable white Japanese Dragonkind is the founder of the G-Police who gave the orders to all units and the father of Jin, Eiji, and Yuna. Chief Commander Ieyasu Saburo was a decorated top police commissioner and a former military peacekeeping officer since the civil war who was chosen to led the new initiative to fight crime and now fighting terrorism from the Black Ribbon Army. His nickname, Shenron, is known to his family and clan and the ancient clan known as Rurouni Shenlong Clan which he's also the master and the wielder of the Shenlong Saburo Dragon Sword and fighting technique.

Bravo Police UnitEdit

Like the Alpha Police Unit, the Bravo Police Unit is also the first team created for the new initiative to fight crime and combat terrorism but with highly-trained police officers with military experience and detective skills to solve these cases.

  • Captain Eiji Saburo - The blue Japanese Dragonkind is the team leader of the Bravo Police Unit. Like his brother, Jin, Captain Eiji Saburo was graduated from the police academy and began his career until the G-Police is created to fight heavy crimes and combat terrorism across Sengoku and Pan-Asia as vowed to bring the good citizens and civilians with justice against the Black Ribbon Army. He wields his family's ancestral swords, the Blue Saburo Dragon Sword.
  • Maiyumi Ryushin - The female Avian-Dinosoid is the partner of Captain Eiji Saburo. She's smart and very intelligent on her detective skill, Maiyumi Ryushin was the private investigator who have solved two famous cases like saving the missing children from the pedophile and solved the murder case. After her cases are now close, Maiyumi was selected by Chief Commander Ieyasu Saburo as a member of the Bravo Police Unit. She wields the Feathered Tanto.
  • Garuda Tarakuto - The Dinosoid-like Triceratops was a member of the riot squad. He keeps the streets and demonstration peacefully until one day, a protest turned into violence during the visit of the Dong-Namese President but he managed to restore order all by himself and arrested the violent but young protest leader. After the riot is over, Garuda was selected by Chief Commander Ieyasu Saburo. He wields the Iron Mallet.
  • Norio Paozuda - The Dinosoid-like Paozusaurus was a former military soldier who fought the hostile militia since the civil war and fought the radical army faction in Heianawa during the war singlehandedly, making him as a one man army. After his service for the military, Norio began his police career to fight crime until he was transferred to the G-Police as a member of the Bravo Police Unit which he finally found his new battlefield. He wields the Great Sword of Paozuka.
  • Takei Ryuutengai - The blue Dinosoid-like Pterodactyl is the helicopter pilot of the team. Takei Ryuutengai was a military pilot who carried the troopers into the battlefield during the civil war and saved many lives as he can which he punched through the bushes, avoiding from getting shot by rockets in the air. After receiving the medal of courage for saving his fellow soldiers, Takei joined the G-Police as a member of the Bravo Police Unit. He wields the double-sided Twin Tonfa of Water.
  • Sano Konai - The yellow Dinosoid-like Pterodactyl who was a member of the biohazard unit during after the investigation of bio-terror attack. Sano Konai have managed to locate any remaining biological bomb and defused it before it detonates and then successfully averted the mastermind's last attack and arrested the suspect. After his services with the government, he was transferred to the G-Police as a member of the Bravo Police Unit and the expert on biological and chemical. He wields the Broadsword of Yerodakutaro and was graduated and received the diploma from a high school chemistry.
  • Sakura Mushashi - The female Dinosoid-like Pterodactyl who was a vigilante, fighting for the law. Born in the old district, Sakura Mushashi helped the good people and kicked the criminals' butt out of the street, from drug bust to stopping robbery. After her long fighting on crime, Sakura joined the police academy and then she became a police officer until she was selected by Chief Commander Ieyasu for her outstanding records as a strong vigilant citizen and became a member of the Bravo Police Unit. She uses her police baton and her martial art skills from her uncle's dojo.
  • Sho Hojokan - The Wolfen who was once soldier from the army since the civil war and survived the helicopter crash, leaving him all alone and began his mission all by himself. However, with his instinct and survival skills taught by his mentor, Sho Hojokan completed his mission as he slew his enemies with his hand-made claws and thwarted their ambushes, saving many lives of his fellow soldiers, and captured one of the enemy commanders alive, forcing him to call off his men to retreat. After the civil war is over, Sho Hojokan joined the G-Police as a member of the Bravo Police Unit. He's armed with the Cyber-Claw.
  • Shinko Sokoppu - The Serpentfolk is the Bravo Unit's sniper. Shinko Sokoppu was a member of SWAT team who provided cover for the team and saving lives. He's the expert of marksmanship who was trained from the military since the civil war, who assassinated the enemy leader's top commander and his sons as well ambushing his enemies in the jungle. After his great service with his SWAT teammates, Shinko was selected by Chief Commander Ieyasu Saburo as a member of the Bravo Police Unit.

Charlie Police UnitEdit

When the Greater Qin-Han Republic tackles the Triad gangs, the G-Police created the Charlie Police Unit in the effort to fight crime and corruption in Pan-Asia. Each member was selected by the Qin-Han government from the police academy to the military's national defense force and each of them has its great military experience to bring the criminals to justice.

  • Captain Fi-Shen Aiguo - The Chinese Dragonkind is the team leader of the Charlie Police Unit. Fi-Shen Aiguo was born and raised in a suburban city in northeastern Qin-Han where he went to the school to study with regular basic and advance learning and then went to the academy to become a police officer until the Qin-Han government chosen him as one of the candidates to lead the unit and he did after he passed the trials. After the trials, he now leads the Charlie Police Unit as he fights crime and defend his nation from the evil Black Ribbon Army. He carries his ancestors' sword, the Heavenly Dragon Sword.
  • Qiang Peng - The Anthro-Pig is Captain Fi-Shen Aiguo's friend from the police academy. Qiang Peng was lived at the farmland and wants to go to the big city but he has study at school if he wants to go there to see it. After his schooling is complete, Peng moved to the police academy where he meets Fi-Shen Aiguo. After the academy, Peng Qiang joined the G-Police as a member of the Charlie Police Unit. He carries the baton staff.
  • Wen Tingfeng - The Anthro-Tiger was a young member of the national defense force of Qin-Han. Wen Tingfeng served his country very well who fought and defended the southwestern border against the Rakshasan regime. After his service, he was selected by the Qin-Han government as a member of the Charlie Police Unit to fight terrorism from the Black Ribbon Army. He wields the Silver Tiger Sword from his father.
  • Koilong Lei - The coolheaded Merman who was a member of the naval armed forces and then a member of the coast guard. According to his record, Koilong Lei have tracked the smugglers down further away from the coastal city and captured the smugglers and seized the illegal shipments of weapons and drugs, leading to the crackdown on corrupt business owner and his contacts and ending their smuggling operation. After receiving the medal of valor by the Qin-Han government, he was selected to the G-Police as a member of the Charlie Police Unit. He wields the Trident of Ao Guang.
  • Zu Gong - The honorable Anthro-Ox was a member of the Qin-Han National Defense Force. A veteran soldier, Zu Gong has toured his duty in Khan-Zin-Xian where he and his partner and friend, Zhen Mao, battled the terroristic militia coming from the west and repelled their breach until the militia gave up in three weeks and rounded the militants up then taken them to the prison. After they've received the medal of valor for their defense, he and his partner were selected by the government to be the members of G-Police's Charlie Police Unit. He carries with the Great Halberd of Niu Tou.
  • Zhen Mao - The hotheaded Anthro-Horse was also a member of the Qin-Han National Defense Force. Zhen Mao was enlisted to serve his country, looking for battle which he found himself in the war in eastern Heianawa where killed dozens of enemy soldiers from a radical faction. After the war is over, he was sent to the western border where he met his partner and friend, Zu Gong, and battled the militia fighters and defended the border until the militia gave up after three weeks in the line of their duty. After they've received the medal valor, he and his partner were selected by the Qin-Han government to be the members of the G-Police's Charlie Police Unit. He wields the Great Halberd of Ma Mian.
  • Son Kong - The wisecracking Ape-man who was the rookie police officer who was enlisted because it's fun to fight crime and catching bad guys. But, Son Kong was pretty made some reckless along the way while fighting crime until he was immediately transferred to the G-Police and became a member of the Charlie Police Unit where there'll be a lot more fun for fighting crime and catching the ultimate bad guys like the ones from the Black Ribbon Army and there won't be have trouble with his recklessness but he can make it better to avoid such heavy property damage. He carries with the Baton Monkey Rod.
  • Ping Jing - The Avian-like Goose was a member of the local district police unit in the coastal city. He was the patroller who is on the daily routine until he spotted bank robbers and stopped them from leaving with the money before police backup has arrived. After he received the medal of valor and earned his big reward for stopping bank robbers, Ping Jing was selected by the Qin-Han government and became a member of the G-Police's Charlie Police Unit. He wields the dual police tonfa baton.
  • Ji Dai - The Anthro-Vixen was a top covert operative from the military agency. Ji Dai is much athletic, agile, and skillful spy who have infiltrated the Dongzhan military bases and ministry buildings, stealing information and plans, uploading the virus on the computer, and capture or assassinate her targets to weaken the dictatorship. After her several mission carried out, Ji Dai was selected by the Qin-Han government and became a member of the G-Police's Charlie Police Unit. She's a skilled martial artists with the fighting technique of Crane, Tiger, and Snake.

Delta Police UnitEdit

The Delta Police Unit was created by the Joseon government in the effort to create the coalition initiative to fight heavy crimes and combat terrorism. However, it was created by the Tek Police Force. Delta Police Unit is consisted with the members from military police unit, selected by the government singlehandedly, and were trained with military and covert ops skills.

  • Captain Liu Bei Yong - The Korean Dragonkind is the team leader of the Delta Police Unit. Captain Liu Bei Yong was enlisted into the military police after he passed the academy and then began his duty to maintain the border secure until he rescued his commanding officer from the border attack from North Joseon. After the incident, Liu Bei Yong became the captain of the border guard until he was selected by the Joseon government to lead the G-Police's Delta Police Unit to fight crime and terrorism and even defending the border. He carries the Unity Dragon Sword of Joseon.
  • Yi Moon-Gi - The Dragonkind/Serpentfolk-like Imugi who was a member of the Joseon navy. He was a seaman at the time until he spotted the enemy spy boat in darkness and gave the warning shot with a turret gun on them and then they shot back and then Yi fires back, damaging the enemy ship which he prevented them from entering the ship. After stopping the enemy spy boat from hijacking the ship, Yi Moon-Gi was transferred to the G-Police as a member of the Delta Police Unit. He wields the Woldo Imugi.
  • Rou Song-Tae - The Avian-like Rooster was a member of the Joseon National Defense Force. Rou Song-Tae was enlisted to serve his country and shown his drill sergeant some of his martial art skills which he finally proofed to him as he defeated him in a hard but a fair fight. After his service with the military, Rou Song-Tae was transferred to the G-Police as a member of the Delta Police Unit. He wields the Blade of the Dragon-Rooster.
  • Si Hong Shi - The Asian Anthro-Lion is the military veteran from the Joseon National Defense Force. Si Hong Shi has served the country and went into battle in the war-torn Heianawa where fought the radical militants while getting the aid workers out of the country along with refugees, mostly weak men, women, children, and elders. After receiving the medal of honor and purple dragon heart for his bravery, Si Hong Shi was selected by the Joseon government to become a member of the G-Police's Delta Police Unit. He wields the Sabre Moon Sword.
  • Jeong Pyong Gae-Ko - The Lizardfolk-like Japanese Gecko who was a member of the international peacekeeper force of the High Council of Antichthon. Jeong Pyong Gae-Ko was on his duty for defending the border at the Demilitarize Zone until that night, he spotted a truck belongs to the civil rights group were surrounded by the North Joseon troopers, stopping them from leaving the country with defectors and their families. Jeong Pyong Gae-Ko made a swift action to save them before they were taken prison and knocked them down in an unarmed combat then get them out of danger. After saving their lives, Jeong Pyong Gae-Ko was rewarded with the medal of honor and selected by the G-Police as a member of the Delta Police Unit.
  • Bo Kwon-Doe - The Anthro-Bear who is the military veteran from the Joseon National Defense Force. Bo Kwon-Doe was a member of the green beret commandos who was sent into a secret mission behind the enemy line and returned alive with an important information to the agency and destroyed the top secret enemy underground lab. After his service for his country, Bo Kwon-Doe was transferred to the G-Police as a member of the Delta Police Unit. He carries the Yellow Bear Spear.
  • Yun Tang Gyeon - The Avian-like Crow was a member of the Joseon Air Force. Yun Tang Soon was a fighter pilot, patrolling the Joseon airspace from the enemy air force. He was one of the decorated pilots who fired the missile on the right time and provided cover for his allies on the ground. Even more, he spotted an unknown convoy of missile launchers heading to their position and dropped the bomb before it reached to their destination in a swift reaction. After his tour of duty, Yun Tang Gyeon was transferred to the G-Police as a member of the Delta Police Unit. He wields the National Sword of Yatagarasu and pilots the multi-role helicopter.
  • Kim Choi Pusan - The Aquatoid-like Koi. Kim Choi Pusan was a member of the Joseon Republican Navy who was the petty officer for the response unit when the enemy spy boat was detected on radar and sent to intercept until he led his squad to capture it, securing the boat and apprehended the enemies, then bring it to the ship. After the enemy's plan have been foiled, Kim Choi Pusan was transferred to the G-Police as a member of the Delta Police Unit. He wields the Dangpa of Koisong.
  • Yin Ki Yang - The Turtlefolk who is the Monk class of the team. He was a member of the Joseon Special Military Division where he as some paranormal ability; naturally, he has a chi energy which he was trained at the monastery on the riverside village as a monk. With his ability, Yin Ki Yang senses an evil presence coming from the north and located them to his allies, leading a successful mission for the defense force. After several missions he carried out, Yin Ki Yang was transferred to the G-Police as a member of the Delta Police Unit where he can have some action to fight crime with compassion and honorable way. He wields the Dangpa of Geobyon.

Blue CommandosEdit

The Blue Commandos are the G-Police's military unit, very active to fight terrorism from the Black Ribbon Army. Each one who had some skills and expertise. Each one who have trained with combat and espionage. And each one who had their own traditional weapon for close-quarter combat experience and fights with the code of honor and the way of the warrior. They are the best of the best for what the special forces and covert ops should've done that before: fight with traditional swords and ancient but fully modernized melee weapons.

  • Captain Max Kenshiro - The leader of his commando unit and the bold hardcore blue Dragonkind commander armed with his teeth, Heckler & Koch G36 and the legendary Aoryu Katana, looking for a good and honorable fight. According to his profile, he took out enemy ambushers and destroyed the entire hostile faction base in the jungle single-handedly. But according to the police file, however, Max Kenshiro was a small-time reckless member of SWAT who had accidentally blew up the warehouse, wounding few hostages in minor injuries, and was suspended indefinitely from his service. When he was approached by Chief Commander Shenron Saburo, he was offered to joined the new initiative and gladly accepted as the leader of the Blue Commandos as well his chance for redemption which he finally did it.
  • Toki Masahiro - The blue Gyuki or the blue Japanese Minotaur is the expert of electronic equipments as he carries with his own special scouter, allowing him to see it through with inferred, X-ray, thermal, night-vision, and electro-vision scan. Toki Masahiro was a member of the covert operative unit who have successfully stopped the virus from going online and uncovered their contingency plan for retaliation. After that mission was complete, Toki was transferred to the Blue Commandos to fight terrorists from the Black Ribbon Army, including cyberterrorists. He wields the ordinary katana and the Gyuki Ono.
  • Lin Shinju - The blue female Avian-like Phoenix is the team's markswoman specialist who took out 50 enemies in each round of bullets and took out extra ten enemies as she counts many times one by one during combat situations. Lin Shinju was a member of the rescue unit who have successfully rescued the hostages, from bank robbery to hijacked airliner at the airport. After her all-in-the-line of duty, Lin was chosen to become a member of the Blue Commandos to combat terrorism from the Black Ribbon Army and save many lives. She wields the Hi-No-Tori Hoippu (Fire-Bird Whip).
  • Yuda Akihiko - The Anthro-Killer Bat is the expert of swordsmanship who slew thousand enemy soldiers singlehandedly. Yuda Akihiko was a member of special assault unit who was sent to eliminate the terror cell within the jungle and captured the enemy commander singlehandedly after he defeated him in a sword fight. After the mission was a success, Yuda was transferred to the Blue Commandos to fight the Black Ribbon Army. He wields the Sword of Battarios and attended to dojo for swordsmanship training.
  • Souther Mitsuo - The Anthro-Sabertooth Tiger is the assault unit of the team. Thouther Mitsuo was a member of SWAT force unit who have carried out several missions, from hostage rescue to cracking down on criminal gang's hideout. After his service with the local police department, Thouther was transferred to the Blue Commandos to combat terrorism of the Black Ribbon Army. He wields the Saber Tiger Blade.
  • Dong Hon

The winged Anthro-Hippo is the team's demolition expert. Dong Hon was a member of the Qin-Hon National Defense Force who defused many bombs and saved many lives, from school buses to the convention center. After his service with the Greater Republic, Dong Hon was recruited by the G-Police as a member of the Blue Commandos to combat terrorism from the Black Ribbon Army. He wields the Meteor Hammer of Hendo-Mao.

  • Rei Yi

The Serpentfolk is the team's engineer expert. Rei Yi was a member of the 89th armored division from the Greater Qin-Han Republican Army. He can fix anything and build anything but he can also fight and defend his position from enemy's attacks with sentries and drives any vehicles to use it against them, from APC to battle tanks. After his service for his country, Rei Yi was recruited by the G-Police as a member of the Blue Commandos. He carries with his Kama weapon, the Kama Cobra Chain.

  • Jin Suma

The Anthro-Qilin is the team's supporter. Jin Suma was a member of the covert ops unit who is get behind his fellow teammates but he backed them up during his missions with him until he rescued one of his fellow teammates and made it back into the chopper, earning the respect from his team including the team leader and received the medal of courage for saving his life. Then, he was immediately transferred to the G-Police as a member of the Blue Commandos. He wields the Sword of the Qilin Rider.

  • Shin Heung Seonghwan

The Anthro-Pegasus is the team's air supporter. Shin Heung Seonghwan is a helicopter pilot and once a member the South Joseon Air Force who is providing cover and air support for the ground unit during the crisis in Heianawa. According to his astonishing record, Shin have impossibly survived the anti-air attacks as he evaded the missiles and destroyed the nests and the anti-air base, camouflaged among the buildings while rescuing the trapped ethnic civilians. After receiving the medal of courage and his service for his country, Shin was transferred to the G-Police as a member of the Blue Commandos. He wields the Pegasus Sword of Joseon and can deploy drones for reconnaissance and providing cover for the team.

  • Fongdo Zhong

The Anthro-Shishi (Chinese Guardian Lion Dog) is the team's espionage expert. A cool wise guy, Fongdo Zhong was a member of the lone wolf operatives who have infiltrated the enemy base, sabotaged their plan and supplies, and assassinated or captured the target. After his secret service is done, Fongdo Zhong was recruited by the G-Police as a member of the Blue Commandos. He wields the Thin Lion Dog Sword.

  • Karuman Kuraken-sutoraika

The Aquatoid-like Kraken is the team's enforcer. Karuman Kuraken-sutoraika was a member of the naval armed forces as one of the special operatives for covert mission like he carried out to sabotage the enemy submarine and battleship. After his service with the navy, Karuman was recruited by the G-Police as a member of the Blue Commandos. He wields Sodegarami of Mori.

  • Mei Dei

The female Anthro-Cat or Catgirl is the team's communication expert and professional hacker. Mei Dei is the spy agent for the military, stealing enemy's files and infiltrated their base of operation and sabotaged their evil plan with her mastery skill of disguise, seduction, and distraction. She also hacked into the enemy's computer, encrypting and cracking the codes and upload the virus. After her secret service, Mei Dei was recruited by the G-Police as a member of the Blue Commandos. She's a skilled martial artist and Bo Staff fighter.

  • Takeda Tsuchnaga

The Insectoid-like Tarantula is the team's heavy weapons expert. Takeda Tsuchnaga was a member of the special forces unit who've fought and survived the enemy's ambush as he shut the enemy chopper down, saving his fellow soldiers, and eliminated enemy forces with his quarto machine gun, leading to succeed their mission as well his own. After his last mission was a success, Takeda was transferred to the G-Police as a member of the Blue Commandos. He's armed with the Yari Spear, dual Kunai dagger, and the Shinken no Tarankuda (Real Sword of the Tarantula.)

  • Raffile Shinkuyama

The Plantoid-like Rafflesia is the team's anti-chemical expert. Raffile Shinkuyama was a member of the counter-bioterrorism unit who have successfully decontaminated the bio-weapons and then de-weaponized it before it could released and exposed to the public but he managed to disarm and defuse it. After his great service for saving many lives, Raffile was recruited by the G-Police as a member of the Blue Commandos. He wields the dual Chinese daggers.

  • Yugi Haiyaryu

A young Dragonkind is the rookie member and the scout specialist of the team. Yugi Haiyaryu came from the peaceful farmland village near the forest who was graduated from high school to collage and then moved on to the academy where he trained with sword stick and won a contest of 100.000 credits until he was enlisted to join the G-Police and then sent to the Blue Commandos where he was trained as a scout to the team. After his training is complete, Yugi is now full member of the team. Yugi is also smart, brave, and courageous and wields the Baton Sword.


  • Inspired from the PSP game Pursuit Force and its sequel, Extreme Justice.
  • Inspired from samurai police before the Meiji Restoration overthrew the Tokugawa shogunate and abolished the samurai class. The umbrella team is mixed together with the Edo period and the modern police system.
  • Their armor and scouter modeled after the Battle Armor and the Scouter from Dragon Ball Z and its franchise by Akira Toriyama.
  • Inspired from Galactic Police/Galactic Patrol.
  • Commander Ieyasu Saburo's nickname is named after the Eternal Dragon Shenron from Dragon Ball Franchise.
  • Takao Girako is modeled after Maraikoh, Tatsuya Girasado is modeled after Giran, Norio Paozuda is modeled after Paozusaurus and Tsuyoshi Suzuki is modeled after Cymbal from Dragon Ball franchise.
  • Captain Fi-Shen Aigou is modeled after a friendly dragon named Plakapong from Belgian comic by Paul Geerts Hemelboom.
  • Captain Liu Bei Yong is modeled after Joseon Dragon from Dragon City.
  • The Blue Commandos are modeled after the Shadows from Akira Toriyama's Blue Dragon and Yugi Haiyaryu is modeled after Icarus from Dragon Ball Z.
  • Five members of the Blue Commandos were named after characters from Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star).
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