F.A.T.A.L (The Four Armed Teams of the Apocalypse Legion) is the Space Deadly Alliance and the team member of the Galactic Alliance and the CIA T.A.S.K Force as one of five Paranormal Troopers. Four hardened planetary military units from Planet Quake with the supernatural deadly powers of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse use to combat the Syndrome Invaders and the Outcasts as well the Mogrekk Army.


The Early DaysEdit

The Quakenese Planetary Army was at war with the Mogrekk Army and their two evil allied factions from the Outcasts, the Saurian Liberation Front and Neo-Chromatic Draconian Front, when their colony planet was completely invaded and occupied by surprise, causing to temporarily retreat amid the chaos.

However, several months later, a lone marine (or any possible lone mercenary) fought its way to weaken their defenses, allowing the military to retake their home planet from the Outcasts and the Mogrekk Army. In the last ditch effort to deploy their troops into the planet, four best squadrons along many units and militias were sent randomly around the planet. But then, they came under attack when their ships were hit by anti-air guns. Despite of taking heavy fire, most of them have made it land on the ground. But few were didn't made it to land as their ships were crashed landed. Their fate is unknown at the time.

But out of the visible war, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse watch over the battlefield and madness as many died on the planetary army side until they've decided to spread out and find any potential squad and give their unique but unimaginable powers to fight the wicked foes on the planet.

Fatal FamineEdit

Famine went to find a squadron at the valley where the SLF had a food and supply tunnel linking between the battlefield and the outpost they hold. He found a company of surviving Quakenese soldiers, barely but most of them are starved to death and moments later they died. But few are dying, fighting for their rations and whatever they've left and that's what the Black Horseman found nine selected soldiers including Lieutenant Kane Quartaur, a member of Bull Squad. After they were revived with full stomach, Famine gave the team a task to disrupt their food and supply line by destroying their outpost although Lieutenant Quartaur and his small unit were ordered to capture. But Famine had a plan as soon they'll discover. The Black Horseman vanished in the mist and the team began their mission given by them as they fought their way to the tunnel at the valley.

The "Famine Squad" have entered the tunnel from the battlefield and follow the route to their outpost. While heading to the outpost, all of their food rations turned to almost wasted caused by their presence around them but they touched their food and turned into healthy rations, just for them. Including their allies which they are remain unaffected by this mysterious power of Famine. When they've arrived near at the outpost, the team have infiltrated the base and find a way to disrupt their supply line to the battlefield. Then the voice of Famine appeared to their minds and they were ordered to use Lieutenant Quartaur's power to touch their crates while others have to cut off their pipes and plant the bombs on their silos and they did follow his command. After they've completed their objectives, they were about to leave the base before it explodes but they were spotted and stopped by the SLF troopers and the team have to fight them to the death until their Aura was unlocked and Lieutenant Quartaur used his new power to destroy his enemies as they turned into starved to death, their flesh became fit but their bodies became fragile and weak, unable to fight and run as they're slowly starve to death. The team were shocked to see their power becomes so dangerous to them and their allies but their answer to this power will have to wait for the moment.

The SLF outpost have been destroyed and they were later picked up by the planetary army and returned to their main base for debriefing and well-earned rest for the moment.

Pain and PestilenceEdit

Meanwhile, the White Horseman known as Pestilence travelled to the plateau where the elite troopers have killed in action by the chemical gas unleashed by the Neo-Chromatic Draconian Front. There, he found Lieutenant Leena Shivaleo, a surviving member of the Lioness Squad, and gave his power to her and then revived selected members to her new team and received their new mission as well to test their new powers to master it. Their new mission was to release their chemical gas against the NCDF troopers and then isolate them until they die just like what they did to her and her squad and fellow allies. This was their payback mission.

The White Horseman had left her and her new team behind, vanished and disappeared and they began their mission as they were heading to the NCDF's chemical base on the plateau.

The "Pestilence Squad" have discovered their base and it was the artillery nest for their use of chemical weapons against the planetary army. The team infiltrated the base through the underground tunnel and make their way to the center of the base. While they stealthily make their way through the underground tunnel, she used her power of Pestilence to kill her enemies by touching anyone behind their back. Even their grenades became as poisonous gas grenades, killing only their enemies with evil and Chaotic influence. To their surprise, the team could not believe their dangerous powers can kill only enemies, fearing that it will kill their allies but it won't as soon they'll discover. As they've reached to the surface and found inside the artillery nest, they were quickly surrounded by the NCDF troopers and they were about to fight to the death with no covers but then suddenly their Aura was unlocked as the mist of poisonous gas of Pestilence is unleashed upon their enemies, killing them with a lethal toxic gas. Their chemical gas had turned on them as their presence is stronger than any other and isolated them until the Space Draconians died at the mercy of the Pestilence Squad. When all of their enemies died and isolated as the mist of Pestilence cleared off and disappeared, the team was spotted and picked up by the planetary army and brought them back to the main base.

Their mission was accomplished but the battle of the planet is not yet over.

War is Hell and Hell is for the WarriorsEdit

The Red Horseman known as War came to the largest battlefield ever on Planet Quake where tens of thousands of Quakenese Planetary Army regiments battle against the legions of SLF warriors, overpowering and overmatching the allied forces. War watched over the battle as the allied frontline was weaken and the SLF forces are moving in to breach their line of defense... Except one. There at the last trench, he found nine surviving soldiers including their only commanding officer, Lieutenant Roake Rhinorock from each squad that they were all wiped since the third wave of the attack and they were running low on ammo and supplies, fighting for their lives. But War had a different plan for them as he gave his power to them and received unlimited ammunitions and increased firepower, killing all the incoming enemies and pouring dead bodies and spill their blood on the battleground until the fighting and the sound of winds blew and the crows cawed and feasted on their corpses of their enemies. To their amaze, they are lucky to be alive as they thought and then they turned to the Red Horseman's attention. The team of nine surviving soldiers were given a task to put an end war by slaying the king of Saurian Liberation Front and his elite warriors at their main base of operation and making preparation for their next battle at the volcanic region.

As the Red Horseman left them and vanished in the mist, Rhinorock's team were heading to the volcanic region of Planet Quake.

The "War Squad" had arrived in the volcanic region with the only armored personnel carrier and watched over their base, a fortress-like tribal camp with heavy weaponries and defenses and a million screaming and roaring dinosaur-men ready to fight and die for their conquest. Lieutenant Rhinorock and his team monitored their movements while looking for enemy base's weakness until the voice of War appeared they were suggested that there was no need for that and so their Aura was already unlocked since the battle on the trenches. With their Aura activated, the team stormed into their fortress and slaughtered the entire SLF troopers as well the destruction of their first war factory. After slaughtering nearly of the SLF troopers, they encountered the nine elite warriors of the king and they've overmatched and overestimated them and then they slain them one by one and the king was all that is left alone to fight this War Squad as they were ready to execute him and Lieutenant Rhinorock faced the mad Saurian warlord himself. The final fight was intense as clashed with their sword and then finally Lieutenant Rhinorock fatal blow the Saurian king through his heart and killed, causing the massive shockwave to the SLF and to end their conquest. With their king dead, all the remaining SLF troopers thrown down their weapons with conditional surrender, leaving the planet at once with their fallen ones.

Their mission was accomplished and the Saurian Liberation Front had been defeated. But the war goes on as they were picked up by the planetary army for debriefing and some R 'n' Rs.

...And Death comes to townEdit

And finally on a field of death on the barren wasteland, the Pale Horsemen came find a potential team but all of them are dead on both sides but it doesn't matter for him; He is Death after all. As he looked at the planetary army side, he looked into their souls of the fallen soldiers and found few of them. Eight of nine was selected while the ninth member was captured at the time and taken to the base of operation and revived them back from the dead. One of the nine chosen soldiers is Lieutenant Tauros Starbull, leader of the Taurus Squad, who was killed in the last wave of the assault is chosen to be a perfect leader of the "Death Squad" and he was back from the dead as well his new team members. After they were revived, they thought were miraculously to be alive and then they turned their attention to the Pale Horseman as they were given a task. Their mission is exterminate the Neo-Chromatic Draconian Front because they defied their dying day so they must die immediately but they must rescue the ninth member of their team at the castle established on the mountainside. As the Pale Horseman left, the team's path is clear as their two missions have started.

The Death Squad had arrived on the mountainside by nightfall and infiltrated the NCDF castle's dungeons where the ninth and last member of the team, Trusk Blacknoth, was held there. As they entered the dungeons through the abandoned tunnel, they only found the trails of dead NCDF guards which means Trusk have broken out from his cell but the team followed his trail and finally found him, alive and well, and he got the same power as theirs. Now that the ninth member of the team was found, it was time to finish the Neo-Chromatic Draconian Front once and for all to death. The Death Squad have fought their way to find their queen while clearing the castle by shooting them on sight wherever they go and none of them are leaving. Once the castle nearly cleared, they confront the queen of NCDF, the last queen of her former planet's dying kind. The last queen begged to spare her and her people and allow them to leave the colony planet for good but the Death Squad refused her begging request and they destroyed her people and Lieutenant Starbull killed the last evil queen by slicing through her heart of darkness with their Aura and his Death Scythe, causing the massive shockwave to her army to die in a quick second of a massive chain reaction. Her Draconian armies are now exterminated and cleansed from the planet for good and the NCDF was completely destroyed, their unholy war had ended for now as their dying day have finally met that day with justice.

The Death Squad contacted central command and later picked up by a transport ship. Their missions were accomplished. But death and destruction had begun.

Operation Primal ApocalypseEdit

With all four squads were reported back to their headquarters, they were questioned by the military intelligence and all four squad leaders have explained to them, about unauthorized but unknown missions given by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Nobody believed their story but their explanations were accepted as they know that two Outcast factions were eliminated and the Mogrekk Army was weakened as their defenses were exposed. After the medical diagnostic and analyzation on each four squad, they were cleared for duty and they were given their final mission to defeat General Strogg and his army at their massive fortress. The four team are now called F.A.T.A.L (Four Armed Teams of the Apocalypse Legion).

Deployed by capsule drop into the Mogrekk Army's fortress, F.A.T.A.L fought their way to shut down their defense weapons so the Quakenese Army can easily be deployed and captured each sector of the fortress, securing the storage facility, destroyed their escape ships at the depot, and eliminated the Mogrekk commanders and its elites. After a long and serious battle to control of the fortress, General Strogg was nowhere to be found and F.A.T.A.L insisted to continue their mission to defeat General Strogg as they want to end the war once and for all. Defy their orders to return to base, they fought their way to the underground base deep under the fortress where General Strogg was waiting there, expect them to come.

F.A.T.A.L have entered the underground base but only to find themselves in the arena-alike where they faced the fallen enemies, resurrected by General Strogg's unholy magic of Chaos, but F.A.T.A.L defeated them and sent them back to their graves. Then finally, they confronted General Strogg himself and only Lieutenant Quartaur, Lieutenant Shivaleo, Lieutenant Rhinorock, and Lieutenant Starbull can fight the mad intergalactic warlord. Their epic battle against General Strogg was intensify and brutal until suddenly their Aura was unlocked and at last they have defeated the mad leader of the Mogrekk Army and their mission was accomplished.

The war was effectively over and the Quakenese Planetary Army is victorious thanks to their hardened actions.

F.A.T.A.L received many medals including the Intergalactic Medal of Honor and Freedom for defeating the Outcasts and the Syndrome Invaders on their colony planet and their names will be remembered as war heroes. However, they sensed General Strogg's presence far away from them but they shall be ready him whenever he will be back for his war against F.A.T.A.L.


On December 23rd, 2012, F.A.T.A.L was sent to assist the intergalactic force led by Captain Astrostar to stop the Monarch Invaders from taking over Earth in the Solar System. Their mission was to destroy the elite capital ship to weaken their weapon supplements and eliminating additional forces before they could reinforce them.

After the Monarch's defeat, F.A.T.A.L was introduced to the CIA T.A.S.K Force by the Galactic Alliance. Impressed by Wayne Sears, they were offered to join the CIA Paranormal Division as one of five Paranormal Troopers due to their unique abilities from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Accepted, they returned to Animalia Galaxy where General Strogg is back and this time, they are prepared this.

Team MembersEdit

Famine SquadEdit

  • Lieutenant Kane Quartaur - The Minotaur-like American Bison is the team leader of the Famine Squad. Lieutenant Kane Quartaur was a squad leader of the Bison Squad in a battle against the Mogrekk Army and the Outcasts. In the first wave of the attack, his squad was wiped out and he and others like were left to fight against the Outcasts until they ran out of food and ammo and starved to death but later he was revived in full healthy stomach and followed his command to destroy their outpost with supply line and he and his Famine Squad did. After the Black Horseman's mission is accomplished, he is now leading the Famine Squad into the battlefield to bring their power of starvation to their enemies. He was a former nine-times champion of the boxing academy.
  • Corporal Chez Batchavès - The Batling-like Vampire Bat is the Grenadier of the Famine Squad. Chez Batchavès was a member of the Bat Squad during his tour on Planet Vamps to route out the Outcasts' cell. After the cell was eliminated, Chez saved his squad from an enemy tank-walker when he threw a grenade into a engine and blew it up, saving his teammates from being crushed like bugs or blown away and awarded with Medal of Honor for his service to his fellow squad. He's armed with his grenade launcher with sticky bombs.
  • Private Jandon Newtstar - The Lizardfolk is the Sniper Class of the Famine Squad. He was a member of the Lizard Squad who was a rookie Sniper Class during his tour of duty on Reptil System where he killed several Outcasts fighters in a jungle mission on Planet Sal.
  • Private Jalafon Ratzen - The Ratling is the Technician of the Famine Squad. Jalafon Ratzen was the enlister from Verminese Planetary Army who wanted to join the electronic division after his graduation from the academy. During the covert operation on a hostile territory, he lead his fellow Rat Squad in an easy way in and out thanks to his hacking skills and shut down the enemy's defense system. After the covert operation was a success, he was awarded with the Medal of Cunning for his brilliant intelligent.
  • Private Toss Chinpeng - The Apeman is the Scout Class of the Famine Squad. Toss Chinpeng was a member of the Ape Squad who is a cunning trickster but incredible scouter. He always goes first because he's making sure that the way for his teammates is clear from any booby trap and ambush with climbing up to the top of trees and rocks. He regularly also hides in the bushes to remain undetected while scouting the enemy base.
  • Private Senjen Slitheros - The Serpentfolk is the Supporter of the Famine Squad. Senjen Slitheros was a member of the Snake Squad who provided backup during the 14 Days of the Serpens Crisis where he and his old teammates battle the Syndrome-backed faction until he saved his teammates from the enemy sniper from a rooftop with his attack drone although his luck was something to do with but it has nothing to do with it and earned his reward, the Medal of Courage for saving his lieutenant's life.
  • Sergeant Cobain Crowstar - The Avian-like Crow is the Navigator of the Famine Squad. Cobain Crowstar was used to be a pilot from Corvusian Planetary Air Force when his Star-Fighter Jet was shot down into an enemy territory but he eventually escaped with the crucial data he recovered. Now from a member of the Crow Squad to the Famine Squad, Cobain will navigates his team to their mission destination.
  • Sergeant Cherno Harèton - The Anthro-Rabbit is the Engineer Combatant of the Famine Squad. He was the engineer from the Rabbit Squad who provided them with replenishing armor in every battlefield he went, fixing their tactical battle armor no matter which model is. Cherno used to be a carrot farmer where he fixed his family farming trucks every week.
  • Sergeant Kent Stonnraff - The Anthro-Giraffe is the Medic Combatant of the Famine Squad. He was the medic from the Giraffe Squad who saved his teammates in the battlefield, keeping them alive while defending them from the enemy forces. Kent Stonnraff was a PhD medical doctor from a children's hospital where he helped them and cared them with comfort and happiness; he's now a volunteer doctor for the intergalactic charity hospitals.

Pestilence SquadEdit

  • Lieutenant Leena Shivaleo - The Anthro-Lioness is the team leader of the Pestilence Squad. Lieutenant Leena Shivaleo was a fearless and relentless sergeant of the Lioness Squad who kept her lieutenant and mentor save from enemy ambushes during her tour on Planet Lione on the mission to route out the presence of Klawtucan Imperial Troopers. When her lieutenant was killed in action while defending her squad, she became her successor to lead her unit to battle against the Mogrekk Army and his evil allies from the Outcasts until she and her squad's unit were killed by a chemical gas and then suddenly resurrected by the White Horsemen and sent out to wipe out the Outcasts and their artillery nest with her new squad. After her mission was accomplished, Lieutenant Shivaleo now leads the Pestilence Squad to battle the Syndrome Invaders including the Mogrekk Army and General Strogg with her Blade of Conquest and the Bow and Arrow of Domination which she was a skilled Intergalactic Olympic Archer before she joined the planetary army.
  • Corporal Chella Chetara - The Anthro-Cheetah is the Assassin Class of the Pestilence Squad. Corporal Chella Chetara was a member of the Cheetah Squad as a recon soldier who have infiltrated the enemy base, using with her dual stealth dagger as her main weapon while her pistol and submachine gun as her secondary weapons. After her successful missions she carried, she's now the Assassin to her fellow squad as she'll hunt her enemies down one by one.
  • Private Vipra Venombite - The Serpentfolk-like Viper is the Sniper of the Pestilence Squad. A skilled markswoman from the Viper Squad, Vipra Venombite is best known to her excellent shots, from triple shot kills to improvised shots on the Syndrome Invaders. Her powerful caliber sniper rifles is her favorite weapon. But without her weapon, however, she will use the other sniper rifle from her enemies' dead cold hand. She's the ex-girlfriend of Senjen Slitheros.
  • Specialist Paris LeVixen - The Anthro-Vixen is the Infiltrator of the Pestilence Squad. She was a spy for Fox and Vixen Squad who have infiltrated the enemy outposts and splinter cells to gather Intel on the enemy, steal or sabotage their plans, and assassinate high valuable targets. She is also the master of disguise, using her special wristband device to surprise her enemies by scanning their living person undetected or corpses and use it for her disguise without a make-up nor changing clothes.
  • Private Rita Ravensalvo - The Avian-like Raven is the Rocket Soldier of the Pestilence Squad. Rita Ravensalvo was a member of the Raven Squad who took out dozens of enemy vehicles, armored personnel carriers and tanks. Even she took out several enemy fighter jets and aircrafts with her heat-seeking missile launcher carried on her shoulder, on the ground and on the air.
  • Private Elena Eagleto - The Avian-like Bald Eagle is the Navigator of the Pestilence Squad. Elena Eagleto was a member of the Eagle Squad who was a fighter pilot carrying out surgical strikes on Syndrome Invaders during her tour of duty. Now as the Navigator on the ground, Elena lead her fellow squad mates with precautions, using with her portable radar on her wrist armor guard.
  • Sergeant Shana Shadesnake - The Serpentfolk-like Black Mamba is the Assault Class of the Pestilence. Known as the Shadow Snake to her fellow Black Mamba Squad, Sergeant Shana Shadesnake is one of the best soldiers of the Quakenese Colonial Army who attacked her enemies with the element of surprise. She will also attack her first enemy upfront of her sight, mostly lieutenants and captains. Her favorite fierce tactics are rounding the enemy fire squad in circle and then ambushes them, and attacking the enemy unit from above.
  • Private Tina Harèton - The Anthro Rabbit is the Medic Combatant of the Pestilence Squad. Tina Harèton wants to become a doctor to help the victims from wars, tending their wounds and saving many lives as possible. Instead, she found herself to help the Rabbit Squad during a trenched battle against the Syndrome Invaders until she saved her lieutenant from incoming artillery shell attack on one of the shelters. Now as a Medic Combatant, Tina will fight to save many lives as she can with her fellow squad mates. Like her brother, Cherno, she used to work at their family farm as she tended and cared the farm animals.
  • Private Mika Telsamice - The Miceling is the Engineer Combatant of the Pestilence Squad. She's a tech-wiz from the Mouse Squad since her collage schooling at the technician class who has her IQ of 301, passed all the tests of each technology she learned and how to fix it, and followed instruction manuals of each equipment for the Quakenese Colonial Army. With her best weapon on her hands, she can fix their battle armor up with upgrades and improvements. She is also a skilled runner and won several running competitions at school.

War SquadEdit

  • Lieutenant Roake Rhinorock - The Anthro-Rhinoceros is the team leader of the War Squad. Lieutenant Roake Rhinorock was a member of the mighty Rhino Squad who have fought behind the enemy lines in every battlefront. He never gives up without a fight even honorable battle between life and death and that's when he made his last stand on the colony planet of Quake with other survivors from each squad until he gained his power of unlimited ammo and eradicated all the Outcast warriors and then met the Red Horseman who gave his mission to defeat the Saurian Liberation Front by killing their king which he did it with his Red War Blade piercing through his heart. With the SLF defeated and sent them back to the Saurian Galaxy, Lieutenant Rhinorock now leads the War Squad to fight against the many forces of evil including the Mogrekk Army. He was a drill instructor from one of the best training camps.
  • Sergeant Osman Tuskkannon - The Anthro-Elephant is the Rocket Soldier of the War Squad. Sergeant Osman Hosan-Cannor was a member of the Elephant Squad who had a impressive record of shooting down fifty-two enemy aircrafts, one-hundred and eighty tanks, armored vehicles and transport troops, and tens of thousands infantry units with his triple rocket launcher. He doubled or increased more again with a mass extensive damage on enemy forces including the Mogrekk Army.
  • Gunnery Sergeant Dunkan Crocon - The Anthro-Crocodile is the Support Class of the War Squad. Gunnery Sergeant Dunkan Crocon was a member of the Crocodile Squad who usually walks through or beneath the swamp lake or ravine during his favorite pastime in a little jungle warfare. But after his tour of duty is over in a jungle warfare, Sergeant Crocon was forced to fight the Mogrekk Army but he do care for supporting his teammates with or without walking down the waters.
  • Gunnery Sergeant Abel "White Gorilla" Gärpien - The Apeman-like Gorilla is Assault Class of the War Squad. No one knows where did he come from or when did he joined the Gorilla Squad and then now the War Squad, Gunnery Sergeant Abel "White Gorilla" Gärpien was involved in the battle against the SLF and the NCDF alone with his light machine gun and extra ammo with him. He singlehandedly battled with them and retake several outposts until the Quakenese Planetary Army has arrived to retake the colony planet they've lost and rejoined with the Gorilla Squad and then now the War Squad. He's rumored to be the descendant of the real White Gorilla from the prehistoric age.
  • Corporal Piyotr Polursa - The Anthro-Polar Bear is the Medic Combatant of the War Squad. Corporal Piyotr Polursa was a medic from the Bear Squad who kept his fellow squad mates alive, keep healing every single one of them and save many lives as possible defending them until they are ready get back in the fight. He's a real deal hardened medic who is keeping eye on his fellow allies in check and making sure that none of them left behind.
  • Private Bern Wülfgang - The Wolfen is the Sniper Class of the War Squad. Private Bern Wülfgang was a lone wolf operative from the Wolf Squad who carried out his missions from the shadow operative command. Using with his sniper rifle and silencer pistol and combat knife, he stayed in the shadows and hiding in plain sight wherever he can find for cover.
  • Private Warren Hawkowar - The Avian-like Hawk is the Navigator of the War Squad. He was a Star-Fighter Pilot from the Hawk Squad who have carried out air sorties on the Syndrome Invaders during his tour of duty on Aves System. Then, he became an planetary air force commando, battling the real enemy like the Outcasts which he was involved in the fight to take back the colony planet from the Mogrekk Army with the other squad members and survived the onslaught. His personal favorite weapon is a dual sub-machine gun.
  • Sergeant Tsao Suntra - The Rakshasa-like Sumatra Tiger is the Recon Class of the War Squad. Sergeant Tsao Suntra was a recon soldier from the Tiger Squad who was in a covert mission many times, carrying out the sabotages, the assassinations, and the retrievals of vital informations. After the covert operations are over, Sergeant Suntra is now a member of the War Squad as he now battle against his powerful enemies with honor and justice.
  • Sergeant Haggis Hogguard - The Anthro-Warthog is the Engineer Combatant of the War Squad. Sergeant Haggis Hogguard was a mechanic and engineer from the Warthog Squad who can fix anything and build anything from light vehicles to battle tanks. He also upgrades and modifies their battle armor along side with fixing it with the right proper equipments for the upcoming battles. He collected and kept his old classic Space-Motorcycle and rides his old favorite and heavy Space-Bike; but if anyone touches it or messing it, he's gonna give them a bloody beat down with an iron pipe.

Death SquadEdit

  • Lieutenant Tauros Starbull - The red Minotaur is the team leader of the Death Squad. Lieutenant Tauros Starbull is a fearless natural born leader of the mighty Alpha Bull Squad who led his teammates to victory against the Syndrome Invaders before the Mogrekk Army invaded and occupied his home planet. After the Quakenese Planetary Army landed following the defenses were shut down, Lieutenant Starbull and his squad were in the first wave, killing more Outcasts on his sight until he and his squad were wiped out after several waves their counterattacks until he and his new squad were revived from the dead and gave the mission from the Pale Horseman to bring the Outcasts to their swift death for it was their dying day. After the mission, Lieutenant Starbull now leads his new Death Squad to bring swift death to the Mogrekk Army with his Deathly Scythe. Starbull was a chess champion from the academy for his good thinking and strategy.
  • Corporal Trunks Nothclaws - The Anthro-Panther is the Assault Class of the Death Squad. A coolheaded soldier, Trunks Nothclaw was a one-time streetwise roamer looking for fun and trouble, started with the local militiamen in a brawl at the bar in a downtown district until he was arrested by the military police. Rather facing prison sentence, he was drafted into the Colonial Planetary Army where he was in Panther Squad in the battle against the NCDF until he was captured by them. Later after his capture, Trunks was met by Death himself and was told that he must wait for his new squad. However, he doesn't like to wait because he broke himself out of his cell and fight his way out to the castle until he's reunited with his fellow squad mates and destroyed the NCDF.
  • Sergeant Vegas Eaglekin - The green Avian-like Bald Eagle is the Navigator and the Hunter Class of the Death Squad. Calm and coolheaded, Sergeant Vegas Eaglekin was a member of the Quakenese Air Force Commandos for five years and later joined the Eagle Squad before the Mogrekk invaded the colony planet. He's also a skilled Hunter using with his deadly sharp-bladed boomerang, a perfect weapon for his advantage.
  • First Class Private Axel Bronsclaw - The Anthro-Grizzly Bear is the Heavy Weapons Soldier of the Death Squad. Having a rough but good time during his time in a bootcamp, Axel Bronsclaw was a drunk, lazy, and troubled recruit from the Bear Squad who punched his senior drill instructor during training camp. But his good strong-willed heart with a big guts in his mind when he's good with bigger guns like the mini-gun (which it's his favorite weapon) and rocket launchers as well his close-quarter combat with his brawl fists and his trusty big throwing axe.
  • First Class Private Siona DeLeeuw - The Anthro-Lioness is the Support/Hunter Class of the Death Squad. First Class Private Siona DeLeeuw was an ex-princess of the royal family whom was killed by the Outcasts during the Mogrekk's invasion on the colony planet. After she was militarily trained by the Quakenese Colonial Army and joined the Lioness Squad, she rescued the last blood prince of the royal family from the Outcasts until she learned the truth about his unwillingly betrayal on the Lioness Squad and left him behind unwillingly to save her squad. After a shocking truth about the prince's betrayal to save his people, Siona was cleared of any wrongdoing during the mission and was sent to eliminate the traitors as the Hunter Class, assassinating them one by one, including their leader who have sold her squad out. After a covert mission was complete, she returned to the Lioness Squad and then joined the Death Squad after she was resurrected.
  • First Class Private Ang Tengal - The Anthro-Lioness is the Sniper Class of the Death Squad. Cold and Silent markswoman, First Class Private Ang Tengal was a member of the Lioness Squad who provided cover fire for them in a safe distance, hidden in plain sight, and never stray away from her fellow squad-mates. But when she and her fellow squad-mate learned the shocking truth about the prince's unwilling betrayal, she was sent to secretly assist First Class Private DeLeeuw to eliminate the traitors and making sure that none of them escaped. After the covert mission was a success and none of those traitors have escaped, she continues to fight with her fellow squad-mates now with the Death Squad.
  • Specialist Rektor - The Dinosoid is the Scout Class of the Death Squad. Rektor have defected from SLF to the Quakenese Planetary Army after he learned what they were fighting for was nothing but a just cause without a reason. Giving the information away to the QPA, Rektor was given a sanctuary and wants to fight against the common enemy so he was sent a special training camp and rehabilitation center which he don't need it because he is immune to their drugs. After his training, he's now a member of the Death Squad after his death until he was resurrected by the Pale Horseman so he will continue to fight his ex-Outcasts faction and the Mogrekk Army to the end of time. The reason why was defected is because he was duped by their lies so he killed their only propagandist of the SLF and destroyed one of their outpost.
  • Specialist Khem Mondo - The Komodo Dragonkind is the Pyrotechnic Soldier of the Death Squad. Specialist Khem Mondo was a pyromaniac mercenary for the Quakenese Colonial Army who loves to burn his enemies alive including the NCDF during the liberation of Planet Quake. He barbecued them, roasted them, and steamed them dead or alive which it makes him allegedly a war criminal and a cannibal who was rumored to have been eating them after he burned them. But to him, however, it was his hobby after battle. Despite of his deranged profile and criminal history, Khem Mondo was reluctantly remained in the army and is still reliable to them for his overwhelming pyrotechnic on many enemies as a member of the Death Squad.
  • Private Po-Lai Dang - The Anthro-Panda is the Medic and Engineer Combatant of the Death Squad. Private Po-Lai Dang is a calm and steady soldier who was a medic from the Panda Squad at the time to tending wounded soldiers inside and outside the battlefield until he lost his left arm from the artillery shell attack and replaced by mechanical one which it gave him the power of restoring their battle armor with a rechargeable energy, making him as both Medic and Engineer Combatant of the Death Squad.


  • Inspired from Raven Software's Quake 4 which the game was collaborated with id Software, the creators of Quake series.
  • Inspired from and named after the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  • Some of the characters are modeled after web animation/comics series from Newgrounds Primal War, created by Rick Marin; which it's also inspired from that web animation series.