Brasilia Slingers is the South American Deadly Alliance and the Native Deadly Alliance as well the team member of the UN-GDI and the Freedom Front. The pack of tribal Lizardfolks lives and defends the beautiful Amazonian treetops from the Black Lagoon Lizards with their incredible agility skills of swinging with ropes and vines.


Tikool was a member of jungle protectors, defending their homes on the treetops and the beautiful Amazon rainforests from the Black Lagoon Lizards. However, he was not one of the protectors, he was just a messenger, delivering the reports from post to post. His life was normal but good times when he delivered message in time as he used vines to swing across around.

Until one day, a strange meteor struck nearby the treetop village, causing to devastate shake like a hurricane. Tikool heard the shaky sounds but with a howling sound and rushed to see it what has happened. Seeing the horror, Tikool jumped into action as he saved many lives including helping his new friends while trapped on the broken and burning trees by using his vines and ropes to get them to safety on the other side. After he rescued the survivors, Tikool rushed to the scene of the meteor crash site to see it himself but the jungle protectors were first on the scene but they can't reach the glowing stone closer or touch it; that glowing stone was Amazonium. Without nobody able to get closer to Amazonium although it's not so dangerous, Tikool stepped forward to the stone slowly but bravely despite warnings from the jungle protectors. But then, his new friends came to help him to get reach the stone and then he touched it and suddenly gave him and his allies a new power which their Aura was unlocked and magical ropes with the ability to reach higher and longer distance and grabbing any edge and tree. And with that act of bravery but defiance, Tikool was stripped off as the messenger and never work with them again. But despite of that, the Amazonium is now used for rebuilding their home village but that doesn't stop Tikool and his team from defending their home against the Black Lagoon Lizards.

After two months of rebuilding, Tikool and the jungle slingers became vigilantes as they kept beating the Black Lagoon Lizards and sent them back from where they came. They've gained the respects from the villagers and even the jungle protectors when they saved the commander and pushed the Black Lagoon Lizards out from their homes from being cut down down by them. They've become heroes.

Few months later, the Brasilia Slingers teamed up with Jamaica Mojo Jumbo and their friends to defend the tree village from a major offensive carried out by the same and common enemy and joined forces with them for the adventure as they went to find the Mojomium. After the adventure, they were returned to their home island.

In the 21st century, Tikool and his team have joined the UN-GDI after the Monarch Invaders are defeated.

Team MembersEdit


The indigenous Lizardfolk is the brave team leader and the master of rope grabbing and swinger. Trained on the high trees, Tikool fights and protect the Amazonian jungles from the evil Black Lagoon Lizards with spear and slingshot by using his ambush skills and swinging with ropes.


The indigenous Lizardfolk spearman is Tikool's close friend and the second-in-command. Takool was a member of the jungle protectors, safe-guarding the treetop village from any intruders and those who seek to cut down the trees. But when the meteor blew the village at night, Takko rescued several jungle protectors from the barracks and then he was aided and rescued by Tikool when he brought many ropes and vines as he could so everyone can escape the fire and defused the flames. After the incident, Takko left the jungle protectors as he joined Tikool's team as the returning favor to his best friend.


The female indigenous Lizardfolk is the explorer and the adventurer of the team, discovering new and strange flowers from the deep jungle and then collect it for further study. When the meteor blew the treetop village into chaos, Tikka managed to get her studies and her aunt out of her house until they were rescued by Tikool. After the incident, Tikka joined Tikool's team for exploration and adventures with them.


The Lizardfolk-like Chameleon is the scout of the team. Trikko was a member of the jungle protectors who spot incoming intruders from below to above. When the meteor flew off guard over the treetop village, Trikko was under the constant threat by the chaos and he has to escape from the fire while saving his fellow colleagues until they were rescued by Tikool and extinguished the flames. After the incident, Trikko left the protectors as he joined Tikool and his team.


The Lizardfolk-like Weapontail is weapon expert of the team. Tenko is the skilled trap master who can disarm it and lay the traps on its path and even outside of the treetop village. He also confiscated enemy weapons and use it against the Black Lagoon Lizards after cleaning it and modified it. When the meteor struck nearby the village, Tenko have managed to disarmed the traps surrounded the treetops to avoid severe casualties during the short time of chaos and then he was helped by Tikool when they've managed to recover all weapons and shields for the jungle protectors from the burning arsenal shack. After the incident, Tenko left the group and joined Tikool's team.


The Lizardfolk-like Iguana is the big tough lizard guy of the team. Tanko was a member of the jungle protectors who crushed hundreds of Black Lagoon Lizards with his bare hands, defending the treetop villages down below and above. Along with his duty, he also carries heavy supply crates with food for each season. When the meteor struck the village, Tanko quickly saved all the children and teachers at the academy and then Tikool helped him as he brought large enough to get everyone out of the academy before it burned down completely but fortunately, he managed to extinguished the flames as he brought the tree tower filled with large enough water. After the incident, Tanko left the group and joined Tikool's team.


The Serpentfolk is the Archer class of the team. Trango was a member of the jungle protectors who shot his enemies down on his sight from the top of the tree which he has good eyesights and aims perfectly; it would take years of practice. When the meteor struck the village nearby, Trango managed to save everyone in the treetops by shooting all rope arrows as he can until he was assisted by Tikool and saved everyone as they get them to a safer distance. After the incident, Trango left the group and joined Tikool's team. He has many different arrows at his disposal.


  • The team's color scheme is based on the colors from the national flag of Brazil.
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