Ancient Sioux Clan is the North American Deadly Alliance and the Native Deadly Alliance as well the team member of the UN-GDI and the Heritages. Three Native American indian teams united under one banner to defend their homes and fight for their heritage against the ultimate evil from the Brotherhood of Chaos and the Order of the Black Dragon.


The Early Days

Long ago in the Native American Antichthon, the evil Wendigo has brought death and destruction to the land and committed the genocidal crime against the tribal people. But, he was opposed by the brave heroic tribal heroes known the Spirit Dancers with the help of the mighty Thunderbird and banished into the Abyss where he will never come back to the land for good, at least for now.

Unfortunately, the evil is still lurking in the tribal land and peace is not always easy and not yet destined for last for long.

However, a new generation of tribal heroes will embark their destiny.

Sacred Eagle Feathers

Fire Wing, the descendent of the Great Fire Eagle, was on his quest for the fire stone of his ancestors from the shrine at the volcano. But at the volcano, it houses the cave-dwelling Aviaks who were attempt to establish their illegal settlement, ignoring his tribe's shaman's warning. After he grabbed the fire stone, the volcano was about to erupt as Fire Wing flies his way out while evading capture from the Aviaks and managed to escape, leaving the Aviaks to be perished and the settlement is destroyed while his ancestors' shrine is safe for now. As he returned to his home village, Fire Wing was summoned by the chieftain just in time and was chosen to lead the pack of other young chosen ones which it turns out be his friends and for the quest of ending the Aviaks' evil reign and their lies once and for all. But their true quest was stop the Aviak King, Sinkill Terokk, and his evil ritual from reviving their evil god.

Fire Wing and his eagle pack traveled to the Eaglet Forest where they've found something suspicious from the Aviaks: strange crates of unknown weapons (it was actually rifles and gunpowders) and they've nearly established the camp where dozens of kidnapped villagers were being enslaved and Fire Wing and his eagle pack must stop their evil activity. After the pack freed the villagers and foiled their activity, they've found the map that leads to something important for their quest, a map that it leads to their ancestors' sacred place, the Eagle Rock Valley. With that map, Fire Wing and his pack are flying to the Eagle Rock Valley to find the answer of what the Aviaks' intension.

Fire Wing and his eagle pack have arrived at the Eagle Rock Valley but only to discover that the Aviaks have taken over the valley, attempting to desecrate the sacred ground by scattering the seven totems of the Great Eagle Spirit. Fire Wing won't stand idly by as he must save his ancestors' holy ground and dive down onto one of the Aviaks' camps near the waterfall and fought them to push them out. As one of the eagle totems is safe and secured, Fire Wing was about to be attacked by one of the Aviak warriors but he was saved by Little Eagle who has followed them since the start of the quest. After the battle is over, Fire Wing and his pack must recover the six remaining eagle totems while Little Eagle must remain behind to keep an eye out for any Aviak warrior from coming in but Little Eagle has an idea, very smart idea as he have recovered the magic stone and builded the totem sentries to defend it, making easier for him and his friends. After all the totems are recovered, the eagle pack must defend it from the incoming Aviak warriors, coming from above and within the waterfall. The battle was fierce and intensify until the eagle totem is fully activated and the Aviaks are wiped from the valley. The eagle pack turned the attention to the Great Eagle Spirit as they were thanked by him for their daring rescue of the valley and they were granted with the Sacred Eagle Feather, a powerful magic that it has the elemental power for each warrior, to them, giving them their own ability with incredible feet. Even better, their Aura was unlocked, ready to use it against the Aviak King. With the valley is freed from the Aviaks and their powers were granted, Fire Wing and his fellow companions are now flying to the Skarvik Valley, the Aviaks' home valley where they must their evil plan from reviving the evil fallen god. Even worse, the Aviaks were helped by the Chaos God of Air, Sherina, and Aviakitehew, the Native American Chaos God.

At the Skarvik Valley, Fire Wing and the eagle pack infiltrated the cave as they've entered. As they've entered the cave, they've hidden themselves in one of the boats, heading to the underground city where the unholy ritual is taking place. As they've arrived the city, Fire Wing and his fellow companions were flew up to the cliff to avoid attention from the Aviak patrols. There they found the Aviak King on his throne and ritual pool of molten lava where the sacrifice is required to answer their prayers. The eagle pack was about to sprung to disrupt them as the ritual begins but they were spotted by the Aviak warriors and began to tackle them, defending themselves and fighting them. After the small pack of Aviak warriors is defeated, Fire Wing and his fellow companions dive down to ritual pool and sealed off, disrupted the sacrifice for good. Then the great battle has started as the Aviaks aggressively attacking them but the eagle pack fight back as they use their unique elemental power. The big battle was much more intensive and fiercest as the eagle pack slain so many Aviak warriors and then Fire Wing and his fellow companions turned their attention to the Aviak King but not before Fire Wing faces Terrokklaw the Terrible Talon first which he defeated him. After they've defeated the Aviak King and destroyed the idol of the fallen god, Fire Wing and his fellow companions fly to escape from the valley while they're being pursued by the relentless Aviaks. As they've exited from the cavern, Fire Wing uses his Aura to seal them off from the surface (for the moment at least), stopping their chase for good. With their quest is complete, Fire Wing and his fellow companions returned to the Eagle Rock Valley.

At the Eagle Rock Valley, the eagle pack were stunningly surprised that the villages have moved to this place as their new home. Fire Wing and his fellow companions were welcomed back as heroes. Their names and good deeds will be recorded to their history and they were thanked by the Great Eagle Spirit but they offered their thanks to him for his guidance.

As the celebration is over, their adventure has begun as there are more stories to be told.

Spirit Totem Warriors

The Thunderbirds are legendary heroes who defeated the evil Wendigo many years ago and the bloodline is still flowing from generation to generation. Pajackok, the descendent of the Great Thunderbird was chosen to lead the new pack of heroes from across the Native American Antichthon and named as only Thunderbird. His sister, Numees, is named as Lighting Eagle and his little brother, Cheveyo, is named Little Thunderbird although he's still young but brave and spirited warrior.

At the Grizzly Woods, the Thunderbirds were sent to complete their trials: hunting, tracking, and shamanic magic to learn their ancestors' history. Once the trials are completed, they were ready to face the Gruesome Grizzly, who was hated by everyone in the land including his former tribe for his pretty much bad things he has ever done, and defeated the Gruesome Grizzly by humiliating him and banished him from the land so he will never come back again. Then they went to the quarry to learn more about their heritage but only to discover that it was occupied by the hostile Insectoid-like Beetle tribe and they must free the quarry from them as they've infiltrated the quarry and then battled their evil queen. During the battle, they were aided by River Bear and defeated their queen once and for all, ending the evil tribe's reign over the quarry for good. After the battle is over and their heritage is rediscovered, River Bear joined the Thunderbirds as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors. During their journey back to their home village, few Spirit Totem Warriors have joined them like Moon Wolf, Humming Wind, Fire Cat, and Hooded Raven.

But as they're nearly arrived the village at Thunderbird Valley, the sky was turned into darkness with blackest clouds and red sky of blood, meaning that it was sign of evil, a sign that the evil Wendigo has returned to the world. The Spirit Totem Warriors were rushed to the village but then they were stopped by Night Owl, telling them that it was too late to save them as Wendigo steal their souls and imprisoned them as his slaves. Unable stand and watch the horrors, Thunderbird rushed to save them but he was restrained by his fellow Spirit Totem Warriors. There on the riverside, they saw the village's only shaman, Hooded Grey Eagle, and foolishly challenged the Wendigo and killed by his infernal blast. When there's no other choice for them, the Spirit Totem Warriors decided to leave Thunderbird Valley as they retreat from the Wendigo to the burial grounds.

At the burial grounds, they have nowhere to go but wandering in the mist of darkness while mourning the loss of the home. But then, they saw the beacon of light, giving a little hope to save them. As they're getting closer to the beacon, it was the Great Thunderbird Spirit and he can guide them to find the Spirit Dancers' sacred place but to do that, they must gather all the chosen Spirit Totem Warriors from across the realm and then find the Spirit Dancers who can defeat the Wendigo. But before they seek out for the Spirit Dancers, they were followed by Matchitehew, the evil Spirit Totem Warrior and the fallen Thunderbird who has corrupted himself with the power of Chaos, and they were forced to fight his undead warriors and his followers. Then suddenly, the Great Bear Spirit intervened and gave the power to River Bear then smash their enemies into bits, forcing Matchitehew and his minions to retreat. After the battle is over, the Spirit Totem Warriors were granted with their new powers to each of them by the Great Spirits of the Totem and begin their quest as they're heading to the river where they meet River Otter and Spring Frog and travelled with canoes to Moon Wolf's homeland, the White Wolf Glade.

At the White Wolf Glade, the Spirit Totem Warriors has arrived after a long journey but only to find that Moon Wolf's master has been murdered by the Black Blood Wolves. Moon Wolf vowed to avenge his master's death as he hunts down few of the Black Blood Wolfen warriors as he tracked and hunted them down one by one with the help of his fellow Spirit Totem Warriors. After the White Wolf Glades is cleansed from their evil presence, the Great Wolf Spirit appeared before them and thanked for freeing the glades from Wendigo and Matchitehew's evil magic. The Spirit Totem Warriors continue their quest to the Eagle Rock Valley where they meet Fire Wing and the Sacred Eagle Feathers and teamed up against the Aviaks from attempting to destroy the eagle totem. After the totem is safe once again, they continue their quest once again. From the volcanic region to the northern lands, the Spirit Totem Warriors vanquished the evil influence of the Wendigo and Matchitehew's evil allies while other chosen ones have joined the group to battle the ultimate evil, freeing the Great Spirits of the Totem in the process and restored the land with harmony. But the trail of the Spirit Dancers leads to the truth about their disappearance since after the Wendigo was defeated many years ago; but what really happened to them, their fate is unknown unless they'll discover.

The Spirit Totem Warriors have travelled to the Buffalo Deserts where the herd is being controlled by Matchitehew's evil magic and it's heading to the cliff where they were about to unwillingly commit suicide, breaking the Great Buffalo Spirit. They've managed to stopped them as they've freed the herd with the help of other chosen ones, Thunder Buffalo and Crazy Horse. With their help, the Spirit Totem Warriors are heading to the Spirit Canyon where the Spirit Dancers will be found. As they were about to enter the canyon river, they've encountered Matchitehew before them and forced to fight his minions again but this time, they've crushed his minions and raced against time into the canyon river with their canoes. At the Spirit Canyon they went, the Spirit Totem Warriors have arrived at the mysterious tomb, leading to a shocking truth about the Spirit Dancers' fate. As they've found tomb of the Spirit Dancers, their hope is shattered when they found their bodies, laying to rest in peace. Wendigo ripped their souls out of their living body and destroyed them from their existence; further more, they are the descendants of the Spirit Dancers, they are the spiritual successors, one group who can truly defeat the Wendigo. Then the Wendigo appeared before them and the Spirit Totem Warriors were about to challenge him but they were knocked down by Matchitehew's evil magic and were about be killed but they were saved by Sabrina, the Goddess of Hope, and teleported to the spirit plane.

At the spirit plane, the Spirit Totem Warriors found themselves at the center of the realm where the Great Spirits of the Totem were gathered there and met Sabrina who told them that there is hope to save their spirits and souls. The Spirit Totem Warriors must passed their own trial in order to complete which they've passed the trial and ready to face the Wendigo but they must defeat Matchitehew and his forces of dark followers at the Wendigo Forest where they were about to open the Chaos Planegate for his return. The Spirit Totem Warriors know what their next quest is: averting his apocalyptic return.

At the Wendigo Forest, the Spirit Totem Warriors have infiltrated the camp during the dark ceremony to find and defeat Matchitehew. There at the fire pit with the unholy totem pole, they found their nemesis as he's ready for the unholy ritual and make way for Wendigo's return. As they're waiting for the right for the right moment to strike, a miracle has happened. All the animal tribesmen from across the realm have attacked the camp as they were about to prevent the Wendigo's return. Then the Spirit Totem Warriors revealed themselves and sprung their attack on his evil followers and minions. The Thunderbirds battled Matchitehew and his true form, a monstrous Chaos version of his true Thunderbird form, and defeated him for good. After Matchitehew and his minions are defeated, Thunderbird himself must face the Wendigo alone as he entered the Planegate to his realm where his great nemesis is waiting for him.

Thunderbird has entered the Wendigo's realm and ready to battle against such mighty evil being. As the battle begins, Thunderbird learned his movements and used his magic against him but it's only for temporally attack on him. After using all of his magic and fighting skills, he was exhausted and on the brink of his defeat as the Wendigo was winning, losing his hope of saving his friends and family until his Aura was suddenly unlocked and became the True Thunderbird as his first Aura Form and struck the Wendigo with his thunderbolts and then his fellow Spirit Totem Warriors have joined at his side and helped Thunderbird to destroy him, banishing him to the pits of the Abyss once and for all. With the Wendigo is defeated at last, the souls have returned and awakened to the living world and the spirits are freed from his clutches. The world has returned to life with bright sunlight and peace has been restored once more. But, they were warned by Matchitehew's word that the Wendigo will come back in the future, no matter when it will happened. But only this time, they will be ready for him as the spiritual successors of the Spirit Dancers.

Their quest is finally over. But their adventure has begun.


A long time ago, a ship of Norse explorers set on their sight to the west to discover the new world and create a settlement. The Vikings has settled there for years and they were visited by the Dragonkind indian tribe, curious by their arrival. But on that day, a young Dragonkind boy who wants to know where did they came from and joined the Vikings for his short journey as he wants to see the world from the east. During his journey, he meet amazing noble Viking warriors like Kain Sigdrak and was given a viking sword as his gift but he will have to wait once he's fully grown up and then returned to his home land.

That young Dragonkind boy's name is now as Ghost Fire Dragon.

17 years later, Ghost Fire Dragon was trained as the defenders of the shore when the war between the Dragonkind Vikings and the Silvaergus Kingdom is brewing closer to the coast and the Silvaergusian Army have established the war camp on the shores between the Vikings' settlement and the Dragonkind native's land. Ghost Fire Dragon and his own team of proud native warriors, Rain Dragon, Rock Dragon, Wind Scale, Tree Dragon, Iron Scale, and Little Drake, intervened and battled the Silvaergusians before the Dragonkind Vikings arrived to the shore. After the short battle is over and the Silvaergusians were pushed out from the coast, they were welcomed by them for their aid but it was unnecessary to get involved in the war according to the Erik Accordance, a peace treaty between the Viking colonists and the native tribes and it was signed by the High Council of Antichthon. But for Ghost Fire Dragon, he was doing for the good of his native home land.

Few weeks later, the Ferusian Draconians have landed on the shores to set out their conquest for their expansion, violating the treaty and defied other barbarian clans. Their expansion was spread to westward like wildfire and the Vikings were alarmed by their atrocities and they have no choice but to stop them. Ghost Fire Dragon was returned from hunting and received the shocking news from Wind Scale. The Ferusian Draconians are coming their way to his home village and they are preparing to destroy every tribe in the land. Ghost Fire Dragon won't stand idly by and began to prepare his team for defending their home land from the barbaric invaders. They were readied to battle the Ferusian Draconians but they were told to stay in the village to defend it just in case while the warriors are prepared to repel their attack. But few days later, they didn't returned until one surviving warrior have returned to the village as he brought a terrible news, worse than the last one: the brave warriors were defeated and they became slaves to them. Ghost Fire Dragon and his team are the only one who can free their fellow tribesmen and defeat the Ferusian Draconians. But to do that, they're going to need some help from the Vikings as he brings his own dragon-sword as a proof.

At the Vikings' settlements, Ghost Fire Dragon and his pack visited to the tavern and seek anyone who can help but luckily for them, the forces from the Order of the Heavenly Dragons came to help them as peacekeeping force with the assistance of the Heritages as advisers. Then, he saw and found Kain Sigdrak and his team, the Brotherhood Vikings, along with their allies, Kila Frostina and the Sisterhood Huntresses and Roghan Feurdrak and the mighty Dragonis Clan. Together with their new allies, they can defeat the Ferusian Draconians for good. In nightfall, the dragon pack and their allies scouted the Ferusian war camp in the open forest and Little Drake has infiltrated the camp to uncover their strategy and plan and returned to them without being spotted. With their plan is revealed to them, Ghost Fire Dragon had plan, a perfect plan as they head back to the deep forest and set an ambush for the invaders as they've placed spikes underneath the ground across the line on the west.

At dawn, the dragon pack is ready for a surprise attack as the Ferusian Draconians are approaching and then shot them with bow and arrow and then they were about lured them into their trap but it was intervened by the Dragonkind native warriors, distracting them into chaos. The battle was enraged and brutal and then finally the Ferusian Draconians were lured into their trap, fell into pit of spikes. Ghost Fire Dragon were about to finish them off but the Ferusian general ordered to stop the fighting and called to stand down. To their surprise, Ghost Fire Dragon and his fellow Native American Dragonkinds were unexpected to see that and they agreed to cease the fighting.

At the Ferusian war camp, they were told that the treasures were hidden deep within the mountains and they want it now so they can return to their home island. Unfortunately, Ghost Fire Dragon that there are no treasures, no golds, and no gems. But, despite telling them that there no treasures in the native land, they have no choice to guide them to the mountains but they have an idea, a risky idea. The dragon pack led the Ferusian to the snowy mountains in the northern lands where they can only find that there are no golden treasures or anything but blizzard and extreme cold conditions which they can withstand that extreme cold except the Ferusian Draconians. As they're reaching to the top, they've found the cave, leading to something unexpected that is more than just treasures, it was the shrine of their ancestors. Ghost Fire Dragon insisted them give the Ferusian a try and then they've tricked them that there was indeed no treasures, no pool of golden coins and no shining jewels and artifacts. Then the dragon pack battled the enraged Ferusian Draconians in a sword fight and then they've triggered the avalanche, wiping out the Ferusian warriors from the mountains and slide down to the ground. Amazingly, the dragon pack survived, underestimated by them for their incredible feet. The Ferusian general survived and begged for mercy and Ghost Fire Dragon spared his miserable life as well few remaining survivors and picking few dead warriors up and brought them the war camp where the Heavenly Dragons' soldiers are waiting for them.

After the Ferusian Draconians were sent back to their home island and the native warriors are freed, Ghost Fire Dragon and the dragon pack were hailed as heroes of the native land and they will be welcomed as members of the Order of the Heavenly Dragons; they were honored but they've joined the Heritages due to their cultural heritage which they've accepted it. As their allies are left to return home, they're now known as the Path-Dragons. A month later, the Path-Dragons set their sights to see the world where they meet the Sacred Eagle Feathers and the Spirit Totem Warriors and joined forces together against their common enemies, protect their home land from the ultimate evil.


On December 21, 2012, Fire Wing is meeting with the Great Eagle Spirit and was told that the prophecy has happened as he was about to be teleported to the other world by the Fallen Star. After being teleported, Fire Wing found himself in the Canadian capital city of Ottowa where he stopped the burglary at the parliament building. After he stopped the burglars, he was taken in by the police and national security forces for questioning and then he was picked up by the predecessor of the UN-GDI brought him to Germany.

After the joint-operation in France, Fire Wing is reunited with the eagle pack and their allies after the Planegate was activated and joined forces with their new allies against the alien invaders, the Monarchs.

After the defeat of the Monarchs, three heroic native teams are now residing in Canada as the Sacred Eagle Feathers is in Toronto, Ontario; Spirit Totem Warriors in British Columbia at the Pacific Coast; and the Path-Dragons in Newfoundland at the Atlantic Coast.

Team Members

Sacred Eagle Feathers

  • Fire Wing - The Avian-like Bald Eagle is one of the co-leaders and the leader of the Sacred Eagle Feathers. Fire Wing is the young naive but courageous and spirited-warrior of the Fire Eagle Tribe who is the descendent of the Great Fire Eagle and the wielder of the Twin Fire Axe as he battles Aviaks and evil forces of the Wendigo.
  • Bright Water - The Avian-like Bald Eagle is one of Fire Wing's best friends. Bright Water is hailed from the Water Eagle Tribe and one of the brave warriors who have passed the trial of becoming one of the Sacred Eagle Warriors. Bright Water defeated the Aviak as he defended his village and cleared the cavern behind the waterfall.
  • Sun Stone - The Avian-like Bald Eagle is one of Fire Wing's best friends. Hailed from Stone Eagle Tribe, Sun Stone was trained by his mentor to become one of the Sacred Eagle Warriors which he has passed the trial. Sun Stone uses his medicine shield to blind the Aviaks and brought the shining light into their cavern at the cliffs nearby the village as he sent them back from whence they came.
  • Wind Feather - The Avian-like Bald Eagle who is hailed from the Wind Eagle Tribe and one of the Sacred Eagle Warriors. Wind Feather defended his home village at the hilltop from the Aviaks and banished the invaders with his wind magic in a single blow, casting them away into the sky.
  • Steel Talon - The Avian-like Bald Eagle who is hailed from the Iron Eagle Tribe and one of the Sacred Eagle Warriors. A skilled sharpshooting warrior wielding his gunstock war club with ricochet shots who defeated the Aviaks when he's surrounded and wiped out their stockpile of stolen weapons.
  • Bolt Talon - The Avian-like Bald Eagle who is hailed from the Lighting Eagle Tribe and one of the Sacred Eagle Warriors. A defender of his ancestors' ancient shrine who have vanquished the Aviaks' presence with a single thunder-strike, zapping them in high voltage when he's surround by many enemies and thunderstruck his foes with his spear in the speed of lighting.
  • Snow Eagle - The female Avian-like Bald Eagle who is hailed from Snow Eagle Tribe and one of the Sacred Eagle Warriors. A skilled archer and a hunter who tracks and hunts down the Aviaks who are attempting to desecrate her ancestors' sacred forest, even her father's burial ground, as she defended her home from them and froze her enemies with her magical bow and arrow.
  • Leaf Talon - The female Avian-like Bald Eagle who is one of Fire Wing's best friends. Hailed from the Forest Eagle Tribe, Leaf Talon is the skilled and fearless warrior who have passed the trial after her vigorous training; no women have become a warrior before due to ancient rules of their ancestors until now. She defended her homeland from the Aviaks singlehandedly and vanquished them as she eradicated one of the caverns nearby. She wields her stone tomahawk and bow and arrow from her late-father.
  • Little Eagle - The young Avian-like Bald Eagle is the scout and warrior of the team but he's not a fully warrior though. Little Eagle wanders in the forest for his adventures while playing with his friends in hide and seek until he rescued them from the Aviaks. Soon after that, he and his friends kicked their butts to where they belong. Brave, smart, courageous and some little mischievous, Little Eagle joined Fire Wing's pack for big adventures he want it.

Totem Spirit Warriors

  • Thunderbird - The Avian-like Thunderbird is one of the co-leaders and the courageous and prestigious leader of the Totem Spirit Warriors. He bares the only name as Thunderbird, named after his father and his grandfather and his ancestors of his ancient tribe. As the Totem Spirit Warrior, Thunderbird protects the mystical land of their spirit ancestors from the evil Wendigo and his forces of evil and Chaos.
  • Little Thunderbird - The Avian-like Thunderbird is the little brother of Thunderbird. Like his big brother, Little Thunderbird is a cunning and adventurous scout although he is not fully a warrior yet but he follows their father's footsteps. He carries with a small tomahawk and a slingshot.
  • Lighting Eagle - The female Avian-like Thunderbird is the sister of Thunderbird. Although she is the Avian-like Eagle, her tribe has the ancestral relationship and her mother was one of them as he married with her father and became a sister to her brother. A skilled archer, Lighting Eagle will hunt down evil forces of Wendigo and Aviaks with her mother's bow and arrow.
  • Moon Wolf - The Wolfen indian warrior is the tracker of the pack. Moon Wolf is a proud member of the great pack, hunting his enemies down and protecting his fellow packmen, never leave one of them behind to die or abandon. Until one day, Moon Wolf was chosen by his ancestors as one of the Totem Spirit Warriors for his good deeds.
  • River Bear - The Anthro-Bear indian warrior is the berserker of the great pack. River Bear lived in the cave in the forest, not far from his home village on the cliff and the quarry next them. One day, River Bear saved the children from the quarry before they were being devoured by a hostile Insectoid tribe. Then few days later, River Bear heads back to the quarry but only to find that the Thunderbirds are battling with the queen from a hostile Insectoid tribe and River Bear joined the fray. After the battle has ended and the quarry is freed from the evil tribe, River Bear joined the pack after he was chosen as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors. He wields the mighty totem hammer that it can smash giant boulders, cracked or thick walls, gates, barricades and metal doors.
  • Fire Cat - The Anthro-Cougar is the fiercest indian warrior of the great pack. Fire Cat follows his father's and big brother's footsteps who defeated many Hellclaw warriors years ago. Now as the Fearless Cougar Warrior, Fire Cat sets his sights for a challenge, looking for worthy opponent and helping others until Fire Cat encountered the fierce battle between the Thunderbirds and the Black Blood Wolves. Fire Cat helped the Thunderbirds and ended the battle as the Black Blood Wolfen warriors retreated as cowards. Soon after that, Fire Cat became as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors which he accepted his destiny.
  • Humming Wind - The Avian-like Hummingbird is the indian Magic-User class of the great. Humming Wind have taught her magic use by looking at the painted wall from her ancestors. She've been trained for days and trained very well as she carefully casting spells in the forest, at the riverside, and on the edge of the cliff. At the night of ceremony, Humming Wind performed her beautiful magic spell, amazed the crowds as she shown their ancestral story about beauty, wisdom, and honor of the Spirit Dancers. Impressed by her father, the Chieftain of the tribe, Humming Bird was watched and chosen by the Great Hummingbird Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors. Now as one of the bravest heroes, Humming Wind will use her magic to combat evil.
  • Night Owl - The wise Avian-like Owl is one of the shamans of the great pack. Night Owl can cast the healing magic and cleanse the diseases from his people. He's also great storyteller whenever if there's no battle or rest for a night but he has also great knowledge about ancient stories that it has been existed for many years. As the Spirit Totem Warriors, he watches over the night and protect the village from the Aviaks. Later, when the Wendigo returned to the world, Night Owl joined forces with the Thunderbirds and other Spirit Totem Warriors.
  • Hooded Raven - The Avian-like Raven is the wisecracking and humorous indian warrior of the great pack. Hooded Raven has some pranks in the past since he was a young boy, making jokes on anyone and the Aviak-like Ravens who hated Raven the Trickster himself. At his adult age, Hooded Raven is still making pranks but only the Aviak-like Ravens who are still hated the Trickster until he was caught by them but he was rescued by the Great Raven Spirit and that spirit was none-than-other the Trickster himself and became chosen as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors. With his gift, Hooded Raven will use his pranks and tricks as his tools for the greater good.
  • Striving Falcon - The Avian-like Falcon is the noble indian warrior of the great pack. Striving Falcon is one of the fearless Avian warriors of the tribe who have struck down hundred Aviak warriors with his strong shield and spear in a single combat at the Swift Falcon Cliff. Then one day, Striving Falcon was chosen by the Great Spirit Falcon as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors and joined forces with the Thunderbirds to battle against the forces of evil and the evil Wendigo.
  • River Otter - The Anthro-Otter is the canoe-rider of the great pack. River Otter is a swimmer, fisher, and canoe maker of the tribe, made from wood and stone and even he made the special canoes for the lava stream with magical fire stones. Then, he was chosen by the Great Otter Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors and aided Thunderbird and his allies along with Spring Frog.
  • Humming Bee - The Insectoid-like Bee is the honorable indian warrior of the great pack. Hailed from Meadow Nest Glade, Humming Bee is one of the defenders, protecting from the hostile Insectoid-like Hornet tribe. But on that day, Humming Bee saw the wounded worker being attacked by the hornets and rushed to save her by defeating them and suddenly was attacked by the invaders until he was saved by the Great Bee Spirit and banished them to whence they came from. Then he was chosen as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors and joined the Thunderbirds and the great pack of other chosen ones.
  • Daring Deer - The Anthro-Deer is one of the skilled archers of the great pack. Daring Deer is fearless hunter who hunts down evil and mighty beasts lurking in the woods while defending his tribe's home village from the Elkricusian invaders which he pushed them out of the country. Then, he was chosen by the Great Deer Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors to battle Wendigo and his evil ally, Matchitehew, and joined the Thunderbirds and the great pack.
  • Crazy Horse - The Anthro-Horse is the noble indian warrior of the great pack. Hailed from Navajo Horse Plain, Crazy Horse is the confidential but craziest indian warrior of the tribe, battling warriors from the evil Black Skull Horse tribe, one of Matchitehewe's evil allies, and the Kiakalogosian soldiers. Then, he was chosen by the Great Horse Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors and joined the Thunderbirds and the great pack as he and his ally, Thunder Buffalo, helped them to free the Great Buffalo Herd from being fell off from the canyon floor to death.
  • Thunder Buffalo - The Minotaur-like American Buffalo or Bison is the mighty indian warrior of the great pack. Hailed from the Great Buffalo Plains, Thunder Buffalo protects the herd from Matchitehew's forces and the unknown invaders, the Sargonian Minotaurs. On that day, Thunder Buffalo was distracted by the illusion casted by Matchitehew but he was freed by the Great Buffalo Spirit and chosen as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors then rushed to join the Thunderbirds and great pack with the assistance of Crazy Horse to free the herd from running off to the cliff.
  • Long Beak - The Avian-like Heron is the humble indian warrior of the great pack. Hailed from the Heron Lake, Long Beak is one of the watchers, spotting any intruder on his sight and guarding the village from them. After his duty, he was chosen by the Great Heron Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors and joined the Thunderbirds and the great pack for his first adventure with them.
  • Lucky Goose - The Avian-like Duck is the one of the scouts of the great pack. Lucky Goose is indeed the luckiest native of the tribe, surviving any danger from ambushes and hunted down to battling evil while he was just doing his ordinary daily life. Until one day, his luck came to him even further as he was chosen by the Great Duck Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors and agreed to join the Thunderbirds and the great pack for the adventure he've been looking for.
  • Jumping Rabbit - The Anthro-Rabbit is the bravest indian warrior of the great pack. Hailed from Watership Glade, Jumping Rabbit is one of the members of the scouting party until they were ambushed by the Black Blood Wolfen warriors by he managed to repel their ambush attack and saved his fellow tribesmen. Then one day, he was chosen by the Great Rabbit Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors and joined the Thunderbirds and the great pack.
  • Daring Dolphin - The Aquatoid-like Dolphin is the courageous indian warrior of the great pack. Daring Dolphin defied the restriction of leaving the tribe as he wanted to see the world beyond the great ocean. But sometimes, the world can be cruel if he did not return to his tribe's village which he did as he was accompanied by Wailing Whale and brought some fresh seafoods and souvenirs for the people and proved himself that he can survive the great ocean with or without his allies. Then, he was chosen by the Great Dolphin Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors along with Wailing Whale as well and joined the Thunderbirds and the great pack for his biggest adventures that he had been waited for.
  • Wailing Whale - The Aquatoid-like Orca is the mighty indian warrior of the great pack. Hailed from the Great Orca Waters, Wailing Whale have travelled across the ocean and on the coast, exploring new lands and battling evil forces of Matchitehew. Then on that day, he met Daring Dolphin when he got into trouble with the Sharukan warriors and defeated them together. Then, he helped him for whatever he wants to go and shown to his people and their traditions and then brought him back to his tribal village on the coast with seafoods and souvenirs for his people and made peace between the two tribes until the Great Whale Spirit, along side with the Great Dolphin Spirit, appeared before them he and Daring Dolphin have been chosen as the Spirit Totem Warriors and joined the Thunderbirds and the great pack to battle the ultimate evil of the Wendigo.
  • Sly Fox - The Anthro-Fox is the cunning indian warrior of the great pack. A cunning trickster and thief, Sly Fox is a sneaky one who steals the food and stuff without any notice. But, honesty to his allies made him a valuable ally and gained a little trust from them except Matchitehew's evil forces who hated them with lies and trickery. Then, in the middle of the night, he was caught and chosen by the Great Fox Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors and sworn that he will vow to fight for his ancestors.
  • Wood Moose - The Anthro-Moose is one of skilled archers of the great pack. Wood Moose is a humble indian warrior who helped anyone in his village and protecting them from anyone who would dare to harm those he cared for. Until one day, he was chosen by the Great Moose Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors to fight the ultimate evil from the Wendigo and Matchitehew. Wood Moose joined the Thunderbirds and the great pack, accompanied by Spirit Stag and Daring Deer.
  • Spirit Stag - The Anthro-Elk is one of the skilled archer of the great pack. Spirit Stag is a fearless indian warrior who defended his people's forest and ancestors' home from Matchitehew's forces and the Elkricusian soldiers. Until one day, he was chosen by the Great Elk Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors to battle the ultimate evil of the Wendigo. Accompanied with Daring Deer and Wood Moose, they joined the Thunderbirds and the great pack.
  • Rock Horn - The Anthro-Ram is the fearless indian warrior of the great pack. Hailed from the Sheep Mountain, Rock Horn is one of the defenders who is protecting the sacred mountains from intruders like the forgotten Paganuzian soldiers and lived there for many years. Then on that day, he was chosen by the Great Ram Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors. As left the mountain in the hands of his successor, Rock Horn joined the Thunderbirds and the great pack.
  • Tricky Coyote - The Anthro-Coyote is the cunning indian warrior of the great pack. Hailed from the Coyote Canyon, Tricky Coyote followed the footsteps of the Trickster himself and passed his trial from the river to the open desert of wind. After his trial has passed, Tricky Coyote has been chosen by the Great Coyote Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors.
  • Fierce Dragonfly - The Insectoid-like Dragonfly is the courageous indian warrior of the great pack. Hailed from the Blue Dragonfly Lake, Fierce Dragonfly is one of the young brave warrior who defended the people he loved against the hostile Insectoid tribe. Then on that night, he was chosen by the Great Dragonfly Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warrior to battle the ultimate evil of the Wendigo and Matchitehew.
  • Meadow Butterfly - The Insectoid-like Butterfly is the healer of the great pack. Hailed from the Flower Fly Plains, Meadow Butterfly is trained with healing magic to combat injury, illness and disease. She also make some medicines against serious poisons and curses, less threatening, as well. Then, she was chosen by the Great Butterfly Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors. Though Meadow Butterfly is not indeed a warrior but she can provide herself with defensive magic.
  • String Claw - The Spiderling is the fearsome indian warrior of the great pack. Born in the Dark Webbed Woods, String Claw has a powerful webbing at his disposal to defend his home from trespassers and now battled with it against the warriors from the House of Farrexon and the House of Balawexxis when he intervened to help his native people. After the battles are over, String Claw was hailed as a hero who helped the native tribe from the invaders. Then on that day, String Claw was chosen by the Great Spider Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors to battle the ultimate evil of the Wendigo and Matchitehew and joined the Thunderbirds and the great pack.
  • Sun Snake - The Serpentfolk is the skilled tracker and ambusher of the great pack. Hailed from the Serpentaro Desert, Sun Snake lived on the pit below the earth and close to the surface where he ambushed several Matchitehew's evil warriors with his hand-to-hand combat. Then on that day of the sunset, he was chosen by the Great Snake Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors and teamed up with Chuck Scale to join the Thunderbirds and the great pack to battle against the forces of evil and Chaos, led by the Wendigo and Matchitehew.
  • Chuck Scale - The Lizardfolk is the skilled tracker of the great pack. Chucke Scale is a smooth-talker with a bit of a show-off attitude but a skillful tracker of the tribe since he tracked the thief down with his eyesight carefully, leading to his known location but not only he found the thief, he found some prisoners missing from the village for three nights, kidnapped by Matchitehew's evil warriors. After he fought Matchitehew's forces and captured the thief, Chuck Scale freed the villagers and returned to the tribe where he was welcomed as a hero. After that, he was chosen by the Great Lizard Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors to battle the ultimate evil of the Wendigo. Along with Sun Snake, he joined the Thunderbirds and the great pack.
  • Spring Frog - The Lizardfolk-like Frog is the scout of the great pack. Hailed from Leaf Frog Lake, Spring Frog is a skillful young warrior who must defend the people including his friends he loves. When the rival tribe declared war on his tribe, Spring Frog spotted the small invaders and averted them as he destroyed their canoes. But that doesn't stop there as he spotted another small group of invaders which he found out that it was a diversion and rushed to his village to warn them and succeed. After the rival tribe is defeated, Spring Frog was hailed as a hero and then later he was chosen by the Great Frog Spirit as one of the Spirit Totem Warriors and joined up with River Otter and helped the Thunderbirds and the great pack.
  • Spirit Turtle The elderly Turtlefolk is one of the shamans of the great pack. A wise and powerful shaman who have lived on the spirit plane where his ancestors resided there for generations which he was a wise warrior as the Spirit Totem Warrior years ago. There he met the Thunderbirds and the great pack after they were rescued by Sabrina, the Goddess of Hope, and agreed to help them to defeat Matchitehew and his evil ally, the Wendigo, as he returned to the Spirit Totem Warriors once more.


  • Ghost Fire Dragon - The red Native American Dragonkind is one of the co-leaders and the leader of the Path-Dragons. Ghost Fire Dragon is the skilled swordsman and archer since he was travelled with the noble and proud vikings when he was a little boy. As he was returned from the vikings' home world, he received his own sword, the Blade of the Ghost Dragon, as his gift. Now as a native warrior with a swordsmanship and forged his sword with magical stone of fire, Ghost Fire Dragon leads his dragon pack to defend their home land from the evil Draconians from the Order of the Black Dragon.
  • Storm Cutter - The blue Native American Dragonkind is the battle axeman of the dragon pack. Storm Cutter received his first battle axe for saving the viking's life of slaying the ferocious wild beast. And with his battle axe, Storm Cutter forged with magical blue stone of water and joined Ghost Fire Dragon's pack to battle the evil forces of Chaos as well defending their home land.
  • Spear Strike - The yellow Native American Dragonkind is the spearman of the dragon pack. Spear Strike is known to his people as one of the heroes who throw and struck at the rival tribal leader's heart with his spear. Now as a member of the dragon pack, Spear Strike forged his weapon with the magical stone of sun, giving him the ability to see a clear sight whether it's too bright or too dark with his eyes.
  • Dragon Bow - The green Native American Dragonkind is the skilled archer of the dragon pack. Dragon Bow is one of the heroes who defeat the fearsome Four Arrows of Death, surviving their deadly poison attacks and slain them one by one, ending their assassinations. Now as a member of the dragon pack, Dragon Bow forged his weapon with the magical stone of plant, giving him the ability to make his arrows even more sharper.
  • Maiden Flame - The female Native American Dragonkind is the fierce indian warrior of the dragon pack. Maiden Flame is the daughter of a warrior who was killed by the rival tribe and vowed to avenge his death by train harder and focus on what matters of her but she also must to protect her people she loved despite the important rule of the indian law, no women cannot be warriors which she is the only one of her people. Now a member of the dragon pack, Maiden Flame forged her weapons with magical stones of the elements and finally avenged her father's death as she defeated his killer.
  • Hammer Rock - The orange Native American Dragonkind is the mighty warrior of the dragon pack. Hammer Rock is very known to his people when he crushed one hundred rival tribe's warriors and mighty beasts like the Great Devil Bird, the Grizzly Owlbear, and the Hellfire Dragon with his mighty hammer. Now a member of the dragon pack, Hammer Rock forged his weapon with the magical stone of earth, giving him the powerful ability to smash anything in his path, from giant boulders to strong woods of enemy fortress to steel doors.
  • Little Drake - The young Native American Dragonkind is the bravest and smartest of the dragon pack. Little Drake is the adventurous boy who wants to join the dragon pack but he's too young. Despite of this, Little Drake sneak passed through other warriors from his village and fought the Silvaergusian warriors, foiling their repelling attack and helping Ghost Fire Dragon and his pack. After the Silvaergusians are defeated, Little Drake was found and caught by Ghost Fire Dragon and begged to join them because he wanted to be a scout due to his high intelligence. Despite the elders against his wish, Ghost Fire Dragon made him a warrior and he was very proud of it. He carries his tomahawk and a slingshot.


  • Inspired from the Native American mythology and (pretty much) mediocre game, Brave: The Search of the Spirit Dancer and its remake.
  • The Sacred Eagle Feathers is named after the important object from Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.
  • Spirit Totem Warriors is loosely based on Animal Totem Spirits.
  • Path-Dragons is based on the fact that the Vikings were the first to discover North America in around 1000 AD before Christopher Columbus discovered Central America in the 16th century.
  • Little Drake is modeled after a cut character and Spyro the Dragon-lookalike from the Xbox-Exclusive game, Kameo: Elements of Power.
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